Mouse, Mice – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

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Mice are small rodents, with pointed snouts, rounded ears, long tails and breeding at a very high rate. The most known of the species is the common house rat.

Mice are considered pests, and they often invade people’s homes to find their food and shelter. Many people keep mice as their pet animals.

A mouse differs from a rat mostly in its size. They have the same organs as rats, which are placed in the same places and the only difference is their size.

Mice are preyed upon by foxes, wild dogs, snakes, birds of prey and some arthropods. Although they represent food for many animals, their high adaptability and their high breeding rate ensures their successful survival. They are one of the most adaptable living species in the world.

They are considered a vermin because they destroy crops and they represent a grave danger to human health as well because of the various diseases they spread.

Mice are usually nocturnal animals. They don’t have good eyesight, but they have a perfect sense of hearing and smell. They use them to smell food and escape their predators.

In the wild, they live in long burrows with long entrances and many escape tunnels and routes.

Mice are used as experimental animals in laboratories for research because they are mammals and share some homology with humans.

A mouse as a pet animal is a playful and loving being. They need to be under constant human supervision because they have many natural predators, including cats and dogs.

They don’t need bathing because they groom themselves but it should be noted that male mice have a stronger body odor than females.

Mice are usually herbivores, eating grains and fruits. In urban areas, they tend to eat all they can find, even food leftovers. They prefer a lot of vegetables in their diet.

Throughout history, mice have been a source of food for humans. In many countries mice are still a common food people eat, but nowadays they are considered a delicacy, such as in some African countries. Mice are also used as food for pets, like lizards, frogs, snakes, birds of prey, etc.

What does Mouse, Mice Symbolize?

Mouse/mice have different symbolism. They usually symbolize awareness, attention, details, curiosity, cleanliness, discoveries, grounding, innocence, invisibility, speed, stealth, modesty, focus, timidity, abilities, shyness, quietness, fertility, resourcefulness, abundance, creativity, expansion, opportunities, adaptability, and voraciousness. 

The Mouse, Mice Meaning as a Spirit Animal

The mouse, mice totem can have many different meanings. Here are some of them:

Focus. Mice are focused on their goals, mainly finding food and shelter. They patiently wait for the right moment and go to seize the opportunities they have spotted. A mouse totem animal teaches you of the need to focus on the things you want to have in life and go after them with decision.

It also reminds you to pay attention to your surroundings because the opportunities you seek could be just steps away from you.

Attentiveness. Mice are very attentive. They have a sharp smell and hearing and they sense danger from a distance. They also use their senses to spot an opportunity to find food or shelter. A mouse spirit animal is giving you this gift as well. You need to be alert and attentive not to miss an important opportunity.

With the mouse as your spirit animal you are most likely a person who is alert and aware of the circumstances around you.

Cleanliness. Mice are animals which pay much attention to their cleanliness. A mouse as your totem is giving you the gift of cleanliness and taking care of yourself. You are most likely a very tidy person when it comes to taking care of yourself and others. Sometimes this totem animal is asking you to release your obsession for cleaning and organization.

You should enjoy life more and forget about your cleaning routines. There’s much more to life than a clean house.

Relax. A mouse spirit animal is teaching you to stop overwhelming yourself. Don’t exaggerate with your duties and don’t exhaust yourself with too many things you need to do.

Make a schedule and do one thing at a time. If a mouse is your totem animal, you most likely tend to exhaust yourself with way too much obligations and its appearance in your life reminds you to relax and take things easy.

Stealth and other abilities. A mouse is a tiny animal, but that doesn’t keep it from succeeding in its aims. It moves fast towards its goals. Its stealth also helps the mouse to escape potential predators. This totem animal teaches you to believe in your abilities to achieve whatever you desire. It is asking you to have faith that you don’t need have special powers to be successful.

It also gives you the gift of avoiding potential danger with ease. This totem animal also teaches you to appreciate everyone, regardless of their size and their apparent abilities.

Adaptability and resourcefulness. Mice are very adaptable animals. They adapt to any circumstances and can find food in almost impossible conditions. They aren’t picky about their diet and are very resourceful. The mouse totem animal teaches you to make the most of any situation and the resources you have. You shouldn’t wait for ideal circumstances and you should use every opportunity which comes your way.

