Right Ear Burning or Ringing – Meaning and Superstition

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Burning or ringing in one of your ears or both of them is surely a sensation that would catch your attention and make you wonder about why it is happening.

Occasional phantom noise inside your ears is not a strange thing to happen and there are many reasons that could explain it. It is all the same about burning ears.

However, sometimes these things happen with no known or at least without an obvious cause.

If the sensation happens only once in a while and lasts for short it is probably not of any medical concern.

Nevertheless, if it bothers you and makes you worried, you should check it out at doctor’s office, especially if it keeps repeating and is accompanied by other unpleasant symptoms.

On the other hand, if you are a superstitious person or inclined towards mystical explanations, you have certainly heard about at least some beliefs related to ringing in ears or burning ears.

Ringing in ears could make a wish come true

Right, this is the one to start with. Many children follow this superstition, without ever thinking about where does it come from. Well, it is something you just know about.

When one of your ears is ringing, you may want to make a wish, secretly. Then ask a person nearby to guess which one of your ears is affected. You could also both make a wish. If he or she chooses the right one, your wishes will be fulfilled.

In some versions of this belief and custom, it is important that you make a wish and the person guesses while the ringing is present; otherwise, it is all for nothing. Funny belief, isn’t it?

Nonetheless, some people swear it had to do with some of their realized wishes. It usually works with some modest wishes, though.

This superstition treats both ears equally; it is not important which one was in question.

You are being talked about

The most popular superstition about ringing in ears and burning ears is that someone is talking about you. Ringing in ears is the sign.

Since ears are used for hearing and listening, this superstition seems well grounded, in fact.

If you are not present and people talk about you whilst you are away, your ears might ring to make you aware you were being talked about.

The nature of their talk and the tone of it depend on which one of your ears is ringing or what type of noises occurs.

For example, if you her unpleasantly high tones, it indicates certain difficulties or an argument you had with someone. It could happen the person in question does not feel right about it and mentions it to someone else.

Ringing in ears reminds you of the problem and the necessity of easing the situation.

Someone might be gossiping about you and this ringing would definitely make you nervous. Is there a reason for someone to talk about you behind your back? Maybe you are uncomfortable about certain relationship or an unresolved argument.

On the other hand, ringing in ears is not always associated with bad talk. It could be a talk of praise or respect. It could also mean someone misses you.

On the other hand, burning ears suggest something more intense is going on. This sensation suggests someone talks about you with strong emotions.

Maybe someone is angry with you because of something you did.

It could also be a passionate talk. Burning, flushing, redness and else are all sensations people associate with insecurity and upset.

Perhaps you are upset because someone is talking about you or you assume they would talk about you.

A message from the other side

Ringing and burning ears is sometimes associated with mysterious messages we receive from spirits from another realm.

One of the most popular explanations of such phenomena is that it could be a sign from souls of the deceased. Ringing in ears and burning ears are spiritually understood as messages from those who passed away.

They want to catch your attention, for some reason. If someone dear to you is gone, maybe their spirit still lingers on. Their spirit wants to get in touch with you for certain reasons. Maybe they want to warn you about something and protect you.

On the other hand, it could happen that these souls cannot pass to their afterlife before settling things down in their former life, so they dwell in between the worlds.

They are trying to contact you so that they could peacefully end with their former living life.

Ringing in ears could be understood as their way of talking to you; they send you a message.

You should think about the possibility of such a cause. Was there anyone in your life you feel as if might have not said to you everything they wanted while they were alive?

Sometimes, it happens that spirits of the place you find yourself at are trying to connect you.

Maybe they do not want you there and by alarming you with ringing in your ears or burning sensations in your ears, they want to tell you to go away. Maybe it is the other way around, but you should focus on the sensation, connect it to your surroundings and think carefully about what emotions the sensation provokes.

Guardian angels’ call

Unexplained ringing and burning sensations in ears are sometimes associated with guardian angels and their messages.

Guardian angels are immaterial entities who would take physical form on extremely rare occasions. They watch over us from above and make sure we are fine.

