Hummingbird – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

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Tiny and adorable, hummingbirds are proud representatives of the smallest bird species on Earth. However, their symbolism is worth of an eagle, to say so.

These cute little ones are associated with so many amazing concepts and ideas, including beauty, kindness, peace, love, happiness and energy. Hummingbirds may be small, but they are true giants in symbolical sense. These birds are also associated with hope, positivity and optimism.

Many would say a sight of a hummingbirds flying and drinking sweet nectar from hearts of flowers make them smile and feel joyful and content. These miniatures of nature are truly magical beings, equipped with incredibly fast moving wings and sharp long peaks.

Symbolically, a hummingbird calls us to taste the sweet nectar of life and enjoy our days on this earth. These little fellows awaken our long dormant child from within and remind us of the beautiful simplicity of life.

Hummingbirds are native to Americas, so, in terms of cultural perception, we could rely only on local traditions and folklore. However, it seems that people all around the world have embraced the same symbolism related to hummingbirds.

In Americas, people believe hummingbirds embody ideas of immortality and bravery.

If you are curious about why would such a tiny creature be considered a symbol of courage and bravery, we will amaze you with several truly incredible facts about hummingbirds.

Did you know that these tiny birds fly for over about two thousand kilometers, seeking for warmer environment, with winter weather coming in South America?

Yes, indeed they do; hummingbirds are incredibly resilient and enduring, although so small. Just imagine such a long journey; we have to use planes or spend days in trains or cars to travel so far.

Hummingbirds do that all on their own. They symbolize endurance and persistence.Hummingbird meaning is generally homogenous. This beautiful spirit animal does not possess as directly opposed symbolical characteristics as we could find on other spirit animals.

For example, a snake could symbolize both life and death and its symbolism is clearly dual.

With hummingbirds, it is not the case. Symbolism of these birds is always positive only there are many forms of their symbolic and spiritual meanings.

Hummingbirds as symbols of strength and courage

Perhaps you have heard that hummingbirds are magical little ones that ‘open up our hearts’.

Hummingbirds are known for their charming appearance and colorful feathers, so it is not hard to think of them as magical and fortune bringing. Hummingbirds symbolize many things, amongst which are laughter, joy of life, pleasure and love. Hummingbird motifs are often found on different decorations, especially wedding gifts, cards, paintings, decorative pottery and home textile.

What does a hummingbird symbolize more?

Apart from tenderness and beauty, which we will go into details bellow, these tiny fellows symbolize focus, determination, strength and endurance.

They could fly for miles and miles over the continent, if they have to find better living conditions. Hummingbirds, like all animals, listen to the call of nature and they know when the time is to ‘pack’ and fly away.

Hummingbirds’ migrations are proof of their steadiness, focus, dedication and determination.

For us, it is a powerful symbol. Hummingbirds remind us that life is to be lived to the fullest, but also that we need some organization, a goal and focus.

They teach us to be brave and to face challenges, not to retreat that easily. They embody the idea of focus, strong will and bravery. Hummingbirds surely meet many obstacles on their travels, but they would never give it up.

Hummingbirds as a symbol of love for life

These colorful tiny creatures love life and they respect it. They symbolize value, honor, respect, adoration, thankfulness and admiration. The best example is their attitude towards flowers they feed on.

Hummingbirds developed a sweet tooth for tasteful elixirs from flowers’ hearts. However, a hummingbird would never damage a flower.

They teach us to be thankful for what we get; from the Mother Nature, from our planet, from people around us, from life in its beauty. Hummingbirds, thus, also symbolize the harmony of all life.

The whole of our existence is all about harmony, no matter how ridiculous it might seem to us, especially at point of life when we feel sad, down, depressed, abandoned, hopeless and who knows how else.

Both hummingbirds and us are just a part of this beautiful life, only these tiny birds appreciate it more.

Symbolically, they remind us of the importance of respecting the Nature and life in its essentiality. These impressive nature’s creations have another inspiring and amazing natural ability; hummingbirds can literally hang in the air.

Their wings move so fast and in a special manner, so these birds can fly backwards and sideways, which is not commonly seen in birds. This gift makes them extremely symbolically valuable.

Hummingbirds represent infinity and continuity, peace, steadiness and patience.

They also symbolize longevity, tranquility and balance.

Hummingbirds as symbols of patience and peace

Not only hummingbirds are true masters of the art of flying, but they also know when the time is to take some rest. Hummingbirds teach us to slow down when needed. Another impressive fact says that these tiny birds have a natural ability to slow down their heart rate while sleeping.

Compared to our heartbeats, theirs drop incredibly!

This is the way for hummingbirds to save their energy. Thus, hummingbirds also symbolize rest, patience, calmness, dreams and sleeping. Dreams about hummingbirds are especially a good omen, for example.

Hummingbirds are small, colorful and lightweight. In addition, it seems as nothing bother them at all. They are known as birds coated with all colors of the rainbow.

Colorfulness and lightness have always been associated with playfulness, joy and fun. These joyful fellows embody these ideas. They fly from flower to flower, each day, in order to find the tasteful essence, but they also seem to have a lot of fun. Just look at them flying!

Hummingbirds always stand for good times and friendliness. While having fun, hummingbirds always do their job. They represent responsibility and organization, which is seen in all actions they take and the manner they do those.

They also represent friendliness, sociability and helpfulness. Hummingbirds are small, but tough, focused on their tasks, but also capable of taking proper rest. Many of us forget to slow down or overindulge ourselves; hummingbirds symbolize the balance we all search for in life.

