Mercury Sextile North Node – Synastry, Transit, Composite

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Where are the vectors of this takeoff directed? Jupiter of one partner has a harmonious aspect to the Sun or Moon of the second partner, and Jupiter of the second partner is simultaneously with this harmonious aspect to the Sun or Moon of the first partner, then astrology has a special name Seal of happiness.

You are made physically or emotionally unhealthy to avoid situations that you expect to feel inadequate. We do not take the fastest planet, the Moon – Mercury is at the Nodes regularly 1 time per day.

Mercury – Meaning and Info

Mercury in the natal card is responsible for figures and facts. It is associated with mental and personal activity.

This is intelligence, work with information, ideas and algorithms. She is the ruler of Gemini and Virgo.

At the physical level, flexibility, mobility, agility, agility are observed; these are gestures, brains, brunches, hormonal and nervous systems, hands, fingers, shoulder joints and ribs; to the sphere of influence of Mercury also refer to the intestines and speech organs.

The plan guides the information. In her possession – figures and facts, new ideas and methods, non-standard way of thinking and perception of the world.

It symbolizes both a medium and a developed intellect. Manages Gemini and Virgo. Affects everything that is associated with communication and opaque art.

People are prone to short trips and small celebrations. We are pleased with rich speech, dexterity and openness in emotions.

In the intellectual plan, Mercury smokes thoughts, understanding of things, the ability to penetrate deeper into the essence, clarity, multiple development, cool intelligence, intelligence.

The calculation of emotions, frees the cunning and the habit of being nervous, mobility, curiosity and the ability to adapt to the situation.

Makes a person agile, flexible and agile.

It is responsible for the engine system and the gears, as well as for the hormones, arms, fingers, ribs, intestines and the nervous system.

North Node – Meaning and Info

However, at the lowest level, the Martian Capricorn is in constant despondency due to the inability to realize the energy of Mars or is engaged in specific activities such as a ruthless and endless competition or struggle for power.

However, the scope of the use of forces is not so important, the main thing is, no matter what a person does, take on the role of a pioneer.

More precisely, the transit Saturn included this time conjunction with, as a rule, Alexander the Great Rubens Ascendant of his progressive opposition of Jupiter with Mars!

The conjunction of the Sun with another planet gives the latter a strong volitional coloring, that is, the action of the planet acquires the features of imperativeness.

The Centiloquia, or one hundred aphorisms of Hermes, written around the 4th century, says.

At the end of the second cycle of Nodes, 3738 years, a person tries to assess the degree of success or failure of his efforts towards achieving the set goal.

Changes at work, in the immediate environment and communication are usually positive.

But you think too much and worry too much, getting stuck on past injustices and grievances. He often does not suit himself, more precisely, he is boring for himself and requires new friends, impressions, a change of profession, hobbies.

The axis of the Nodes is represented by two poles – the North or Ascending Node and the South or Descending Node.

If your North lunar node Rahu is in Scorpio, and South Ketu is in Taurus, you came to this world, counting on stability and constancy of living conditions, on value.

Of course, the North Lunar Node does not at all prohibit doing by the rules.

Or consider what issues might be highlighted and explore potential alternatives to prepare for what might come. And Lilith on natal Venus?

The North Node marks the transition from the southern hemisphere to the north, while the South Node marks the opposite.

At the same time, the defeat of the knots means the need to establish constructive relations with society, it, often against its will, is drawn into social life.

A person seems better to himself and to the world than he really is, his shortcomings are concealed, as well as the shortcomings of the world of his perception.

The position to which a person was assigned, due to a coincidence of circumstances, becomes an obstacle to further movement to transfer to another position and it is impossible to leave this position.

In any case, the locations of the House and the sign are somewhat interchangeable for example, the North Node of the First House is like the North Node of Aries, and the North Node in the Second House is like the North Node of Taurus, and so on.

The North and South Nodes tell the story of our karmic past, but. In general, any position of the planet is interpreted based on the entire horoscope.

You should acquire ease, and most importantly, the need for communication, interest in current information and in the interlocutor, the willingness to share with him your thoughts, thoughts on any issue, but not in a mentoring tone, but simply by communicating information. They should be one sign, one child about the elements of ancient Egypt, or at least compatible elements.

Mercury Sextile North Node – Synastry, Transit, Composite

Mercury is a planet that is a mediator. It affects communication in the outside world. Mercury pushes a person to live communication.

The Mercurians have a clearly expressed need for communication, they are very cheerful and cheerful people.

It is easy to find a common language with them, they are open and kind.

Mercury contributes to the development of a person’s sense of humor. People with strong planetary influence have the ability to parody.

Mercurians are very easy to train. They are incredibly curious creatures.

But with all the positive qualities, these people see only the tops of icebergs, and do not at all seek to delve into the depths of information.

Any information for people with strong Mercury in the horoscope should be extremely interesting, otherwise they will forget it right there.

Conversations for people with strong Mercury are a favorite pastime. Don’t feed them bread, just let me talk.

The main thing is that they do it skillfully. Words flow like a river. The intonation is chosen skillfully and correctly. In a word, speakers.

Mercury makes a revolution around the Sun in 88 days. This period is the complete cycle of the planet.

The planet is very close to the Sun and this is an important point that cannot be ignored.

It should also be borne in mind that Mercury does not form any other aspects with the Sun, except for conjunction, since it does not move far away.

The symbol of Mercury is the semiprecious stone topaz, agate, citrine, jasper. The color symbolizing this planet is yellow.

Stones give a person a special energy. They develop communication skills and oratory among their owners.

All planets in astrology have their own symbolism. It is very easy to find out how Mercury is meant. It is a circle with a half-arc on top and a cross down at the bottom.

Development through information, communication and contact through relatives.

Saturn produces cold, dampness, frosty and chilly weather, storms and danger on the water, floods and floods on rivers, losses and shortages of crops, and general decay to nature.

At a high level of aspect development, he learns to build high-energy mental concepts and languages, expressiveness, that is, the bandwidth, which exceeds all expectations.

In accordance with the square of the Ascendant to Venus and the conjunction with Venus of the directional Sun, Rubens, realizing his image of a beloved woman in 1605, paints a picture of Venus.

From a past life, a person brought into the current one incredible resistance to any life failures and troubles, skill.

Moreover, all his friends and acquaintances are attracted to participate, or at least root for the issue being resolved at this moment. We recently learned that this time it came for the popstar Prince.


The North Node acts like the Ascendant and has first house qualities in the sense that it represents your Self-Principle and your independent qualities.

The moon represents what drives us – this is the driving force behind our design.

Relying on the best qualities of Aries, courage, energy, enterprise, fearlessness, the ability to stand up for oneself, to protect the one who is next to the person should devote himself to finding harmony, peacefulness, justice, an active social position. The wife tried to make her husband more successful ascending node of his was Capricorn.