Dreams About Koi Fish – Meaning and Symbolism

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Koi fish are colored varieties of Amur carp kept for decorative purposes in specially made koi ponds or water gardens. Carp are large group of fish from Central Europe and Asia. They are cold water fish and are very adaptable.

Amur carp were first bred in China for color mutations in the first millennium. The Jin Dynasty from the 4th century AD mentions carps of various colors. Japanese also developed different color variations of koi fish.

New varieties of Koi fish are still being developed. They have been reported to have a life span over 100 years, and some even reach to be 200 years old. The accepted age is more than 50 years.

These fish are very resistant species. The hobby of keeping koi fish is spread worldwide. Koi fish are sold in pet shops or by specialized producers.

In Japan Koi fish are symbol of love and friendship. The fish is a symbol of Japanese culture and represents a part of their national identity. They also symbolize good fortune, abundance, and prosperity.

These fish area also a symbol of perseverance and strength. The fish is a symbol of spiritual and material advancement.

The Japanese respect these fish because of their ability to swim upstream regardless of the conditions. That is considered very hard to achieve and sometimes almost impossible, and because of that, the Koi fish is considered an extremely courageous and powerful being.

They are a symbol of determination that no obstacle could stop. They are also a symbol of masculinity.

The Koi fish is often used as a symbol of the family, where the black Koi symbolizes the father, the flame red koi symbolizes the mother, the blue and white symbolize boys and pink and red symbolizes girls.

There are many Japanese legends related to the Koi fish. One of the most known is the legend of the Koi fish transforming into a dragon after successfully reaching the point on the Yellow River called the Dragon Gate. Because of this legend, the Koi fish is also considered a symbol of advancement and success.

In China, Koi fish are also considered symbols of power, determination, perseverance, ambition, strength, and good luck. They are also a symbol of wealth. Koi is also a symbol of regeneration and a symbol of marital bliss.

A pair of Koi fish is often used to symbolize harmony and marriage and relationship happiness. The Koi fish is also considered a symbol of longevity, due to its unusually long lifespan. These fish are believed to attract good fortune and money in a person’s life.

Koi fish are not a common dream symbol, and their appearance in our dreams could have a significant meaning for our lives.

The dream about Koi fish could be related to some of the many symbolisms this fish has attributed to it.

Listed are some of the possible meanings of the Koi fish appearing in our dreams:

Perseverance and determination

Dreams about Koi fish can indicate the need to be persevering and determined in some situation where the circumstances are not in our favor and we are facing many obstacles on the path of achieving our goals.

If this fish found its way into your dreams, it might be the attempt of your subconscious to encourage you and give you support during times of difficulties, reassuring you that everything will be alright and that you will be able to overcome all the challenges you encounter.

Importance of friendships for our lives

In some cases, the Koi fish appears in your dream to remind you how important your friendships are.

Maybe the fish is there to make you realize that you have been neglecting some of your dear friends. Maybe you have been overwhelmed with other things in your life, and not being able to devote any of your time to your friends.

This dream is asking you to reschedule your timetable and find time to be with your friends.

If you ignore the message your subconscious is trying to deliver with this dream, you might risk losing some of these dear people from your life due to your lack of interest and effort in nurturing the friendship with them.

Good fortune

The Koi fish is usually a good dream symbol. Because the Koi is considered a symbol of good luck in general, sometimes its appearance in our dreams could mean exactly that.

The dream might be an announcement of a period blessed with good fortune coming ahead.

It is an excellent time to begin new projects and expect the successful conclusion of the ongoing ones.

Longevity and good health

The Koi fish is a symbol of longevity and good health. In dreams, it could be a sign of a period of good health and general wellbeing.

If you struggled with some illness or health issues and a Koi fish appeared in your dream, that dream could be a sign that your health will improve.

If you didn’t have a health problem when you had a dream about Koi fish, the dream could be a confirmation of your generally good health.


Koi fish in our dreams could be a confirmation that some of our current efforts and endeavors will be a success.

If you have any doubts whether the project you are currently involved with is ever going to see the light of day and be accepted, and Koi fish appears in your dream, that is a certain sign that you don’t need to worry and you will successfully finish all your endeavors.

Love and relationship bliss

Koi fish symbolize love and relationship harmony. Dreams about Koi fish can be a sign that your love life will have a significant improvement.

If you have been quarrelling or having other issues with your significant other, a dream about a Koi fish could indicate that the bad period will soon end, and be replaced with a period of harmony and peace.

Patience and efforts

The Koi fish sometimes appears in our lives to remind us of the need to be patient.

Good things rarely happen overnight, and we usually need to put in a lot of effort and be patient until the results of our efforts begin being visible.

The Koi in our dream is asking us to be patient and put in all the necessary efforts into achievement of our goals and that is how we can get our desired result.


Koi fish are courageous fish, swimming against the current in all conditions.

The dream about Koi fish could be an encouragement and support from our subconscious to courageously overcome the difficulties in our lives.

If you have fears or doubts in your abilities, consider this dream as a confirmation of your strength and ability to confront all adversity. If you often feel afraid of different things and circumstances, this dream could be considered as a support to begin working on building your confidence and releasing the fears you have.

Courage is a skill that can be attained and with faith and determination you will manage to attain it.


Koi fish in different colors are used to depict close family members: the father, the mother, and the children.

Koi fish are also considered a symbol of the family, and a dream about Koi fish could be a reminder to spend more time with your family members.

It is possible that you feel guilty for neglecting them and the Koi appeared in your dream to confirm the necessity for you to find the time and make up to them.

Our family members should be the most important people in our lives, and we often take them and their presence in our lives for granted.

Sadly, in many cases we tend to realize that fact only when they are gone from our lives.

Don’t wait for the dream of Koi fish to remind you of the need to spend your time with them and appreciate their precious presence in your life.

Abundance and prosperity

The Koi fish is a symbol of material wealth and prosperity. It is kept by rich businessman in ponds to attract more abundance in their lives.

It is believed that these fish attract wealth and abundance in our lives; that is why a dream about Koi fish could be considered a sign of upcoming financial gains and increase in your material wealth.

If you have been struggling with money lately, the appearance of a Koi fish in your dream is a very auspicious symbol and it often indicates that your financial luck will soon change for the better.


The Koi fish is often considered a symbol of ambition. When the Koi fish appears in your dream it could be a sign of support from your subconscious to start following your dreams and begin taking actions to accomplish them.

Don’t be afraid or ashamed to show your ambition.

If you don’t have any ambition and no drive to achieve success you will end up miserable and unsatisfied with your life.

Don’t wait for ideal circumstances to begin looking for ways to fulfill your desires.

When you begin taking action new opportunities will arise to help you get what you want.