Libra Man and Virgo Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Looking for sings whether a relationship with someone is going to happen or not could be very exhausting and disturbing. When we like a person, we could do anything to be liked back by them. We imagine how it would be if we were together and we create all sorts of scenarios.

Astrology can give us much information about the potential of a relationship with another person.

A thorough analysis of the natal charts of both individuals as well as the comparison chart between the natal charts and the meaning of the mutual aspects can give us a precise insight both in the personality of the person you are interested in dating, as well as the compatibility between you two.

To make such an analysis you need to have a precise time of birth of the person you like, as well as their date and place of birth. Asking such a question when you just met someone is not an easy task and it puts you in risk of being considered nosy and rude.

You might not even get the answer or get the wrong one.

Fortunately, if you only have their horoscope sign, you can also make a comparison between your signs, and discover much about your compatibility as well as about the personal traits of the person you like.

In the text below, we will analyze the traits of a Libra man and a Virgo woman and compare them to discover how compatible these two are in a relationship.

Libra Man

The Libra man has a charming personality, and most people find him irresistible. On top of that he is also good looking and often has beautiful facial features. These gifts this man possesses come from his ruling planet, Venus, goddess of beauty, love, romance, pleasures, and other good things in life.

Libra men are very kind and helpful beings. These men would help anyone who asks them for help. Their kindness is on the verge of naivety and they need to be careful not to let people use their kindness. They often put themselves and their needs in the last place, which is one of the character traits they need to work on changing.

Libra men (as well as Libra women) need to learn to say “no” to people and reject their requests if they don’t think they are appropriate or they don’t feel like fulfilling them. Many people realize this weakness and they put them into situations where they are unable to refuse their demands.

Librans don’t feel well because of that and they are aware that they are being used, but they usually cannot do anything about that.

These men’s negative traits are also their inability to make prompt decisions, their indecisiveness, as well as their insecurity. These men have a fear of the outcome of their decisions and they are in constant worry about making the wrong decision. They measure all the details and facts before deciding and often end up realizing that they have made a wrong decision.

One of the hardest situations for them is when they need to make a choice between two or more things. They keep weighing the pros and the cons and imagining different scenarios and outcomes before they finally decide what to choose.

These men (Libra women also), often seek support in the people they trust and care about.

They keep asking their opinions about different matters they are dealing with because they want to make sure that they are making the right choices. More often than not, these opinions they gather are contra-productive because they only produce more confusion and insecurity.

Because of these personality traits, Libra men subconsciously seek women who can be a supportive force in their lives. They need a boost of encouragement to go after their goals and dreams and a woman who is strong and confident enough won’t have a problem instilling confidence in the man she loves and desires to succeed.

These men usually don’t have a problem with someone else doing their work. The reason is their subconscious desire to transfer responsibility for the outcome.

Libra men are very sociable and have a great circle of friends and acquaintances. These men are popular in their social circle and people enjoy their company. They can sometimes be superficial in their relationships because they are in contact with way too many people and don’t have time to nurture their friendships properly.

These men are good-looking, which gives them a lot of options for meeting and dating women. Women find them very attractive and they often have a problem deciding which one to choose. This behavior of Libra men is typical for their younger age.

These men usually have a monogamous nature and strive towards establishing a committed partnership with the woman they love. The commitment part is often difficult for these men because they need to decide whether the woman is the right one.

When they do commit, they are loyal and devoted partners and husbands. They usually keep a part of their social life active, but don’t have a problem being mostly at home with their woman and children if they establish a family. They are caring and tender parents and their kids usually adore them because they tend to be very compliant towards them.

They are also respectful partners and husbands, and they usually show their appreciation to their women.

These men have a calming nature and they can’t stand conflict, violence, aggression and arguments. They avoid these situations at all cost.

Virgo Woman

Virgo woman usually appears distant and strict, and in reality, she is a gentle and kind being. That appearance is a mask she shows to the outside world to protect herself from being hurt. She is very organized and detailed. These traits come from her ruler, the planet Mercury, which is also the ruler of transport, communication, knowledge, education, etc.

