Gemini in 8th House – Meaning and Info

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It is difficult, and almost impossible, not to notice Gemini, these dynamic, fluttering and witty creatures, because wherever they appear, there is a lively communication in which they mostly have the main say, questioning, retelling, commenting on everything that happened to them or what they heard happened to someone else.

For them, the exchange of thoughts and ideas with others is as important as the air they breathe, which is also the ruling element of their sign.

Hence the eternal need of the people of this sign for change and information.

Gemini – Meaning and Info

Gemini and represents the last phase in which spring leaves power to summer, which begins with the summer solstice and the sign of Cancer.

Precisely because of this variability of late spring, which is more like summer, Gemini is playful, but also fickle, some will say – eternal children for whom life is a game and exploration of everything that tickles their curiosity.

And there is a lot of that in this world and Gemini simply does not have time for peace and rest, because, as they think, they could miss something along the way without them even noticing it.

Their basic contact with everything around them, be it people, phenomena or events, is based on constant interaction and exchange of information, a living mental activity, which is mainly focused on more than one at a time.

This is why they seem a bit confused, confused, disorganized and unreliable, because, unlike Virgos who can analyze all aspects of a single thing or concept in detail, Gemini will gather a sea of ​​information about something and, reluctant to synthesize, eventually get lost in them. .

For them, the most important thing is to be at the center of the event, to absorb everything that is important and to expand further without dwelling on details.

These are people who, even when they sleep, are always mentally active, full of new ideas, but often lack the “ram” profitability or “bull” patience and thoroughness to put them into action.

But that, after all, is not their task, because they carelessly continue in search of a new form of entertainment, while those who are more responsible and reliable will concretize their ideas and make them visible and usable.

The overall development of communications on a global level has delighted Gemini, because they can communicate on several sides at the same time.

Every new gadget on the market first falls into his hands and if he “passes” everything that the average Gemini can do at the same time, the manufacturer can be sure of his market success.

Mental liveliness, carefree and cheerful nature as well as a lot of information they have collected make members of this sign the “soul” of every society because they are witty, and also skilled imitators, but often come into conflict with those who (as well as everything they say) ) take it too seriously.

The other pair of gloves is that Gemini sometimes does not even know how to distinguish the game from the real situation, so in the great need to impress others, they turn out to be too frivolous, and sometimes even maliciously targeted. They understand everything a little, and not deep enough to be able to argue.

The dynamics and speed of movement from relationship to relationship brings them a lot of those superficial relationships, thanks to which they can get “their people” in various places, which will help them when they need it.

Given that they mostly turn the way the wind blows, it’s unlikely anyone will ever take them more seriously.

A special story is their inconsistency, as most of them are simply unable to deliver on what they promised, as their curiosity will always drag them over and over again to some unexplored area where they will inevitably get lost in space and time, leaving someone waiting for them or hopes in vain.

A typical Gemini is able to serve you even the most ruthless lie by looking you straight in the eye, so you will not doubt the truth of his words. This is the perfect mimic, who sometimes believes his own lie.

Even in the most awkward situations, in an instant he will come up with a logical story to justify himself and thanks to which he will get out of some more serious situations that he cooked himself painlessly.

The skill with which he uses words and the multitude of information gathered confuses the “opponent” and gives him the opportunity for a safe retreat. The twins always have a spare Ace up their sleeve to convince even the biggest suspects of their story.

The symbolism of the sign indicates their double character, depicted by the mythical twins Pollux and Castor, who even after death wanted to stay together because of the great love that united them. According to Greek mythology, Zeus fulfilled their wish, after which they dreamed of their eternal dream in the temple on Olympus.

Precisely because of this, every Gemini feels the duality of their nature more intensely than any other sign of the zodiac, because in them the conflict of that Yes and No, good and evil, light and darkness, love and hate, lasts intensely. That is the reason why some of their flaws are

8th House – Meaning and Info

The 8th House is the realm of the experience of hidden things. Am I interested in the unknown? Do I delve into what is unusual in society? Does it motivate me to know what is not said or hidden?

The sign and the planets located in the 8th House, indicate the way to face death, the forbidden and the dark.

The Scorpio person or with a strong 8th House in the natal chart, will always have a strong desire to uncover what – at first – is not within his grasp.

On the other hand, House VIII expresses my relationship with inheritances, community property and things that are ours but that do not totally depend on one. This it expresses how complex this house is.

Am I afraid to open up to intimacy with the other? Am I dominant in close relationships? Am I subtly attracted to shadow issues? Secrets, desires, talents to discover, fears, hidden needs, movement of black money, are the things that we can reveal in the 8th House.

It is a House that moves the unconscious a lot. The relationship with sexuality also belongs to this House, although it will be necessary to see (as in everything) other astrological features of the Natal Chart.

