Jupiter Square North Node – Synastry, Transit, Composite

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Jupiter has always been associated with development and abundance.

In mythology, Jupiter was considered the ruler of heaven, the supreme god of the gods, an omnipotent and kind patron who symbolized dignity, honor and wisdom.

If you answered yes to these questions, Jupiter is probably in a good position in your horoscope. It can indicate where you should look for favorable odds. This benevolent planet says in which area you can expand your activities and achieve maximum success.

Jupiter – Meaning and Info

Astrologers call Jupiter Great Happiness (Venus – Lesser Happiness). His spheres of influence are luck, health and happiness, power and social status. He governs knowledge, highest wisdom, outlook and honesty.

Its influence affects the willingness to actively participate in life, gain new experience. Jupiter gives us a philosophical approach – in contrast to Mars, which is responsible for the practical mind.

The position of Jupiter in your birth chart indicates how sociable and open you are, whether you are capable of attracting money and property to yourself, in what activities you will be most fortunate.

Jupiter tells you about the values ​​that you will acquire without much effort. It is said that when Jupiter assists you, you are immune to failure. You will often find that Jupiter comes to your aid at the last minute.

With a strong position of Jupiter in the horoscope, you are popular, friendly, cheerful, open-minded, and successful in your career and business. (An interesting detail: you will probably find that many people with whom you easily get along with Jupiter are in the same sign as your Sun.)

The negative influence of Jupiter can make you prone to extravagance, lazy, luxury-loving, careless, and overly optimistic.

If everything falls into your hands from the sky, you will never gain strength of character and wisdom.

Jupiter is the fifth planet in our solar system, approximately 483.5 million miles distant from the star.

It is the largest planet, 120 times larger than Earth, and 89,000 miles in diameter.

About once every thirteen months, Jupiter becomes the brightest celestial body, eclipsing all the stars with its white radiance. Jupiter orbits the Sun in about 12 years.

Like the Earth, it rotates around its axis, and at a very high speed for such a large planet. A day on Jupiter lasts only 9 hours and 50.5 minutes.

Due to its high rotational frequency, Jupiter expands noticeably in the equatorial region.

Astronomers have long noticed that the distances between the planets of our solar system obey a certain formula (Bede’s law). Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars satisfy this pattern.

However, there is a huge gap between Mars and Jupiter.

For years, astronomers have searched for an unknown planet in this empty space.

On January 1, 1801, they discovered a small celestial body, an asteroid 485 miles in diameter, in an orbit that was supposed to belong to the planet.

Since then, thousands of other asteroids have been found in this area called the asteroid belt.

According to one theory, these celestial bodies arose as a result of the explosion of an ancient planet in our solar system.

According to another theory, asteroids are particles of a planet that has not yet formed.

In 1973, Pioneer 10 discovered that Jupiter emits twice as much heat as it receives from the Sun.

Hence, Jupiter has an internal heat source and is in fact a miniature sun.

According to one theory, Jupiter could once have been the center of a separate system of planets and, possibly, the parent of Mars, Venus, Earth and the disintegrated planet, now represented as an asteroid belt.

In 1979, a new Jupiter-related discovery was made: Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 sent photographs of the cosmic dust rings surrounding the planet to Earth. (In the following decade, Voyager 2 discovered similar rings of Uranus and Neptune.)

North Node – Meaning and Info

The largest and most massive planet in the solar system is quite logically named after the main deity of the Roman pantheon.

The giant planet Jupiter is considered good in astrology, despite the fact that it was named after the Thunder God.

Her energy is benevolent, strengthening the native’s faith in himself, increasing wealth. Individuals who have gotten a strong Jupiter in the natal chart, as if they are under the auspices of a kind rich daddy, who is ready to come to the rescue of his ward at any time.

The designation of the planet Jupiter looks like this: The planet Saturn, the object’s antagonist, has a similar, but mirrored symbolism in astrology. If the planet Jupiter in astrology means increase, then Saturn means decrease.

If in the Jupiter Ian sign the spiritual prevails over the carnal, then in Saturn, on the contrary, the material suppresses the idealistic principle. The object combines two elements: Fire and Air. The “lucky” color is black.

The planet is governed by two Houses at once, the Twelfth and the Ninth. The heavenly body patronizes the zodiac signs Sagittarius, Pisces. What the planet is responsible for the positive influence of the object extends not only to individuals, but also too many areas of human activity.