Your guardian angels care about you and, especially at the time of your personal crisis, they talk to you.

Sending strange vibrations that cause ringing in ears or burning ears might just be one of the ways for your angels to draw your attention. They do not want to scare you, but to make you assured they watch over you.

Angels chant into your ears and tell you that you are not alone in this world and that you will never be. Ringing in ears is more likely to be associated with angelic messages than burning.

Did you pray to heavens when ringing occurred? Did you ask for guidance?

If you did, then the ringing is most likely a proof your guardians listen and want to help you. Think about if there are any other mysterious signs.

Your angels offer you guidance and support. Even if you did not ask for help or feel as if you do not need it at the moment, your angels would still talk to you.

They want to make sure you are following your destiny. Ringing in ears could really be an angelic message.

Burning of ears is not so commonly associated with messages from angels, but it still might be so.

You should always consider your current situation in life and your emotional state, so that you could realize if there could be something more to these beliefs.

Right ear ringing or burning superstition

Depending on the tradition, ringing in the right ear means either a good or a bad thing. The most widely present superstition is that it is not a good omen.

Ringing in right ear means people are talking about you, but they say nothing good.

If your right ear is ringing, people might be gossiping about you and spread false information about you.

Ringing or burning right ear indicates someone tries to use some information against you, behind your back. They talk badly about you as a person or try to undermine your work and causes. Maybe they lie about you and your actions.

The ringing or burning comes as a warning and a bad omen. Maybe you could stop the false information from spreading, if you have in mind who could do that.

On the other hand, it could have happened that all this bad talk was deserved, in a way.

Maybe you have said and done something you yourself know is not good. People would talk about that, if it affected them strongly.

Therefore, your strangely ringing or burning right ear is a reminder. It should remind you of consequences for bad decisions and actions.

Alternatively, an Ancient Egyptian medical source tells that the breath of life enters our body through our right ear, while death enters the left one. This medical source actually has some ground in human anatomy, apart from all kinds of mystical interpretations.

According to this source, we might see ringing in the right ear either a good sign or a sign of disturbance of natural balance.

Burning sensations that occur in only your right ear could have exactly the opposite meaning, if we are to believe Ancient Romans. They believed the left ear is associated with evil, while the right one represents the opposite.

Romans also thought that is ears are burning, it means someone talks about you.

Having their ear symbolism in mind, ringing in your right ear indicates someone praises you.

Actual causes of ringing and burning in ears

Besides these mystical and spiritual explanations, there are actual causes for these sensations and some of them are well known to the worldwide medical community.

The phenomenon of ringing in ears is medically known as tinnitus.

While tinnitus itself is not a disease, it is a symptom of certain conditions. Sometimes, it is just an intermittent nuisance and it is not dangerous.

Well, in the greatest majority of cases, tinnitus is not a reason for concern.

The most common cause of ringing in ears is hear loss, associated with the process of aging. There could be circulatory problems and ear infections that might cause the ringing, as well.

Certain abnormalities in inner ear structures might as well cause tinnitus. There are several medical conditions that are also presented with ringing in ears as a symptom.

Certain medications are also responsible for tinnitus.

Burning ears are a common phenomenon that usually has no serious cause. Burning and red ears are a common psychosomatic phenomenon. When we are under stress or too excited, it is very likely our cheeks would turn red and they would burn.

They same happens to our ears. It could affect both of them or only one at the time. It is a normal psychosomatic response.

Our ears react to any temperature changes very easily. Some people are more sensitive to such changes, so their ears would immediately react.

There are rare conditions that make people’s ears turn red and burning and episodes are sometimes triggered exactly by temperature changes.

Red ear syndrome and erythromelalgia are such conditions. Flares could cease after a couple of minutes or last for hours, sometimes longer.

IF you cannot find any logical and obvious cause to strange ringing in your ears or burning sensations, maybe there is something more to it.

As long as the phenomenon does not interfere with your life and bother you, it is likely that it is not a reason to be concerned and maybe it is some kind of spiritual message.

However, if you were even slightly worried, the best thing would be to see your doc and see if there is something to work on.