Chiron in Aries

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Chiron is the Wounded Healer, one of the notable characters from Ancient Greek mythology.

Chiron was the son of Cronos and Oceanid Philyra, one of the centaurs, mythical folk of half men-half horses from old Thessaly.

Philyra was desperate that she has given birth to such an imperfect being, so she wanted not to be Philyre anymore. Her wish was granted and so she was turned into a linden tree. Chiron’s deep inner wounds seize back into his early age, so this is where astrological meaning of Chiron originates.

However, young Chiron was taken care of by one of the greatest and noblest deities there, the brave and wise Apollo. Apollo took good care of young Chiron and taught him great wisdom and knowledge.

Centaurs were not associated with fine behavior and wisdom, but Chiron was an exceptional character, thanks to his strange destiny. He was educated, wise and noble.

Chiron dwelled mostly on Mount Pelion, where he was teaching others about art and science.

Amongst his students were some of the most popular figures of Ancient Greek mythology, such as great heroes like Gemini Castor and Polydeuces, also known as Dioscuri, Jason, Telamon and Achilles. Chiron’s wife was the nymph Chariclo. Their daughters were Hippe, Endeis and Ocyrhoe and they also had a son, Carystus.

One of the greatest heroes of all times was Chiron’s good friend. It was the brave Heracles, also the one responsible for Chiron’s unfortunate death. On his way to hunt the Erymanthian Boar, Heracles stopped by to visit his centaur friend, Pholus. Pholus was also civilized and wise, like Chiron. There was a feast in the honor of Heracles’ visit and a dispute over the wine that belonged to all centaurs took place.

Other centaurs were interested only in their wine and claimed it. Heracles defended his friend and together they chased others to Peloponnesus, where Chiron’s cave was. Centaurs run away into Chiron’s cave and Heracles shot them with poisonous arrows. By accident, he shot Chiron, who had nothing to do with this.

Although Heracles gave his best to try to save Chiron’s life afterwards, it was too late, because the arrow was dipped into the deathly venom of mythical creature Hydra.

Chiron’s noble heart once again shined out, in these dreadful moments. Once he could not stand the pain anymore, he decided to die, so he asked Hades, the god of the underworld, to accept him into his kingdom of shadows.

He did one final noble act; he asked if he could exchange his immortal life for chained Prometheus and by that, he saved the tortured hero from further suffering.

Chiron and Horoscope

Now let us turn our attention to astrological Chiron. As you probably know, astrological heavenly bodies are associated with ancient deities. They carry the same meanings, as archetypes. Therefore, Chiron in astrology is associated with healing and suffering, teaching and wisdom.

Chiron is not a planet, but a planetoid, being that small that it cannot even be called a dwarf planet. Chiron was discovered fairly lately, in 1977.

Planetoid Chiron travels around the Sun and is located between Saturn and Uranus. Officially, Chiron is enlisted amongst asteroids and comets, because it features some characteristics of both.

It is still unclear what Chiron astronomically is; there are ongoing debates about its nature. Chiron travels quite slowly and it takes a half of a century for it to pass over the Zodiac; precisely, fifty-one year.

Being a noble mythical character, centaur Chiron had one dream; he wanted to find the inner peace and tranquility, in order to soften all the sufferings of life.

In astrology, Chiron is associated with individual battles life sets before one, self-development, inner pain, but also inner peace, disappointment and one’s perception of it. Chiron teaches us to go through life with a noble heart, to accept our suffering and rise above it.

Chiron in horoscope is greatly associated with pain and suffering. Pain is an inevitable part of human life; without pain, we would not know what true relief and joy are. It sounds like a cliché, which it is, but then, al clichés are raw truth.

Pains and suffering remind us to do our best to cast negativity away and to beat what is unhealthy and troublesome.

Pain is what inspires the process of healing. Lessons Chiron teaches us come exactly from the idea of pain. The process in which Chiron works is as if someone would pour a healing substance into your deepest wound and by that turn your weakness into your greatest advantage and strength.

Chiron represents the teacher and the student, the suffering and the healing, the mortality and the immortality.

Chiron represents the fall and the ascension, the greatest pain that creates the noblest hearts. Someone once said that all warriors must bleed and that is, in a way, what Chiron represents. It is about our inner battles, one’s capability to rise above their own weaknesses and flaws.

We have to experience the pain, in order to become aware of the healing process.

Chiron creates perhaps the most genuine form of balance in this life; it allows us to see both sides of the coin, to connect what is up with what is down, left and right. In other, more mundane words, Chiron teaches us how to connect our everyday thoughts, activities and else with some higher ideas and purposes.

Nothing happens without a reason could be something Chiron would say to you.

Chiron in a natal chart

In a birth chart, Chiron represents one’s perception of suffering and healing, as well as these ideas as they are. It represents the pain and the healing process in one’s life; its position is responsible for both the source of pain and the source of healing in one’s life.

One’s healing powers, especially that of self-healing, greatly depends on aspects Chiron creates with planets in a natal chart.

When it comes to healing, it is most important that one learns how to deal with the energies of healing. Planets that create aspects with Chiron help a person learn how to handle such energies. Every one of us has his or hers own destiny. Chiron is the key that opens the doors to the right path, the one that could show us who we are and help us fulfill our destiny.

