Gemini Man and Aquarius Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Astrology is an ever-inspiring source of understanding the world and looking on it from a different, someone would say higher, spiritual perspective.

No doubt it has its secrets and you should really be an expert to understand what stars tell us. According to astrology, all of our lives are written in stars and there lie secrets about our destiny.

As you surely know, there are twelve zodiac signs (there is the thirteenth one, according to alternative views) and you are born under one of them. You also have your ‘second sign’, which is your ascendant.

Each of zodiac signs possesses certain characteristic, typical for its profile.

However, it does not solely determine what kind of person you will be. Astrology is more complex than that.

We are free to say that your zodiac sign is somewhat like a foundation stone for your personality, if we look at people through an astrological prism. There are various factors to mould us spiritually. In that sense, our birth charts could help us a lot.

They give you the exact position of planets in time of your birth, which is quite a unique image.

Your astrological profile, combined with your real life experience and other factors, will determine what kind of person you will be. Nevertheless, you will definitely possess some traits your zodiac sign is known for.

People around you, as well. That said, we can move on to compatibility of zodiac signs! Today we are analyzing a match between a Gemini man and an Aquarius woman.

Compatibility of zodiac signs does not always follow strict rules; it is more of a guidebook.

It could happen that your partner’s and yours zodiac signs seem completely opposite and non-matching and yet, you could have a wonderful relationship. It happens less often that two matching zodiac signs prove incompatible, but it all depends on complexity of personalities.

Gemini Man

Gemini man is a guy whose company is enjoyed by the most people. He has an impeccable sense of humor and is extremely talented in maneuvering with words. He is talkative, smart and always full of interesting ideas and stories to tell.

He dares trying everything that seems different, unique, extravagant and risky. He has an extremely sharp sense of the world around; a Gemini man sees through people and relies totally on himself.

He is a charmer; if needed, he could be a true classy gentlemen, while, on other occasions, he would act like an irresponsible child. He is a man and peter pan in one body and he knows how to take advantage of both sides of his personality.

Gemini men never hesitate using their charms and charisma in any area of life, from love games to professional field. They usually easily get what they want.

Gemini men are intelligent and capable of seeing the good and the bad in every situation.

They are never discouraged by failure or a mistake. They do not suffer from vanity and regretting things done; a Gemini man would never waste time mourning over missed opportunities or wrong decisions. That said, let us tell you more about a Gemini’s decision-making.

While he is daring, courageous and free spirited, his ability to place arguments and pros and cons in every situation could make him difficult to choose between options offered. He could end up doing nothing, while an opportunity passes him by.

However, he would learn a lesson out of it and simply move on. He sees life as an interesting game to play.

Everything for a Gemini man is a game; love, professional life, social life, literally everything. Such a perception makes a Gemini man so energetic, ready for challenges, enthusiastic.

There is failure for him; even if times strike hard, a Gemini man would know what to do. He feels comfortable literally everywhere and in any company. He is commonly the loudest one and his bright aura magnetically attracts people around.

When it comes to love, Gemini men seek for something exotic, if possible, different, unique.

They consider themselves much different from other people and they need a partner of a similar sensibility. The perfect woman for a Gemini could be an alternative singer, a postmodern artist, a lady interested in sports and activities that are in minority, a woman doing some interesting, ‘exotic’ job.

He is ready to offer no less. He would make you feel special, but you really have to impress him first. He loves people who are open to new ideas, with a broad palette of interests and subjects to talk about.

In sex, he loves to experiment and to try unusual things. His woman should be of similar sensibility.

A Gemini also values his freedom above all; you could never make him fully obedient and tamed.

Aquarius Woman

These delicate, gracious ladies are like fairies; they are soft, very emotional, very sensitive.

They have love for everything in this world and are commonly oriented towards some sort of planet-saving or humanitarian work. They are fragile in a beautiful, almost elfish, feminine way. Aquarius women are not weak; they are firm in their stances and their ultimate goal.

An Aquarius woman has a higher, spiritual mission; when she says she wants to help the world to become a better place, she means it.

She does not care about fancy clothes and material well-being. She would always opt for a job she feels comfortable doing, something that matches her interests, rather than high paid, boring one.

She is not a career seeker, but she is ambitious in her ideas. If it happens that she has a lot of money, she would spend it on charity. Some Aquarius women would spend it on themselves, guided by motto that money is not for keeping; you earned it, so you spend it. It is as simple as that, for an Aquarius.

On the other hand, Aquarius women would be completely satisfied with a modest income; they are probably the least materialistic of all signs.

Aquarius women love life; they have a lot of understanding for people, they love nature and animals, as well. An Aquarius lady would like to have a peaceful, harmonious life, usually far from downtown noise and traffic.

She values natural beauty; she is the one who will fully enjoy first snows of winter, first blossoms of spring, all shades of summer sunsets and colorful autumn trees.

