How to Tell if a Deceased Loved One is Around

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Losing someone close is one of the most; if not the hardest thing a person can experience and go through. We are overwhelmed by a sense of disbelief and unbearable pain which keeps us from functioning properly.

The hardest part is accepting that the person is gone and will never return.

We will never talk to this person or see them alive.

Although we all know that death is inescapable, we find it hard to accept the fact that someone is completely gone from our lives.

The reason for our feelings is the fact that as humans, we are used to experiencing things in 3D reality, where we can see a person, touch them, talk to them, etc. We need to physically experience someone or something to believe that it exists.

Our deceased loved ones can reach us from the spirit realms, which is an entirely different dimension. Because they can’t appear to us physically, they usually use some signs that are a sure confirmation of their presence around us.

Some of the signs to tell if a deceased loved one is close:

  1. You dream of them

Dreams about our deceased loved ones are one of the common signs of their presence in our lives. During our sleep we open to receiving messages and communicating with the world of spirit.

These dreams are usually very real and are different from our usual dreams. Our loved one often appears as if surrounded with glowing light.

They often talk to us or give us some reassuring message. They could also deliver a message that they are alright where they are currently.

These signs have the purpose of calming us down and making us accept what has happened.

  1. You can smell them

When you suddenly begin feeling your departed loved one’s favorite perfume, or the smell of their favorite dish, and that happens often, it is a sure sign that this person is somewhere around you and wants you to be aware of that fact.

People are tactile beings, and they relate many feelings to their senses. Sensing the smell, they relate to a person who is close to them, can evoke many strong feelings.

That is why our deceased loved ones often use our sense of smell to inform us of their presence.

  1. You hear their voice

It might happen to you to hear the voice of your deceased loved one. You can clearly hear the words spoken to you by this person. These words can be heard out loud or you can hear the voice inside of your being.

Sometimes you can have an entire conversation with your dearest departed loved ones, unfolding inside your mind.

You can ask them questions and receive clear and reasoned answers. You can ask them for guidance to help you go through some difficult situations you are currently facing.

  1. You have problems with electronic devices and electricity

Problems with electronic devices, personal, or the ones around the house, are a common sign of the presence of a deceased loved one. If it suddenly seems that all your appliances are not functioning properly, that can indicate that your deceased loved one is around you.

You can also experience lights and electronic devices switching on and off without your action, or the lights begin flickering.

That is also one of the sure signs of the presence of a deceased loved one.

  1. You seem to feel their touch

If you feel a sensation as if someone is touching you, and you don’t see anyone around you, that one of the signs that your departed loved one is near.

Usually that is a light touching on the back, or going through your hair, touching your hand or something similar, but it causes a strong emotional reaction inside you. It brings you a sense of comfort and assures you that everything is and will be ok.

These signs usually occur not long after their passing, but it is not uncommon to experience them long after our loved one has departed, and they usually follow our thoughts and reminiscing about them.

  1. Seeing signs in the form of animals, flowers, insects, objects, etc.

Signs from our deceased loved ones often appear in the form of different symbols, animals, and objects which keep appearing on our path.

You might suddenly start noticing white feathers in unusual places, or a bird begins coming to your window every day. You might begin finding coins around every corner or seeing butterflies and other insects in odd circumstances and places.

What at first might seem to you as pure coincidence after numerous reappearances becomes something you cannot ignore.

If you begin seeing such signs and you are not sure if they are a message from your deceased loved one, ask for confirmation. If it appears unexpectedly not long after that, that is a clear sign that your loved one is announcing its presence.

  1. You see numbers related to them

People often have special numbers related to them. They can be the dates of their birth, dates of special events, such as wedding days, graduation days, etc. or they have lucky numbers and numbers they feel drawn to for some reason.

We often share some numbers with our loved ones and they represent something important for both persons.

If after parting with your loved one, you begin seeing these numbers often, know that isn’t a coincidence. It is most likely a way of your loved one trying to inform you of its presence in your life.

  1. You feel their presence

If you suddenly, for no apparent reason, begin feeling the presence of your departed loved one near you that is also a sign of their presence. It is a feeling of inner knowing that they are always around you, protecting you and helping you in any way they can.

This feeling can often happen in moments of crisis or difficulties when you most need and miss their support and guidance.

The feeling comes as a reassurance of their presence and support which immediately calms you down, getting you back on the right path, believing in yourself and that everything will be alright.

  1. Receiving a mysterious phone call

In some cases, the phone rings and no one is on the other side of the line when you answer the call. All you can hear is silence. These things often happen after someone passes away, but they can also happen some time after someone’s passing away.

That is often a way of our loved ones to gain our attention and let us know that they are alright where they are right now.

They want to reassure us that we don’t need to worry about them and at the same time, that there’s no need to be sad or depressed because they are gone. They need us to find comfort in the fact that they are still present in our lives, although we cannot physically see them.

  1. Objects moving around your house

Although it can be scary to see objects moving somehow by themselves, these things sometimes happen. You can see pictures falling from the wall, or sometime else moves or falls on the ground without a reasonable explanation, and only to attract your attention.

These events are often a way of our departed loved ones to inform us of their presence and get our attention to something.

Maybe there is something important we need to notice at that moment, regarding our lives, and our loved ones don’t want us to miss that moment, so they attract our attention in time.

Next time, when something falls with no apparent reason, pay attention to what is going on around you at that moment.

Maybe there’s some immediate action you need to take, or some opportunity you are missing because you are not alert enough, and your loved ones don’t want you to miss anything.

One thing is certain. Our deceased loved ones are around us and are guiding and protecting us. Be open to receiving their signs when they want you to. There is always something important hiding behind their intention.

Learn how to follow their guidance. You will never feel alone or left out by them again.