Briefly, an interpretation of the planets in House 8 is exposed with the idea of ​​understanding this astrological house even more.

A person with the Sun in the 8th House has the need to develop in areas where shared goods are handled. It is surely someone who knows deeply what control means to others.

A Moon in House 8 feels security and protection when it experiences fusion with people. Perhaps it is dependent on unconscious levels.

A Mercury in House 8 indicates a person who carefully studies subjects that go beyond, such as magic or witchcraft. Mars in the 8th House expresses the subtle dominance that is exercised when goods are shared with the couple.

Venus in the 8th House is someone who enjoys and has a talent for moving subtle energy in the places where she moves. Jupiter in the 8th House is the person who has firm faith in what he does not see but does intuit.

Saturn in House 8 can indicate a person with fear of bonding with the couple. There is a certain barrier around sexuality. Working in this field is essential to be able to flow naturally with life.

Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in the 8th House correspond to people with a transpersonal function to discover.

It is very likely that there is some ambivalence regarding the occult, but in truth, they must be able to break social structures about Astrology, Tarot, telepathy, healing, etc. This society needs you.

Gemini in 8th House – Meaning and Info

In terms of zodiac signs, Gemini is third in order. Children in the sign of twins are like a third brother; they always try to deceive everyone, their way of thinking is at an enviable level, and they observe the world through four eyes.

Their desire for knowledge is huge, but school does not bind them. They love to learn, but sometimes they find it harder to get around important things. The two twins start doing many things, but only a few finish or insist on them.

He is interested in many things at once, he is never focused on just one thing. Unfortunately, it often happens that such a child wants to force something, which is a big mistake.

Later, the child will be unhappy and unsuccessful, will not live life to the fullest if, for example, he is forced to study for better grades.

Gemini children give up many things, and many forget the essence: they accept everything for themselves, as well as new things.

In this way, children in this sign, if left to develop naturally, achieve much success.

Failure can only happen if they don’t feel successful, which they should discover as early as childhood!

They are definitely not the types of people who stick together. However, as they get older, the desire to get closer to their family grows.

Between the thirties and forties is the period when the twin brother and sister return to their home and become an integral part of the family.

The time spent with them until then is often frustrating. Not fraternal, but hostile. In a sibling relationship, it is important what the parents are like because their steps determine everything. When a twin brother or sister notices an injustice, they know how long to protest and try to find an alternative path.

If they are well educated, they will not become saints, but will always protect their family, which will later serve as a different help. They always keep up with the times, they never fall behind, thanks to which children cannot outwit them.

Mother in the sign of Gemini is always aware of the times when she was a child herself, and now she knows what her children are like. He gives enough freedom to his children, but he also demands certain things.

The characteristics of zodiac signs never give an accurate representation of a person, but they provide criteria.

Gemini is one of the most unpredictable types, because they are a double sign, which is why you can never know which side they are investing in motherhood. Their unpredictability is a big advantage, because they always know how to surprise.

However, it is a big mistake that he often treats his daughter as a friend, he has a great desire to fulfill every expectation of his children, which is why they are prone to excessive gentleness.

They are hard to understand and they are not exactly the best fathers. They want to solve family problems quickly. They solve all their plans and problems in cars with children, they never have serious conversations with children.

The most they can provide for their children is culture, a love of literature, because they are rich in different interests. They are highly educated, which is why they can be a great example to their children, as long as they realize that they are in a different place with them.

The father’s twins often become dictators, so it is the job of the spouses not to allow them to develop a double world so that the children can have a true picture of their father and so that the family stays together.

This sign is ruled by the planet Mercury, the mythical messenger of the gods and the protector of all merchants. In mythology, it is presented as the Greek Hermes and the Roman Mercury, “the bridge of communication between gods and people”.

With his wings on his feet, he symbolizes the speed with which his pets fly from place to place, exchanging not only their own ideas, but also all the information gathered along the way.

Mercury symbolizes communication, mental processes, traffic and every form of transmission and exchange of news, whether it is modern means of communication (all possible communication gadgets) or it is a journey from place to place. He is a symbol of intelligence, mediation and the rule of oratory.


People who have Gemini in their birth chart in the 8th house experience complex transitory situations throughout their lives that the person tends to overcome easily.

These people internally know how to fix any problems that arise.

When they have to make a decision, they have a hard time doing it, especially when it comes to borrowing funds. These people are often in danger of getting into debt. They perfectly manage the general capital.

In general, people with Gemini in the 8th house are faced with huge information networks, freely connected to property and money.

They are very interested in everything that is in the afterlife and everything that has to do with the world of mystery, they are always ready to participate in the discussion of incomprehensible problems for the rest of the human beings.

In extreme situations, he is inclined to carefully weigh all the details of the changes ahead.

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