Dreams About Getting or Being Lost – Meaning and Interpretation

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What if you got lost in your dream? It is surely relieving to wake up after such a dream, realizing you are safe and secure in your cozy, warm bed.

However, dreams about being or getting lost could be really bothersome and could carry many messages.

If you had a similar experience in reality, for example, if you were searching for an address, got lost or found yourself wandering around without finding your way, it is not strange to have a dream about being lost.

Events from our waking life often reflect in our dreams.

However, if you did not have such an experience lately, your dream probably hides secret meanings. Being lost is not a pleasant feeling, for most of us.

There are adventurous spirits who would see such a situation as a challenge and something inspiring; a destiny’s move to test their skills and courage, but, for most of us, it is just an unpleasant, distressing and bad experience.

Dreams about getting lost or being lost could hide deeper meanings.

The idea of being lost is an amazing metaphor for numerous things about our lives. It is not only that a person gets lost physically, but also emotionally. In many situations, we feel as if we are lost.

Someone could get lost in thoughts, in life, in time, in, well, whatever you like. A metaphor of being lost is also used to describe emotions related to being abandoned, helpless, hopeless, discouraged, lonely, weakened and so on. It is the negative side, mostly.

On the other hand, being lost does not necessarily have to be something wrong, bad or negative.

For example, a person could get lost in their dreams, fantasies and thoughts. We would commonly say that someone is lost in his or her thoughts if the person is, for example, in love with someone.

He or she seems to spend days and nights ‘lost’ in a world of his or hers dreams, desires and romantic feelings.

Moreover, someone could seem ‘lost’ in his or her plans, imagination and so on. Being lost is not always a bad thing.

Sometimes, it means we found a way to escape the negativity and boredom of our everyday life, if the times are such.

Figuratively speaking, being lost could be both a positive and a negative thing. However, the sense of getting lost might be different.

The process of getting lost is metaphorically and symbolically usually associated with losing track, temper, courage, self-esteem etc.

Dreams about getting or being lost

In general, dreams about getting or being lost, if not reflecting your impression from a real life situation, are associated with your emotional state.

Most likely, such dreams reflect more negative than positive emotions, such as being insecure and indecisive in life. Usually, dreams about getting or being lost suggest you feel as if you are lost in your life, meaning you do not have a well-determined goal, strong desires and strong will.

Long story short, it means you feel aimless and perceive your current life as pointless.

Dreams about getting and being lost occur when we feel insecure and when we lack self-esteem, which usually happens after finishing big projects or stages of life, regardless of them being successful or not.

For example, you worked on a great project for long and now it is done; for a great deal of time it has literally been your entire life.

People tend completely to dedicate themselves to only one aspect of life, so they naturally feel shaken, frustrated and lost after it is over, no matter the outcome. After the project is done, we feel lost.

Sometimes, it also happens if we have faced a failure, a loss and it could also provoke dreams in which we are lost.

On the other hand, sometimes dreams about being lost have a positive connotation and they occur when we are exploring opportunities in our life. Such dreams could even be encouraging, in a way.

If you do not feel scared about being lost in your dream, it most likely mean you are about to find a new path in your waking life and it is a good omen.

Dreams about getting or being lost in a foreign place

When you dream about getting lost or being lost abroad, in a foreign country or a city or place that is not your hometown, it could be a disturbing, but not a negative dream.

This dream means you are ready for some real changes in your life.

You should let go of your old habits and change your routine, because, deep down inside, you actually feel they are suppressing you and delay your progress.

You feel a bit concerned about making big changes and maybe you are still unaware in reality that you actually need a change. Dreams about being lost in a foreign place mean new opportunities, new roads to go, new paths to explore.

In our lives, there are so many doors and gates; we just have to choose which one we would like to close, which ones we would take a glance through and, finally, which ones we would go through.

Of course, such a situation does make us feel lost, a bit insecure, unconfident and such. If you dream about asking around for a direction, it means you are about to do all that it takes to make some progress and widen your perspective and your experience.

You are an open-minded person and you do not find it hard to ask for an advice or help from other people. In that sense, your dream is very positive. It means you should gather your courage and explore life.

Do not be scared! There are so many wonderful places to find out, in both abstract and physical sense.

Dreams about being lost in the crowd

If you dream that you have found yourself lost in the crowd, it means you feel very insecure about your social status and your relations with other people. You feel as if you are under pressure by everyone else and you do not know what to do about it; you literally could feel like suffocating.

It could also mean you have completely lost your self-esteem and you became reserved and shy at the same time; you are afraid of speaking up your mind. You lack courage to stand out for your own dreams and goals.

This dream is either a reflection of such a situation that has already taken place or a warning sign that, if you do not take action, something like that is about to happen. The dream might seem upsetting, but, on the other hand, it should be a waking call, an alarm.

You should start believing in yourself again and not let masses put you down. Your opinion matters and you should never let the crowd manipulates you.

Dreams about being lost with someone

If you dream about being lost somewhere with a person you know, it means you have probably lost your track in life, but also that you are not alone.

This dream could have variations. If you both are panicking about being lost, then it means your family life, a relationship or similar close relationship with someone goes through a tough phase, because of certain additional, most likely outer factors.

The dream tries to tell you you should be strong for another person and so he or she would also feel stronger, so you could get out of the bad situation together.

On the other hand, if the other person is calm and you are freaking out, the dream reminds you you are not alone in life, even if it seems there is no way out or you have no goal and not a sparkle of an idea how your future is going to develop.

The dream says you have someone to rely on and that you should ask for help and support.

There are some really amazing, caring and protective people in your life; you should realize and appreciate that.

Dreams about getting lost in your own city

If you dream about getting lost in your own place, it means you feel insecure about your closest relationships, your most intimate emotions, about yourself in all aspects.

You are unsure if what you are currently doing or working on is actually good for you, meaning you are unsure if that is what you really want to do.

This interpretation could be applied to all aspects of life; think of your current situation and explore if there are things that actually bother you.

For example, maybe you have almost reached the end of your studies, but you are now not sure if that is what you want of your life.

It could also apply on your job; maybe you have become bored by your job, even if it provides you comfortable life, so you are in position where you cannot decide if it is worthy of risk to leave it.

This dream could also be associated to your family and love life, in which you are insecure about your relationship and you really doubt if you wish to continue with it.

Dreams about being lost in nature

Dreams about being lost in nature could be both pleasant and scary, depending on a scenario. If you dream about being extremely uncomfortable, threatened by wild animals or so, it means you feel completely hopeless in your life.

This dream reflects your fear of your present situation, which you see as threatening.

On the other hand, if you are lost in nature, but you feel calm and relaxed, it is probably the most positive kind of being-lost-in-a-dream scenarios.

This dream means you are about to go through deeply personal and spiritual transformation.

It is dream about finding a new perspective, new inspiration, exploring totally different and refreshing options in life.

It is also a dream that suggests you really need some time for yourself, to let go with the flow and give your body, mind and soul time to regenerate, revitalize, with no restrictions, deadlines or so.