Taurus in 2nd House – Meaning and Info

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The interpretation of the houses is very broad as you can have many approaches based on the astrological study, however keeping us on the line of modern and European astrology, the second house corresponds to the house of secrets and acts as a real door of Hades.

Which can relate to the deepest part of ourselves as if it were our underground world, also representing the child who relates to his mother through breastfeeding.

The second house and the formation of the profound

Taurus – Meaning and Info

His loyalty and honesty in relationships is unmatched. Show him respect, tenderness, take care of him, and you will never know grief.

The Taurus man is characterized in love only from positive sides. Moreover, it does not require significant efforts in return.

Taurus are very specific in all their manifestations. They don’t like to make promises, but prefer to get down to business immediately.

Taurus will not fantasize about what kind of house he will build for his beloved, but rather will immediately come to her with a project and a work plan.

The Taurus man is characterized by compatibility with almost any sign, but they are especially suitable for women born under the signs of Virgo and Cancer.

In any case, if you value traditional values, then you will be very lucky with such a man.

Resilience and the ability to efficiently plan for tomorrow makes such people very successful in the field of making money. They are workaholics. But in these manifestations, the support of his woman will be very important.

Her understanding and patience. Remember that Taurus in women hates raised tones and masculine habits.

Try to express your opinion one-on-one, Taurus loves intelligence and restraint in women. They also have a negative attitude towards emancipation.

If you managed to make a man with this sign lose his temper, then do not try to rush to correct the situation. Let it cool in private. Do not touch it for a while, and it will cool itself.

Summing up, we can say that such men have a considerable number of positive qualities.

With the right approach on the part of a woman, marriages with them are very successful. Taurus is simply made for strong family ties.

2nd House – Meaning and Info

In astrology, when we talk about the second house, we refer to the house that is between the first and the third, that is, between the sign of Aries and the sign of Gemini.

From here we can already understand that it is in a strong phase of transition.

The first house corresponds to the ascendant and the intrauterine phase of the person, with all the genetic, historical and family background and in particular everything related to the prenatal phase.

In the second house we can consider that there is all that phase that is commonly defined as the “oral phase” ranging from 0 to 6 years of life.

An important psychological and educational aspect, the child in this phase in addition to touching and tasting everything (taste and smell) begins to become more and more aware even with the sight of him.

The second house particularly understands “language” in the linguistic sense and not at the organ level.

Precisely because the child begins; from the ma-ma, pa-pa, pi-pi phase to organizing language as a means of expression and communication and then accessing language towards the age of six, which phase is part of the third house.

Therefore, in the second house, language is our first resource, to enter into a relationship with the mother and the surrounding world and in particular the environment. Which will then influence the child’s behavior.

Remaining in an astrological key, the second home in addition to the environment also corresponds to material security and stability from which you can take trust, self-esteem and in particular well-being.

The second house on average corresponds to the sign of the bull, which sign develops sight a lot, precisely to have a vast field of action on its territory.

For the sign of Taurus to which the second house corresponds, real estate and the land are very important, not only to possess but also to be used as a means to feed and reproduce and reproduce.

Therefore, the land in addition to being owned by him becomes a means of expressing his fears which are reinforced with greater possessions or with the increase in the production of animals or vegetables.

The second house corresponds in particular to the earthly needs in order to live better through material resources.

The very fact of possessing and expecting the mother’s breast will later influence our personality and behavior.

This in a certain sense also explains that the second home is considered the home of the person’s vices and qualities as well as good and bad habits.

Taurus in 2nd House – Meaning and Info

The Second House expresses the money we make for ourselves. It also expresses the secrets of life and the personal fulfillment of children. The presence of numerous Planets in the Second House slows down the path of studies.

The Sun in the Second House often equates to a bullish male archetype. Venus in the Second House and Mercury foster proficiency in earning, even though casual crafts (morality is not the strong point of the two Planets!).

Mars pushes to spend decisively and at times excessive impulsiveness – Jupiter offers financial talent but in some signs it indicates indifference in spending (Jupiter in the Second House in Cancer, for example). Preferred Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.

Saturn in the second house indicates avarice in spending and sometimes in feelings. Uranus favors earnings through technology and information technology,

Neptune through fashion and the pharmacopoeia, Pluto with profound insight. Lilith indicates people who are never satisfied with their earnings, no matter how large they are. The Moon in the Second House indicates money that goes and money that comes.

The Second House is also that of secrets, in the sense that it hides what each of us earns, perhaps the only news still protected by the privacy of this modern world. Thus Venus can indicate ease in earning but also hidden love stories!

This house reflects the values ​​and qualities you value in others and shows your relationship and the accumulation of money over the course of your life.

It is not only the home of goods but also that of “what you produce and own.” Another interesting aspect is that it reveals how much money you are able to make and what you are willing to do to earn it. The planet or planets in this house can really give an idea of ​​whether you will be prosperous or not.

If you have the Sun in the second house it means that money is really everything for you and luck, fame, wealth and prestige will come to you more easily than for others, also because you tend to be selfish and individualistic.

You have a great awareness of personal wealth as well as that of others and at times you are extremely competitive and jealous.

Examples of celebrities with a Sun in the second house are Elvis Presley, Robert De Nero, and Frank Sinatra. A strong example is the heiress Paris Hilton, who visualizes and experiences the frivolity and wealth associated with it.

Individuals who have the Moon in the second house seem to lead lives of extreme ups and downs especially when it comes to finances.

Here we speak simply of “party or famine” and, like the tides, people with this position move between cycles of prosperity and poverty. The key to survival is set aside and postponed continuously or almost. Famous individuals who have it are the late Lady Diana, Matt Dillon and Sophia Loren.

A good example of misery and wealth is actress Calisto Flock hart who for years fed on just one can of canned noodles a day, then married Harrison Ford, one of the richest actors in the world.

Mercury, on the other hand, leads you to make survival your wits for your ability to speak, sell and communicate.

It is also a very greedy position with a tendency to focus on money, possession and status (especially homes, jewelry, and technology).

If you have Venus in the second house, you may have an obsessive desire to collect paintings, sculptures, and works of art in general. It is also likely that you are very generous in terms of charity.

Examples of individuals born with Venus in the second house include Jesus Christ, Elton John, Sting. It should be noted that they were and are all great philanthropists in their life paths.

With Mars sitting in your second home finances will be very active, you won’t need to make a lot of investments in life.

Unfortunately, however, there is the downside for some, all of this because Mars pushes them to be compulsive spenders, the classic holes in the hands so to speak, (and also compulsive drinkers).

Jupiter in the second house is not necessarily as positive as you might think. Defined as the “planet of good luck”, in this house it tends to “inflate” expectations by creating illusions about what you can really afford to do.


For an individual, money seems to fall out of the sky but at the same time he spends what he earns just as quickly, i.e. they are “lucky without the ability to make big profits.”

However, it is still one of the most positive positions to have in your astral chart, it seems that destiny always takes care of you financially in some way.

Saturn in the second house is one of the best positions because “slowness and constant running win the race”, those who have it are hard workers being terrified of poverty.

Uranus is an innovative and imaginative planet, but it also symbolizes instability and delirium.

It is not a big planet in the second house because it undermines money and possession.