Juno in Libra

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Juno is an asteroid, which is a rocky body orbiting the Sun. It was discovered in 1804 and is the third discovered asteroid. First, it was considered a planet, and it was later reclassified as asteroid.

The name of this asteroid is the name of the Roman goddess of marriage, childbirth, and woman’s sexuality. She was also the protector of Rome. Juno was the wife of the god Jupiter, the most important deity in the Roman pantheon.

Juno was loyal and devoted wife to her husband, despite the fact that her husband cheated on her and had numerous affairs behind her back. Juno was well respected and considered an ideal wife.

In an astrological sense, Juno rules marriage, commitment, long-term relationships, betrayal, infidelity, relationships which need balancing and effort to maintain, etc. This asteroid in our natal chart indicates the things and areas we need to balance in our life.

The asteroid Juno possesses Venus/Pluto or Libra/Scorpio energy. Its placement in our natal chart is very important and indicates our potential for prosperity and growth.

This asteroid indicates how we could benefit from our connections with other people, especially in regards to our romantic relationships. It also indicates the areas of our life where we desire to be respected and appreciated by our partners.

Juno is mostly related to relationships, usually marriages and long-term commitments. It rules marriage unions and romantic commitments. It also reveals the traits of our ideal partner.

Our Juno making aspects with the planets in another person’s chart, especially if we are romantically interested in that person, often indicate that there is a great potential for a long-term partnership or even marriage with that person.

Juno’s aspects are very important to determine marriage compatibility between people. It usually makes significant aspects in the charts of long-term committed partners or marriage partners.

Soulmates and people who are meant to be with each other usually have significant Juno aspects between their charts.

This asteroid can describe how our future relationships and marriages will look like. It helps us realize what are the traits of our ideal mate. It is very important to consider Juno’s traits when choosing a long-term partner because it gives the whole picture.

We usually choose our partners based on what our Mars and Venus requirements are. We often end up committing to a partner we are only physically attracted to or we are in love with, and that person doesn’t have any other trait we need in a partner we could spend our life with.

Marriage and long-term partnerships cannot survive on mere physical attraction and love. A relationship should have more than these qualities to be able to survive all the challenges and test of time.

Juno describes the qualities of the person we could imagine ourselves be for a lifetime. That is someone who inspires us and supports us, and is someone we can rely on to build and maintain a stable and lasting relationship.

While Mars and Venus describe our physical and emotional needs in a relationship, Juno describes the needs we have for a lasting partnership based on mutual trust and support.

The person described by our Juno is someone we don’t have the need to change and accept unconditionally, and that person has the same feelings for us too.

It is important to remember that Juno, the goddess, was a bitter and insecure wife. She was under constant stress and worry because of her husband’s infidelities and behavior. She had low self-esteem and confidence and she was very disappointed in general.

Because of that, Juno in our chart describes our suspicions and insecurities in our romantic relationships. It indicates what makes us jealous, doubtful, and insecure.

Juno also describes the circumstances we consider deal-breakers in a relationship as well as the things we are willing to tolerate in a long-term commitment although they might be detrimental for the relationship in the long run.

Juno indicates the level of our tolerance as well as our patience and ability to wait for the right opportunity for a relationship.

This asteroid’s placement in our natal chart should be carefully studied because it can give us all the clues regarding our ideal partner. We only need to check if the potential partner fits into Juno’s description of our ideal mate.

If we consider Juno before making relationship decisions it is likely that we won’t make mistakes when choosing our long-term partner.

The people who attract us the most or whom we love the most aren’t always our ideal partners. Juno helps us make a difference between a physical or emotional infatuation and genuine love, trust, and support from the person we should spend our life with. Juno helps us recognize the right choices and makes them easy.

Juno in Libra Man

Men with Juno in Libra desire a sweet and kind woman as their life-long partner.

They love balance and harmony in their relationships and need someone who has a balanced personality and isn’t prone to conflicts, but to cooperation and mutual understanding.

These men desire a good looking woman, well-mannered, gentle, stylish, with good taste, and someone who they will enjoy spending their time alone or in the company of other people.

These men are calm and relaxed and avoid women who are aggressive, loud, rude, without taste, and cheap looking.

They love beauty and prefer their women to be pretty on the eye, at least according to their standards.

Juno in Libra Woman

Women with Juno in Libra imagine their ideal partner as someone who is calm, kind, gentle, well-mannered, good looking and well-dressed, someone who has a relaxed and balanced personality and avoids conflicts with compromise and talk.

Their ideal man brings calm to their life and he is someone they could rely on for advice and support. Their ideal mate is a man who is sociable and communicative because these women love to talk and love to socialize with other people.

He is someone they could spend a lot of time with and never get bored.

These women might be prone to attracting indecisive men or they could be prone to indecisiveness when choosing the right partner for a committed relationship.

These women usually have a faithful nature desire a formal relationship.

They have a prominent sense of justice and equality and desire to be equal with their partners. They don’t like conflicts and try all they can to avoid them.

Good Traits

Some of the good traits of Juno in Libra: harmonious, balanced, relaxed, good-looking, well-mannered, kind, gentle, sociable, communicative, charming, seeks reciprocity in their relationships, faithful, formal, a great sense of justice, sense of equality, avoiding conflicts, etc.

Bad Traits

Some of the bad traits of Juno in Libra: indecisive, slow at making decisions, insecure, need support to take actions, etc.

Juno in Libra – General Info

People with Juno in Libra have the need to be equal in their relationships, especially their long-term romantic ones and marriages.

They often have relationships where they desire reciprocity or give as much as you receive. They desire their partners to be their advisers as well as to support them in their endeavors and accomplishments.

If their need for equality is not met these people could be prone to confrontations and competitions.

The ideal mate for these people is a person who is beautiful, good looking, well-mannered, and charming. They want their partner to be sociable and communicative as they are so they could enjoy their socializing and communication together.

Their ideal partner is a person who they could spend a lot of time with, without getting bored or irritated in some other way.

Both partners make each other a center of their world regardless if there are children in their relationship or marriage.

These people need someone who appreciates their relationship as much as they do. Their ideal relationship is balanced and harmonious. These people desire a calm and peaceful relationship with their partner and can’t stand loud people who are prone to arguments and aggression.

They like their partner to be affectionate, kind, gentle, sweet, and to love to cuddle and caress as much as they do. They want someone who will openly demonstrate their devotion to them.

These people are very romantic and want to spend a lot of time in the company of their partner who will also have the same preferences.

They are prone to making compromises because they don’t like conflicting situations. They want a partner who is also good at making compromises and loves peace and harmony in relationships with people as much as they do.

Their ideal partner has a refined taste and behaves nicely, and has a balanced and stable view of life. In many cases their partner is very creative and has some artistic talents.

They need their partner to be reliable and want to be able to receive support from them whenever they need it.

They are always ready to help their partner and give them as much love and support as they need. Their ideal partner could exhibit Libra qualities or can have Libra Sun sign or Ascendant.


People with Juno in Libra desire to have a balanced and harmonious relationship with their partners.

They don’t like conflicts and try to avoid them by talking and making compromises.

They do their best to avoid people who have conflicting and aggressive personalities.

Their ideal partner is good looking, and often very beautiful; that person has great manners, and excellent style; they also have great taste and often artistic talents.

These people want their partner to be sweet, kind, gentle, and polite.

They want someone with whom they could spend a lot of time with, and don’t get bored. Their ideal partner is also very communicative and sociable.