With the mouse as your spirit animal, you are most likely very adaptable and resourceful. You don’t let the circumstances get to you and manage to find your way out of any situation.

Curiosity. Mice are very curious animals and that trait could lead them to potentially dangerous situations. This totem animal is giving you the gift of curiosity and seeking out new knowledge. If a mouse is your spirit animal, you are most likely a very curious person always in quest for new interesting facts you can find out.

You seek to expand your knowledge further. The mouse totem animal is encouraging you to keep learning all the time.

Mouse, Mice as Your Totem Animal

People who have a mouse or mice as their totem animal are very instinctive, and use their intuition to get out of difficult situations or escape from danger. They pay a lot of attention to details and they use them as their advantage. If a mouse is your spirit animal, you most probably always know when to speak and what to say.

You have a gift for choosing perfect timing for everything you do, and that ensures the success of your actions. You have almost clairvoyant abilities to discern right from wrong and save yourself from making mistakes.

As a mouse person, you might have somewhat a rigid personality and you tend to avoid changes in life. You seem to be satisfied with the status quo. You can also be very stubborn and hard to get along with. The basis of such behavior is usually your fear of failure. You often refuse changes up till the point when they become inevitable.

Mouse totem people are often afraid of committing, but don’t hesitate to fulfill their desires and needs when they have the opportunity to do so.

Sometimes these people have a great preoccupation with details and they can lose the whole picture from their sight which causes them difficulties when trying to make some significant choices and decisions in life.

People with a mouse as their totem animal tend to create pleasant living environments for their loved ones, using the resources they have. They fill them with love, peace and happiness. They take well care of the people they care about and make sure that others know how much they love them.

These people have a gift to notice details. They are very organized and pay attention to the tiniest details in all situations. They know how to discern important from unimportant facts and details and they don’t waste their time on things which don’t deserve their attention.

These people are very aware of their surroundings and they easily spot any kind of danger. They are sometimes very shy and timid, and that creates blockages in their contacts with other people. These traits prevent them from using their potential fully. 

What if Mouse or Mice Appear in Your Life?

When a mouse or mice appear in your life, they bring you an important message regarding your life. They often ask you to begin looking around you and seize the opportunities which are right before you.

Mice in our life are a reminder never to neglect the little things in life which make it special. Sometimes they are a reminder not to spread our attention and energy on way too much things and duties and focus on our priorities.

Sometimes a mouse in our life could be a reminder to go through the details of a situation in case we have missed some important ones. It might also indicate that you have taken someone for granted.

A mouse in your life is a calling to be aware of your actions and the consequences they lead to.

When to call on Mouse, Mice?

You should call on mouse, mice as your spirit animal when:

  • You need to organize your actions better because you have a lot of tasks to accomplish;
  • You need to have a resourceful approach in some situation and handle matters with the resources which are available to you;
  • You need support to make some important changes;
  • You need to accept some changes and adapt to some new circumstances and situations;
  • You need to overcome your shyness and timidity in some situations;
  • You don’t feel ready for some changes which are inevitable;
  • You want to gain some knowledge;

Dreams about Mouse, Mice – Interpretation and Meaning

Seeing a mouse or mice in a dream could reveal feeling inadequate in some situation. Maybe you have some fears that you won’t be able to handle some situation, which are blocking your actions. This dream could be an encouragement to gain strength and confront the obstacles you are facing.

If you had this dream, maybe it indicates hiding from someone. Sometimes it is a sign of small obstacles or annoyances. It could indicate that you allow insignificant problems create blockages towards your success.

If you dreamed of a dead mouse, that dream is a good sign, and indicates your determination not to allow minor problems and difficulties cause you trouble. You also don’t allow fears block you from achieving what you desire. A dream about a dead mouse could also indicate that you are neglecting something or ignoring it for quite a long time.

Killing or trapping a mouse or mice in a dream could indicate that other people in your life are blowing some small issues in your life out of proportion.

If you dreamed that you or someone else in your dream was eating a mouse or mice, that dream could indicate something bothering you and weighing down your conscience. This dream signifies that you need to confront these issues and deal with them so you can find peace of mind.