Hummingbird totem and spiritual powers

What does a hummingbird represent more? What does it mean to have a hummingbird as your totem animal?

Hummingbird totem is amazing. This tiny, light, playful, skillful and charming bird totem is one of the most inspiring spirit guides. It gives you positive energy, helps you realize how beautiful life is, offers you support, protection and encouragement.

Yes, hummingbird totem is truly valuable one, so we suggest you should carefully listen what it has to say.

Hummingbirds are tiny and playful, but they do not lack neither courage and strength, nor the sense of responsibility and patience. Having it as your totemic guide is amazing; spirit of this beautiful nature’s miniature will help you open your heart, your soul, your eyes and embrace your life and destiny with your arms wide open, as well.

No wonder people say hummingbirds ‘open people’s hearts’. Even if this bird is not your personal totem guide, its spiritual powers are breathtaking and inspiring. Spiritual meaning of hummingbird is quite clear, as we have seen.

Therefore, hummingbird totem powers are easy to understand and, moreover, truly inspiring, guiding and helpful.

Hummingbird totem could teach you many things, if you learn to listen both your inner voice and your totem speaking to you through various channels. For example, if you see an image of a hummingbird, in certain situation, think about it. It must be a sign from your spirit guide.

However, many times it is enough to listen to your intuition, guided and directed by your totem.

So, what lessons Hummingbird totem teaches? First of all, it wants you to realize life is beautiful.

Yes, simple as that. Most of people unfortunately take life for granted. Yes, we are capable of relaxation and enjoyment, but somehow, we always put our worries, fears and problems above all else.

We fear as if we will not be capable of finding solutions if we, just for a moment, forget about difficulties.

Hummingbird totem teaches you every single living being needs some rest; rest from worries, struggles, problems and, specifically for us humans, over-thinking.

Hummingbird totem teaches patience is needed for balance; we cannot have a harmonious life if always rush and exhaust ourselves, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Hummingbird totem wants us to be determined and dedicated to our causes and be decisive; however, it does not want you to become stiff and insensitive. Hummingbird totem teaches it is possible to find some balance between pleasure and work, between relaxation and worries, between fun and responsibility.

Hummingbird people traits

Now when we have seen what do hummingbirds represent and what the spiritual meaning of hummingbirds is, let us introduce you to those blessed individuals guided by Hummingbird totem.

If you are a Hummingbird person, you definitely know what are we talking about, but this text could help you recognize more of your talents and capabilities.

First to tell, Hummingbird individuals are incredibly positive and optimistic. Their attitude towards life is encouraging and inspiring.

Hummingbird people are definitely the ones you want to look up to. They seem as if they have no worries, but that is not true, of course. However, they know how to deal with problems. It does not mean a hummingbird person is never irritated, annoyed or frustrated.

They are also afraid and worried, just as everyone else is.

However, their positive attitude, general optimism and self-reliance help they go through hard times more easily than others do. Their secret is faith in themselves, in life and destiny.

Hummingbird people know hard times come to everyone, but they do not spend night mourning over those. They accept failures and misfortunes as an inevitable part of life.

Just as little hummingbirds live in balance with nature, Hummingbird people live in harmony with their destiny.

They always seek ways to improve their lives, but are fine with idea that there are things they cannot affect. They are flexible both mentally and emotionally. They let their intuition, heart and mind guide them all.

Hummingbird people are kind, gentle, caring and loving. They enjoy company of others, but could also spend days on their own, dedicated to a project, usually something creative. They are artistic and romantic souls, but they do not get themselves lost in an imaginary world.

They know the secret of balance between fantasies and reality. Hummingbird individuals are joyful and playful. They are fun to have around. They have an incredible aura and they are supportive of those they care for.

These people are very polite and relaxed. They would never harm another person or a living creature just for fun or for some ill purpose. Others rarely disrespect or hurt them. Because of their kind and good-hearted nature.

Hummingbird people are not just calm and relaxed but they are also highly determined, responsible and well organized. They work hard, but they do not find it exhausting, because they know all effort brings rewards.

The thing with Hummingbird people is that these individuals are able to distinguish different types of rewards life has to give. Most of people expect something and when they do not get it, they feel down, depressed and very disappointed. Hummingbird people are not like that.

They are capable of recognizing different way this strange and beautiful life works in. They know the ultimate goal of this life is harmony and harmony is not always as harmonious as we might think.

Hummingbird tattoo meaning

Hummingbird motifs are fairly often used in art and literature. They could be found on various decorative items, from clothing, different decorative fabrics and accessories to jewelry pieces and, of course, tattoo designs. Hummingbird tattoos are usually reserved for ladies and can look very cute.

However, these beautiful tattoo motifs are not only charming and decorative, but they could have various meanings. The exact meaning of a tattoo is always personal and deeply intimate; however, there are general meanings.

Hummingbird tattoos usually represent virtue, liberty, soul, spirituality, openness of mind and beauty, but they could also embody the meaning of fragility, the idea of gentleness and kindness.

Hummingbird tattoo motif also stands for joys of life, playfulness and travel. Those who decide to do a hummingbird tattoo motif are people with a positive view on life, optimistic people who do not worry much.

However, they are caring and thoughtful; they just know that the essence of life lies within moments, moments you have now.

We could say a hummingbird tattoo or other designs featuring this beautiful creature symbolize pure optimism, balance, creativity and peace, but also responsibility, organization and dedication.

In addition to so many beautiful and positive meanings, hummingbird motifs are suitable for various types of designs.

They are small and charming, so a tattooist could turn them in wonderful pieces of art.

Hummingbird tattoo are common in adventurous and artistic individuals, usually girls.