Chiron in Taurus

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A child of a titan and a nymph, fostered and advised by the wise and beautiful Apollo, Chiron is an extraordinary character of Greek mythology.

Chiron was a centaur and his mother, the nymph Phylira was very disturbed of it, because she considered Chiron an awkward child, imperfect and wrong. She was in so great despair over it that she asked gods to turn her into something else. She could not stand herself as a being capable of giving birth to such an odd creature.

Gods granted her desperate wishes and turned her into a linden tree. Chiron was left alone, but the sun god Apollo took him under his care. Apollo taught Chiron well, so Chiron became wise, well educated and good.

Chiron learned what the true suffering of abandonment was so early on. He is known as a healer and a teacher.

Centaur Chiron was unlike his kind; centaurs were not considered wise and well-mannered beings at all. Centaurs were rude, undisciplined and wild. There were some exceptions, such as Chiron. He was a great teacher. Most of his life he spent at the Mount Pelion, but he also had a cave on Peloponnesus. Chiron was a teacher of many notable heroic characters from Greek mythology.

His students were castor and Polydeuces, the famed Dioscuri or Gemini, as well as heroes like Telamon and even Achilles. One of Chiron’s greatest friends was Heracles, probably the most famous hero of the Greek mythology. It also happened that Heracles himself was responsible for Chiron’s death. The story of Chiron’s death has to do with idea of Chiron in astrology.

While on his way to find and kill the Erymanthian Boar, Heracles visited his friend Pholus, who was also a centaur. Like Chiron, Pholus was civilized and educated. He welcomed his friend, the mighty Heracles and organized a feat in his honor. He served him wine which was given by Dionysus some time ago and it was not meant to be opened at that moment. Heracles opened the vessel by force and the sacred wine intoxicated centaurs.

There was a fight and Chiron, who was there, was hit by one of Heracles’ arrows, by accident. The arrow was deadly for any mortal, being poisoned by blood of the dreadful Hydra. Being immortal, Chiron suffered great torture. It is, perhaps, an irony of the destiny that Chiron, known as the master healer, could not do anything to heal this devastating wound.

Although Heracles himself tried the best he could to save Chiron from great pain, he was helpless. Chiron willingly gave up his immortality, by asking Hades, the lord of the underworld, to take his immortality in change for freeing Prometheus, another sufferer hero of Greek mythology. Chiron wanted so, because Prometheus was the one who brought so much good things to humankind.

From myths about Chiron, we see how exquisite figure he was. In astrology, the ideas of ancient deities are reflected as archetypes.

Heavenly bodies we observe and count as astrological planets and else are named after old deities and they are thought to carry the same energy.

Astrology is very old; however, today we talk about a planetoid that was not mentioned in ancient astrology.

Chiron and Horoscope

We talk about Chiron, named after the famed centaur Chiron, the wise teacher and the master healer.

Chiron is one of ‘modern’ heavenly bodies in astrology; it was discovered in late seventies of the twentieth century. Chiron travels its road around the Sun between Saturn and Uranus.

It is so small that it cannot even be considered a dwarf planet. Chiron is a planetoid, an asteroid or even a comet. Scientists cannot agree on Chiron’s nature.

However, regardless of its size, Chiron is incredibly important astrological element. It is associated with pain and suffering, but also with healing and self-development. Some astrologers would say its influence is similar to that of Saturn, because Chiron is also associated with troubles and suffering.

However, Chiron gives us precious information about areas of life that are troublesome to us.

Chiron teaches us how to defend ourselves from trouble and misery, how to deal with problems, how to turn great weaknesses into something good, how to outgrow our problems and how to protect ourselves from pain.

What is incredibly important is that Chiron does not make us forget about pain, it does not help us avoid it and deny it.

Just as the centaur Chiron suffered greatly in his mythical life; he could become desperate and bitter, but he turned his weaknesses into good things. He taught others and he healed. That is what astrological Chiron also does.

The very idea of pain is hard for us to comprehend. We know it is inevitable, but we would see to avoid it.

Pain teaches us we are alive, suffering make us realize how precious and valuable other things in life are.  It is so typical for any human who despairs over something that he or she be relieved after they see there is even greater misery.

It often happens that you start valuing your life and everything around you more, after you have gone through difficult times. Chiron teaches us nobility that comes out of suffering.

Chiron’s journey around the Sun is long and it stays for long in each zodiac sign and astrological field. It takes fifty-one year for Chiron to travel around the Sun. As we speak of it, Chiron has finally set its new transit through Aries.

It will remain there until 2027, so now we live in the age of Chiron in Aries. Chiron in signs and houses plays a role in an individual natal chart, but also on a much bigger plan, since it stays for long in one sign.

Chiron in Taurus – General Info

Chiron in Taurus is what we are interested today. Let us find out more about this position and see how it affects us. What does it mean to have Chiron in Taurus or in the second field? Chiron marks our weaknesses, but also sources of healing.

