Saturn Trine Midheaven – Synastry, Transit, Composite

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Trine to the Middle of Heaven symbolizes growing up in conditions of discipline, strict regime, restrictions, which ultimately benefits the native.

Most often, these conditions occur during the period of study at the institute, where the owner of the horoscope is not very interested in a free student life, but, on the contrary, tries to go to work early.

Astrologically, he rules by limitation, which is why many people are afraid of him. Indeed, its placement and influences can bring difficulties to a person’s daily life; however, he is also a great teacher of wisdom.

Saturn – Meaning and Info

Saturn travels in all zodiac signs for about 29 years and 157 days.

Capricorn is Saturn’s nocturnal home and Aquarius is his daytime home. He is most exalted in Libra and is in the fall in Aries. He spends about two and a half years in each sign.

Saturn turns retrograde every year for about four and a half months.

Saturn is the master of time and order, and as such, he speaks of your ability to do things right, consistently, and in a timely manner.

Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn and is also the senior ruler of Aquarius. In addition, Saturn is responsible for the 10th house and completes a full circle around the Sun in about 29 years.

A full cycle around the natal chart means a transition to a more mature period. Indeed, the 29th and 58th years of our life are barriers between youth, adulthood and older ages. Saturn rules the legacy we leave behind, our life achievements and our careers.

The meaning and characteristics of Saturn The passage of a planet through any house, as well as its transit to other planets, can be perceived as difficult periods due to the restrictions that it can impose.

Saturn is actually considered a teacher who punishes students for mistakes and rewards their good deeds.

Learning life lessons is the key to this planet, in keeping with its role as a teacher. He makes us aware of the need for self-control and limitations.

Saturn is an old man hiding in the shadows and a bearded guru living in solitude and poverty in Tibet.

If the transit of Saturn passes through the 2nd house, there may be problems associated with children, detachment from loved ones, and loss of wealth.

The presence of Saturn in the 3rd house, he will ensure you success in all types of work. Along with this, it will also give you wealth and keep you healthy.

Passing through the 5th house Saturn greatly affects your intelligence and there is a risk of financial loss.

If the transiting Saturn is in the 6th house, it will provide you with all kinds of happiness and help you defeat your enemies.

In the 7th house, there can be problems with women, exhausting travel, stress and tension. You may even be living away from your home when Saturn passes through the 7th house.

Transit through the 10th house will result in the loss of wealth and respect.

You will achieve success in business, fame, wealth and respect if the transiting Saturn is present in the 11th house.

When Saturn passes through the 12th house, your efforts go to waste, your wife and children suffer from diseases, and the person experiences pain and disappointment.

Midheaven – Meaning and Info

Trine to the Middle of Heaven symbolizes growing up in conditions of discipline, strict regime, restrictions, which ultimately benefits the native.

Most often, these conditions occur during the period of study at the institute, where the owner of the horoscope is not very interested in a free student life, but, on the contrary, tries to go to work early.

He is attracted by prestigious positions. For them, the bearer of the aspect can work for a minimal fee, but the bosses quickly begin to appreciate such zeal and will do everything to keep the hardworking employee.

In a family where a native is brought up, there is often no emotional warmth, magnificent holidays are not welcome, gifts are bought practical, but the fullest possible fulfillment of duties is required.

Men and women with the trigon Saturn – MC choose life companions according to the calculation if Venus and Mars are in the signs of the earth, but in other cases it is important for them that the partner has weight in the area of ​​interest to them.

Children are brought up strictly and require them to be the first in their studies. Practical interaction with the trigon Saturn – MC Trine gives sympathy to older senior people.

If you need help or promotion, it is enough for a native to turn to an aged power holder.

The boss also needs to be chosen serious, responsible, and middle-aged. He will appreciate the ambitious zeal of the mid-sky Saturnine Meridian.

Holders of the trine prefer confidence in their correctness of popularity, therefore, the presence of enemies is possible, especially with the position of the planet of order in the signs of fire and the presence of negative aspects to the 7th and 12th houses…

Saturn Trine Midheaven – Synastry, Transit, Composite

The workaholic’s success Trigon is a lifelong benefit, provided the spheres of influence of its participants are actively applied.

The planets that form it and their places of residence are taken into account: houses, signs and elements.

Few people know that Saturn is not only obstacles and karmic lessons, but also the gift of hard work, perseverance, perseverance and patience. With a favorable connection with the Midheaven Meridian, which shows an area of ​​fame and professional success, this gives the ability to conquer any goal, even if others consider it unattainable.

The owner of the trigon will calculate the shortest path to the top, learn the necessary skills and organize the climbing strategy with specific and practical methods.

The problem arises when the native experiences happiness only at work, denying sensual pleasures.

The influence of the Saturn-MS trigon on the fate Men and women with this aspect are patient and caring bosses. They know all too well how many difficulties must be overcome before reaching a leadership position.

Saturn never leaves a ward without trials, having passed through which, he must become stronger and more experienced.

Even being born into a poor family, having health problems, it is real to take a significant place in the upper strata of society.

But for this you need to work tirelessly. Thanks to the trigone, serious problems are bypassed, but sometimes you have to choose between entertainment and investing in a career.

When peers run on dates and dance at night in discos, the native learns to pass the session best, or earns future capital.

Such investments will pay off after 29 years, but before that difficulties are inevitable, you just need to treat them stoically.

The most difficult thing is for the carriers of the trigon Saturn – MC in the signs of Capricorn, Virgo, Aries, Scorpio and Cancer.

But if they pass the test with honor, the reward will also be high and the glory long. In any case, wealth and honor come only to those who work tirelessly and learn new things.

Due to the peculiarities of Saturn, it is more difficult to manage such a trigon, so you need to take into account all the milestones of its impact on fate and character.

It gives: stubbornness, patience, attention to detail, a natural understanding of the organization of strategy; control over emotions regarding work (in life, a person can be hot-tempered or jealous, but does not transfer this to the profession).

Selective ambition: it is important to achieve heights in your business, but still for luxury goods, even if you have large earnings; seriousness, sincerity, honesty, loyalty to the word and obligations, responsibility; foresight is based not on intuition, but on the ability to calculate the options for the development of events, analyzing the facts.

Slow career ascent, but reliable, without disruptions down, scandals and stains on reputation; trusting relationships with superiors, respect for colleagues, the ability to get out of the traps of ill-wishers with honor, to adequately respond to offenders.

The speed of advancement to the desired position and the enjoyment of the self-realization of talents directly depend on the harmony of Mercury, and partly on Venus and Mars.

The owners of the horoscope with the position of these planets in the air signs become more flexible and cheerful.

It is easier for them to combine different areas of life, maintain useful and friendly contacts, without interrupting work.

Personal Relationships Saturn often shows the ways of upbringing that a person has encountered.


It is important to develop the sensual warmth of Venus, as well as the flexibility of Mercury, in order to successfully get along with people and find beneficial compromises. Shown to practice yoga and qigong to reveal intuition and improve health.

For important negotiations, it is advisable to wear clothes in black, dark chocolate, gray and deep blue shades.

Jewelry with natural stones will provide luck and support in the tests: blue sapphire, snow obsidian, and jet, black onyx, quartz, agate, purple spinel, London topaz.