Dreams About Dancing – Interpretation and Meaning

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Most people would agree on positive vibrations dancing produce and they could associate such a positive feeling with everything related to the idea of dance.

In some of the greatest traditions around the world, in mythologies and religions, the act of dancing plays an important role.

We have numerous variations of ritual dances, we have all kinds of folk dances that mark and represent particular society and cultural heritage, there are myths about dances that create the world and are making the life go on and on.

Just as an old philosopher has said, Panta rei, everything is moving forward; the movement is needed for progress, while dancing is a specific form of movement, an act that contains much more than simple steps of destiny.

Dance represent a complex of ‘colored’ movement, decorated, arranged, full of emotions and meanings. In various cultures around the world, dance represents the life in its most beautiful form.

All around the globe, there could be found such amazing types of dances and each one of them has its special meaning.

Dreams about dancing are, thus, very inspiring and they are generally considered positive, although there are variations in interpretations, depending on particular specific scenario.

The dance is usually described as a relaxing and relieving activity, made of harmonious moves in combination with music. Therefore, dance related dreams are commonly associated with balance and harmony.

The main question behind dreams about dancing is are you really happy with your life at the moment or you are seeking for balance and harmony.

Dreams about dancing are not uncommon. Naturally, those who are professional dancers, those who regularly dance to relax or visit dancing events, are more likely to dream about dancing.

In both professional and recreational dancers, such dreams could simply represent reflections of their thoughts and ideas about certain choreographies, dance music or other elements important for such an activity.

In that case, dreams about dancing have less symbolical and more practical meaning.

People who do not dance regularly and are not thinking about dancing at all, could also have dancing related dreams. They could dream about seeing someone dancing, about themselves dancing, dancing alone or with somebody and a lot more.

In these situations, dreams about dancing have deep symbolical meanings, closely related to a dreamer’s most intimate emotions.

Dreams about dancing

Dreams about dancing are interpreted in various ways, depending on how you felt in the dream or after waking up. If you felt good dancing in your dream, it usually means you are happy because of something that has happened in your recent past or something that is still happening. It could simply be a reflection of joy.

It could also mean you do not realize how happy you actually are and the dream is a way to channel your emotions and to release positive vibrations. If the dream about dancing or in which you were the dancer did not make you feel good, it is related with how you see yourself in social environment.

Most of unhappy dancing dreams are reflections of our willingness to fit in and, at the same time, our incapability to do so. Maybe you feel too different in reality and are afraid if others would accept you the way you are.

Dancing rituals have always been known as a powerful practice that unites people; that is why ritual dances are so important in many societies, religions, spiritual systems, pagan traditions and so on.

Dance has always been one of an essential element of any folklore. Most commonly, dancing dreams include the element of music, as the music is considered an important element of any dance.

Can you recall the tune? What kind of music played in your dancing related dream? Were there sounds of nature or an instrument? Was someone singing?

All these questions and answers to them could help you get closer to the true meaning behind your dream.

For example, if the music was pleasant, soft and melodic, accompanied with easy, light and well-played steps, it means your life is in perfect balance. You are living the dream, actually.

Symbolically speaking, we could even say, you are dancing according the tune of your destiny. If the music was too loud and disturbing, it means you are struggling to find that balance; you probably feel uncomfortable, irritated or frustrated by your current life situation.

If there was not music at all and you were still dancing, you should pay attention to dancing moves in your dream. In following paragraphs, we will talk more about the most common types of dancing related dreams and try to help you interpret their hidden meanings.

Dreams about dancing could be intense, because they usually reflect our strong emotions. Feel free to join the ball!

Dreams about dancing with somebody

If you dream about dancing with someone, it could mean many things, so try to recall the details. If you dream about dancing with someone whom you are in love with, it could mean you are ready to finally open yourself up and speak up your feelings.

This dream reflects desire, obsession and intense feeling you have about someone.

It could be a good sign for your future relationship with that special individual or simply a reflection of your deep desire for someone who is already taken.

Dream about dancing with someone could be imply you will soon start a romantic relationship or that the relationship you are in is very positive, stable and harmonious.

Your partner and you are in passionate love with each other and you understand and accept each other.

On a negative side, this dream could suggest there are people who are very envious of your harmonious love life and would like to spoil your happiness.

Dreams about dancing alone

Dreams about ‘dancing with yourself’, just as in David Bowie’s song, could have various meanings. Dancing alone in your dream does not have to be a negative omen.

If you felt relaxed and actually enjoyed the dance, it means you are truly satisfied with your life. It means you are capable of seeing beauty in small things and that you are truly appreciating the gift of being here, in the first place. You value life and dance to its melody.

If you dance alone in the public place, on streets, it reflects your self-confidence or comes to remind you you should not care about what others think that much. You should act according to your own intuition.

Probably you are afraid of being foolish in other peoples’ eyes, so you keep to yourself and do not express your innovative ideas aloud.

You should do it, this dream suggests. Just relax and surrender to your intuition.

Dreams about seeing others dancing

If you dream about watching other people dancing, but you do not join the dance, it means you are very insecure about yourself. You are perhaps afraid to approach to another person, as if you are afraid to ask somebody for a dance in your dream, and you would rather stay aside.

You would like to fit in, but you are too anxious, because you fear others would not accept you. Dreams about watching others dancing channel deep unfulfilled desires.

If you secretly watch others dancing in your dream, it means you are longing for someone or you still grieve over things that have happened in the past.

Somehow, you cannot turn your eyes from those happy dancers.

Their dance represents something you had, something you have lost, times that have passed. You live in that past and still feel unready to move on.

Dreams about leaving the dance

Dreams about leaving the dance are dreams about commitment. If you dream you have left the dancing event or left your partner on a dancing floor, reflect your incredible fear of commitment. Y

ou do not like to be bound to anyone and you rarely get people close. You might appear as a sociable, friendly person who loves to be around people and have fun, but you actually have no deep relationship with anyone.

Entering a relationship is currently like a science fiction scenario to you.

This dream means you are actually insecure and afraid of being hurt. Maybe someone did hurt you in the past or there were broken friendships or relationships with unhappy ends, so you have built a strong wall around.

You seem to feel good with being on your own and maintaining loose relations with people, but this dream probably implies you need something more than that.

Dreams about learning how to dance

Dreams about learning how to dance are generally positive. Those dreams reflect your adventurous spirit and willingness to improve your skills, to boost your energy and creativity.

You probably love to travel and explore new places. You are never satisfied with what you have, but not in a negative way; you do not underestimate anything in life, just want to see more of it.

Dreams about learning how to dance could reflect your readiness to engage with certain new project or even studies.

You want to learn everything about the subject that inspires you or you want to advance at your workplace. You always seek ways to improve yourself, mentally, physically and spiritually.

If dream that you are learning how to dance, it could also mean you are ready to make a big change and start over.