In astrology, Jupiter is responsible for: generosity, charity; tactics, strategy; optimism, confidence; thirst for knowledge, erudition; ambitions, career achievements; fairness, justice; morality, philosophy; wisdom, conscience; prosperity, material well-being.

Despite the fact that the influence of the positive aspect of the object provides the native with a comfortable life, at the same time, the spiritual qualities of a person are enhanced.

The good energy of the heavenly patron does not allow the native to live only for himself, encourages him to take care of those who need help. But the planet does not encourage the lazy. She presents her generous gifts only to those who themselves are ready to move, seek, fight.

Globally, the facility is the patron saint of the judicial and educational system, diplomatic missions, long-distance travel and travel. He is in charge of ideological issues, public and charitable organizations, and religious movements.

The energy of the planet is aimed at growth, multiplication. The personality is closely within the given boundaries, it needs space, scope. The native’s goals go beyond personal boundaries.

For example, he is more interested in running a large company than running a small, albeit profitable, private business. But at the same time, the Jupiter Ian will not forget about his own comfort and benefit.

In other words, he is capable of charity, generosity, but not self-sacrifice. Another meaning of Jupiter in astrology is light, enlightenment. He gives his wards the ability to see perspectives, the desire to discover the unknown.

Thanks to this, for the owner of a horoscope with a strong planet, scientific activity is very promising, and to a greater extent research, not applied. Personalities are erudite with deep enough knowledge in various fields.

This allows you to combine different areas of expertise and find your way where others get stuck. Typical Jupiterians Often a Jupiterian can be identified even by his appearance. These are large, massive people with large heads, often prone to obesity.

Jupiter Square North Node – Synastry, Transit, Composite

Connecting quite often you feel a certain emotional isolation, but the fault is your own style of behavior. He is somewhat arrogant, arrogant, interested in politics, is inclined to demand a lot from others from others, and in general he has a haughty attitude towards life.

Aspect did not agree on the character of the mime too different defeat of Jupiter gender.

Moreover, this issue concerns not only love and marriage, but also business relations.

At this moment, you should not count on an improvement in your financial situation, a lucky break or a quick and easy profit.

This incident teaches what can happen if you ignore the warning signs along the way. Book Title Astrology of love how to find a match Author Geraldine Saunders pdf format File size 32, 31. Different signs tend to rage, but no one can work the way Aries, carried away by his idea, does.

Rahu, Lunar North Node, Ascending Node, Dragon’s Head are four different names for the same point. The resonance of sextile trine is the consistency of life aspirations and real life. Whose Neptune or Planets? Valery Vasilievich Tarasov that Nodes are always located.

However, later Inessa was carried away by a more revolutionary-minded older brother, Vladimir Armand, and married him. Anything alien poses a threat to the emergence of disease – it is because of this thinking that disease actually arises from time to time.

Sextile will work only for a truly spiritual person, and the opposition should not be taken into account, since there will be an aspect of connection with one of the Nodes.

Harmonious relationships with your family and with employees, as well as with superiors. We can understand our life lessons by understanding natal Moon Nodes.

At certain times, those belief systems that made you sick fail, and new ones emerge in their place.

Aspects of Saturn with the Moon are even more problematic, although the astrologer has to deal with them very often.

Moon with Mars Cancer is dominated by the Moon, and this means that the will of a person will be subordinated to his state of mind.

These sad prospects force us to look at the advantages that the transit of the North Node through the House promises – this moment we think about new, exciting opportunities. Of course, if the victim is patient, then the crisis can be waited out.

He must learn to consider the reflections of his thoughts and actions and be aware that there are always two sides of the same coin.

This level is associated with the personal influence of people on each other, with those life paths that the two have to go through.

Tense aspects for example, the Sun squared to both Nodes make you do the same, but it can happen.

This will especially affect the following activities: school teachers, editors, accountants, lawyers, secretaries, for representatives of these professions, as they say, work will boil, and this is also the strengthening of international trade relations.

Progressive Mars is now coming to an exact square with the natal Sun.


Transiting Pluto this time will enter the II house, forming a trine to its natal position.

Some people ignore the past experience of the South Node and do not use the capabilities of the North Node if the Nodes are not stimulated and not accented.

Lunar Nodes of opposition to their natal position depressive states, all kinds of life trials, illness, conflict, trauma.

The trust of others in them is great, they themselves are endowed with a wonderful sense of justice.

Therefore, the actors will be forced to take actions that were not planned.