The aspect of life people with Chiron in Taurus are most vulnerable at is actually the field that usually gives them comfort and security.

It is usually about their material possessions, their property in general. It relates to properties that are in the process of growing and everything these people face in life that is associated with this aspect.

It also relates to their perception and attitude about materiality. The second field in a natal chart and the sign of Taurus say aloud: “I possess!”

It often happens that people with Chiron in Taurus or in the second field lack self-esteem and determination.

They happen to be incapable of valuing themselves and they worry about material security overly. They obsess themselves with materiality, because it seems to be the only place they can find firm ground. They are in constant search for certainty and they try to compensate their personal insecurity by materiality.

They seem to believe they are complete and safe only when they possess, but Chiron in

Taurus could teach them the most difficult lesson; it is not all about materiality. These people are distinctive materialists and they could be extremely possessive. They lack the sense of materiality as an abstract, so they stick to their property, but also to people around them, in order to feel grounded.

Their physical body acts the same. They become afraid of injuries, vulnerability and weakness and this makes Chiron Taurus people even more insecure.

They start obsessively control their body, for it is the source of all strong instincts and instincts are something we cannot always control. They are capable of finding balance and letting their body guiding, but they have hard time in doing so.

They commonly suffer of gut issues, which are often associated with suppressed instincts these people are afraid of letting work on their own. The most important lesson for them is to learn to listen and nurture their bodies, not to try to follow other’s norms, only because it brings an illusion of stability and control.

Chiron Taurus people should trust the instinctive wisdom of the physical body. That is, you have to agree, not as easy as it sounds. At least for those who want to be in a rational control of everything. Their main problem is that they feel as if material world and physical body are enemies. It sounds paradoxical, but it is exactly so.

This is the reason they want to root materiality and control body, because they are afraid.

They do not know what to do with their own possessions, but they can handle others’ very well. This means they are excellent at anything that has to do with finances, as long as it is not about their own finances. They could have an impressive career related to banking or whatsoever.

Still, they have trouble managing their own property, the aspect of life they so desperately want to be their basis.

Good Traits

Chiron in Taurus makes one reconsider all of his or hers already well established ideas about the world. Chiron in Taurus challenges you change the perspective and makes you realize material possessions should not be the only basis of your life.

It helps you let go of that burden and tries to make you realize it is not so scary not having control over everything.

In fact, Chiron in Taurus would make you realize you do not have control over everything physical and material, either way or another.

It is a hard and shocking lesson. It depends on your birth chart how you are going to react, but the true purpose of this lesson is to enlighten you, in a way. It will definitely open your eyes and make you free of material bonds you have tied down yourself by.

Bad Traits

On a negative side lies everything we have already mentioned. Chiron in Taurus shakes up all your (false) stances; that the only aspect of life that brings security is materiality and that only full control over everything material and physical brings peace.

It is so not true and you have to see that, but not before you experience something that would teach you so.

People with Chiron in Taurus commonly feel as if financial stability is somehow always out of their reach, which makes them feel afraid and insecure. The point is to overcome that fear.

However, the experience is terrifying for these individuals.

They could become obsessive with their body and health and possessive of everything they own, as well as of people they consider close.

Chiron in Taurus Lesson

Chiron in Taurus challenges one’s idea about materiality. Its lesson is supposed to awake your instincts and make you trust them more then norms and rules set by others.

It wants you to explore new opportunities and to set other value standards that go way beyond the idea of materiality. Chiron in Taurus tells you: “Do not only possess, engage with”

Chiron in Taurus liberates one from limitations of materiality. One that shapes up his or hers life only around material values has a very narrow view on life. He or she does not create anything, does not engage with anything, does not join anything…they only possess.

Let us illustrate this for you. It is as if you have bought yourself new car and you do not use it.

You have it parked in front of your house, beautiful and expensive, but never used. What is the purpose of it? To boast around? Well, the true satisfaction comes once you sit in that car and drive around the country, for example.

It is as if you poured yourself a fine dress and you do not wear it; you just own it. Chiron in Taurus wants to teach you how vane it is.

On the other hand, people with Chiron in Taurus can support others, can help them express their own creativity and else. A Chiron Taurus could have the same artistic potential as some of his or hers friends, but he or she could help their friend express their talents, while their own remains dormant inside.

Chiron in Taurus wants you to see the point in it, to make you search for inspiration and support in others, not to try to possess them.


Overall, Chiron in Taurus is associated with turbulence related to materiality and finances. Chiron in Taurus brings the sense of less value and low self-esteem. It wants to turn us away from the idea that only material possession or possession in general could bring us security and stability and compensate what we lack.

You would do well to try to distract yourself of trying to put all of your trust solely into properties and control over your physical body.

By breaking bonds with materiality and setting up new system of values, one could find his or hers true strength within and head to new stage of life, feeling free and relieved.