As you have learned so far, all elements in a birth chart matter a lot. Some of them, however, mark whole generation; others are genuinely personal.

Together, they all create a wonderful and very complex story; the one that is written in the starts and that is difficult for us ever to comprehend to the fullest. Let us now learn something about Chiron in Aries.

What does this transit bring to us?

Chiron in Aries – General Info

Chiron has entered Aries, where it is going to stay until 2017. Therefore, we live in the age of Chiron in Aries, to say so. While Chiron was transiting Pisces, it made us dig deeply into our psyche, in order to awaken the long forgotten truths and to recall old values, unconscious, mysterious beliefs and thoughts.

Chiron in Pisces has sent us a message that says there is much more in this life than we can see with the naked eye.

What will happen now, once Chiron passed into Aries, the fiery, aggressive and very active sign?

Aggressive, destructive and bellicose tendencies, generally associated with the fiery sign of Aries, could be the cause of reforms and transformations in the following period. These reforms offer a potential for both personal and collective healing.

Transit of Chiron in Aries could bring sudden intensifying of rebellious and revolutionary feelings. It is associated with the separation of a global society in two opposed camps. It is very possible that certain trend of relations between masses and authority is going to root and establish.

Chiron’s main idea says that what is inside shows on the outside, meaning the core of all troubles openly manifested lies deep within the core of the society.

Chiron in Aries inspires each one of us to wish that we became just one example of the change we would like to see on a wider plan, even on global plan.

However, it does not want to make us cruel, insensitive and indifferent; the heritage of Chiron in Pisces lingers on. We have to be compassionate, to have tolerance and understanding. Otherwise, only destruction is possible, not progress.

Aries is the point of weakness for Chiron, being too aggressive, impulsive and combative. Aries lacks the talent of diplomacy, even the awareness of the importance of diplomatic approach.

This means this period is going to be marked by a very thin line between war and peace. It is known that Mars, the ruler of Aries, does not like to make any compromises.

An idea that ‘only my opinion and attitude matters, is the only right and just, while everything else is utterly wrong’ will be present. It is about to get really hard for us to pay attention to others and actually listen to what others have to say.

Chiron in Aries brings a lot of egocentrism, despite the sense of compassion and empathy we still carry from Chiron in Pisces.

General lack of objective reasoning could lead to situations in which one easily becomes a victim of manipulation. Period of Chiron in Aries is turbulent in terms of making compromises, in terms of negotiating and everything that has to do with diplomatic and peaceful solutions.

Everyone will insist on their attitude, cause and opinion, in all matters.

Good Traits

The Wounded Healer, however, always holds doors to the path of healing open. With Chiron in Aries, the door leads us to the path of our own, deeply personal potentials. There will be present tendency to achieve good results in things we engage with. Generally, a period of taking action and quick results.

Quick results are sometimes shallow, but it does not necessarily have to be that way.

Chiron in Aries inspires qualities such as bravery, courage, high self-esteem, determination and an enterprising, adventurous spirit. Chiron in Aries is deeply connected with the idea of Ego.

This is the period that could help us find out who we really are and what we want in our life. This is the period of new understanding of ourselves as whole beings and realizing what our true causes are.

One is about to cast away burdens of the past and carry on, bravely. We are about to let go of limitations that we artificially created, wanting to be someone else, perhaps. Chiron in Aries will make it easier to do so for many people.

Chiron in Pisces gave us enough time to think and dig deeper, trying to discover the depths of our souls. Chiron in Aries helps us apply our discoveries in an efficient way.

While Chiron transits Aries, people get the chance to rise and to find strength to follow their dreams and defend their causes. Moreover, it is of the greatest importance that we are about to find out what our causes are.

Even in hard times, when we feel weak and hurt, Chiron in Aries would give us strength to move forwards and not to give up. The motto of Chiron in Aries is. “Find a warrior within.”

Bad Traits

Bad sides of Chiron in Aries are related to inability to control our urge to reform and transform. As we have said, Chiron does not feel much comfortable here, because the aggressive energy of the mighty Mars and fiery Aries are very strong.

The thin line between war and peace, generally egocentric attitude, inability to have tolerance and understanding, these are all sufferings that Chiron in Aries brings.

On an individual plan, Chiron in Aries makes one incapable of compassion and empathy, being too self-obsessed, stubborn in belief that only what he or she thinks is the right things and, even worse, best for all.

No compromises, no diplomatic response, no collaboration; these are risks of bad aspects with Chiron in Aries.


Chiron in Aries brings turbulence, in comparison to the thoughtful period of Chiron in Pisces. It is the period of action and not of thinking.

On one side, this is amazing, because many things we have learned during this long period of thinking and getting to know our deepest parts and also the most mysterious paths of humankind as a collective now can be applied.

On the other side, lack of the sense of diplomacy could bring destruction, both on a personal and a wider plan.

Chiron in Aries encourages us to find a warrior within, because each one of us has a heart of a warrior, because we all want to survive, to progress, to develop and to heal.

The path we are going to chose depends on other aspects in our personalized horoscope. Some of us will choose a noble path, some will not.