Virgo women are also prone to criticizing and that is one of their main negative traits. People and especially men tend to avoid people, and women who criticize their every move and tell them what to do and how to behave on top of that. Virgo women tend to act in this manner and that is often pulling men away from her.

She is often unaware of her personality and the impact she has on people. She tends to be very open about her opinion of others and she is very direct when she needs to say it, but at the same time has a problem accepting other people’s opinion about her. It is not that she has such a high opinion of herself; the main reason is her inability to accept criticism.

Although she keeps her right to criticize others, she doesn’t allow others to say anything wrong about her.

That is a paradox she often becomes aware of during her later years and fortunately, she begins to change her attitude and to become more tolerant.

Her need for order and organization of things is another one of the issues she often struggles with, in a relationship. She needs to have all matters under control, and that is often hard to achieve when you are in a union with someone who has different habits and preferences.

No one wants to be told how to put the linen on a drying rack, or how to organize the cups in the cupboard.

It sounds ridiculous when it is said like this, but many of Virgo women do go to such details and request their men to comply with their requests. Some men can tolerate that but up to a certain point. Virgo women do know to exaggerate in these things.

Most of them will keep fighting with their men about these little things, and if there are mutual love and understanding between them, they will decide to meet in the middle. She will become aware that she is exaggerating with her requests and he will agree to try to fulfill some of them.

She will also realize that she needs to cut down on the criticizing and that she isn’t perfect in the first place.

A typical Virgo woman is not very passionate and prefers hugging with her man more than sleeping with him. Of course, she loves physical intimacy, especially with the man she loves, and she is a tender and caring lover.

This woman is very emotional, but that comes to the surface after she becomes relaxed and sure of her man’s love for her. This woman enjoys making her man happy. She is very supportive and encourages his endeavors and efforts to succeed.

The Virgo woman is usually ambitious and pursues her career. She is generally successful in her career. These women know how to deal with money and prefer saving it than spending it.

They are very organized with their expenses and hate spending money on things they don’t need. They always have a stash of cash hidden aside.

They are very reliable and know how to keep things under control. They can be trusted with serious tasks which they will perform with perfection. They are good at organizing the household as well. These women are good wives and mothers.

They make sure their loved ones don’t lack anything. They are caring and nurturing beings towards the ones they love, and they ready to sacrifice a lot for their sake.

Love Compatibility

A love match between a Libra man and a Virgo woman can be a good one, although at first glance it might appear different. These two actually have personality traits which complement each other, and can be tolerant towards each other’s negative traits as well.

This man is a very tolerant and adaptable being, able to get along with almost anyone. He usually won’t have a problem accepting her personality and her tendency to criticize and organize.

He might try to change something and tell her that he is bothered, but he won’t react as much and that most likely won’t be a reason for him to leave her.

She, on the other hand, has the patience and determination to help him overcome his insecurities and has a desire to support him achieve his goals and dreams.

They also have many similar interests, and often share the love of reading and art. If they could accept their differences, these two can last a long time. 

Marriage Compatibility

A marriage between a Libra man and a Virgo woman is often a good idea. They can establish and maintain a long-lasting relationship if they manage to settle their differences.

When these two love each other, there is a mutual desire to maintain their relationship, and every individual will put in an effort to achieve that.

She will most likely be the lead factor in this marriage. She will organize their life together, the household, as well as be the authority with the kids.

She will also have the task of encouraging her man to believe in himself and his many abilities. She will help him learn to love his talents and begin pursuing them, instead of letting them waste.

These two can be very good marriage partners and parents. 


A friendship between a Libra man and a Virgo woman is not very likely, but is not a bad thing.

If they meet and become friends, it is likely that it will last, providing that the Virgo woman takes the initiative and nurture the relationship between them.

These two have some similar interests, and although they usually hang around in different social circles, there are some activities they can do together to their mutual satisfaction. 

Cool Facts

The Libra man is usually a very sociable being, while the Virgo woman is not that fond of company.

She prefers hanging around with her narrow circle of friends, while he is into meeting new people and being friends with many people. 


To summarize: although at first it might seem that a Libra man and a Virgo woman could not function well in a relationship, the conclusion is different.

These two can actually be very good for each other, providing that they overcome their differences and don’t have unreasonable requests towards each other.