She loves long walks, reading books, listening music. Aquarius women are artistic and romantic souls. Aquarius women are imaginative and always positive minded.

They are capable of seeing the good in this world, even if times get hard. They are flexible and capable of handling any situation. They are skilful in making things with their own hands, which makes them quite independent and self-reliant.

An Aquarius lady is a company to be enjoyed; her graciousness, generosity and kindness are for every praise. When an Aquarius woman falls in love, she loves from the bottom of her soul.

She is not afraid of showing her love and expressing her emotions freely; she enjoy the feeling. She is of a very amorous nature, but it takes time for her actually to enter a relationship.

An ideal partner for an Aquarius woman is a man who is strong and intelligent; someone who will understand her ‘higher cause’. She needs someone she could trust. An Aquarius lady could not be intimidating in searching for true love.

She dreams of a fairytale relationship and it would take many disappointments to prove her reality is different. Some Aquarius ladies actually make their dreams come true; nothing is impossible for an Aquarius.

They would never give up hope. An Aquarius woman is, my all means, a joyful, pleasant and wonderful personality.

Love Compatibility

Gemini and Aquarius are a really good match. These two have many things in common and they could easily get along. Both are very flexible and independent. An Aquarius is exotic enough for a demanding Gemini standards, while a Gemini is definitely enough open minded and liberal for a spiritual and versatile Aquarius.

Both are very intelligent and that is, perhaps, the second thing that attract them to one another after the initial physical magnetism. It is interesting to see how these two forge deep trust amongst themselves.

The thing is, both feel very liberated in this relationship; an Aquarius woman is honest to her partner, she simply does not see fit to hide things from someone close to her.

For her, it could only be an unnecessary burden. A Gemini man recognizes that easily; he also does not like to beat about the bush, no matter how changeable his attitudes and mood could be.

In addition, he feels free to say anything to his Aquarius, because he knows she could understand almost anything. Rarely it happens that a Gemini abuses this trust.

This is a natural connection in which no one feels obliged or pressed to do or say something; that is exactly why these two have no secrets and are, at the same time, free not to submit a report for every single step they take.

While Aquarius women are less likely to change their opinion and attitude towards something (usually, it is about some ‘higher’, grandiose ideas and concepts), Gemini men are of a changeable nature.

This allows them to adapt to Aquarius point of view easily and without any damage to their own integrity. He would rather not fight over it, which is a really good thing if these two decide for living together etc.

Long term, it could be threatening to Gemini’s personality and he could lose his integrity in the relationship, if Aquarius woman is too strict in her opinions, but they usually manage to find a common tongue.

These two are both Air element signs; they have a fine sense for philosophical subjects and they could talk a mile. Sometimes they get so lost in their dreams and fantasies together.

They rarely get bored of one another, even if they talk too much. Gemini and Aquarius share values and emotionally understand one another.

They can also do many things together; both are weird, in a way and that is what makes them truly an amazing and inspiring couple to see. There are only few that could actually amaze and surprise a Gemini man; he has seen it all.

An Aquarius woman is capable of doing that. These two see themselves as special and very different of all other people.

Marriage Compatibility

As we can clearly see, this could be a perfect match! Gemini and Aquarius, particularly in this combination of a Gemini man and an Aquarius woman, are definitely a dream couple. They are both amorous and yet, neither a Gemini nor an Aquarius would enter a relationship (not to mention a marriage) that easily.

They would like to examine one another more closely. Our Gemini man would most likely be blown away by delicate Aquarius lady’s charm, free spirit and not so ordinary interests. She is artistic, talented and on her own; he is open minded, intelligent and all about experiencing new things.

They very well understand each other, their emotional connection is deep, their interests are similar, both are liberal and restless, each in their way. They could definitely get married.

Their marriage would most likely appear too liberal to many other people, but these two have no reason to doubt the other one’s faithfulness.


Just as they could be amazing lovers to one another, they could also be good friends. If they do not attract one another sexually and they find a common tongue in, say, art and philosophy or anything they can talk about for hours, there you go!

These two could become inseparable. They would go to movies together, to theatre, art exhibition and probably camp and travel together.

Aquarius is about spiritualism and nature, Gemini is adventurous and loves anything that does not fit in a ‘regular’ image.

Cool Facts

Gemini and Aquarius are both easygoing and adaptable. They share many interests, so you could probably imagine them as one of those eccentric couples who decided to go backpacking around the world together or something like that.

Ordinary life is not for them; they are way too special and different for that.

They also do not give a thing about what others think of their decisions and will always have it their way.


Overall, it is clear that these two fit well together. Their overall compatibility is 85%, which is great.

This is a natural relationship, in which you should not expect any drama or problems.

Even if it happens that they realize they are not for one another, they would most likely separate in peace and remain friends.

There are rarely hard feelings or ill intentions between a Gemini man and an Aquarius woman, regardless of the type of a relationship they are in.