Leo in 10th House – Meaning and Info

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This zodiac sign belongs to the group of fire signs.

It includes persons born in the period from July 23 to August 22, when summer is at its peak and when the sun shines the strongest.

Quite understandably, their ruler is the planet Sun (although technically it is not a planet but a star, but we are talking about the astrological aspect).

Leo – Meaning and Info

Just as all planets move around the Sun, so the lion in the horoscope likes to always be in the center of attention and for the world to revolve around him.

You will recognize them at a glance. They dominate society, and often the physical appearance of the room is a sign. They have lush hair, which looks like a mane.

They are hedonists. They enjoy food, drink, art, nature, beautiful view, good movie, rain, beautiful weather.

This does not mean that they exaggerate, but that they live life to the fullest, even when it comes to small things. They know how to find something beautiful in everything.

And when we are living life to the fullest, they know how to go to other extremes. The bad things that happen to them are dramatized and exaggerated because their problem is never small. It is always the end of the world!

If their bad sides prevail, lions can become very difficult, hardworking, arrogant, selfish, aggressive, quarrelsome and full of themselves.

His perfect partners are people born in the sign of Sagittarius and Aries. However, this does not have to be the rule. Our choices and characteristics are governed by a sub-sign in the horoscope. After all, read what signs agree in love.

The homotopic sign of the lion is a real, loyal friend who is really attached to him by special people. The problem is that there are few real friends they have. They make a handful of superficial acquaintances, but few dare to be their close friends and can follow their crazy energy and ambition.

10th House – Meaning and Info

The tenth field of the horoscope requires special attention in the analysis of the natal chart and its peak (MC) is an indicator of the highest point of our life achievements.

This field also shows everything that relates to our dignity, the success we achieve in life, the fame we can achieve, it represents our status aspirations, career, the capacity of ambition that we carry within us, social status.

This field is an indicator of motivation, which drives us in our engagements to be better, more successful and more valuable, first of all in our own perceptions, and thus in the eyes of other people.

The tenth house is an indicator of professional preoccupations, as well as the impact we have on our own environment, i.e. the circle of people in which we move.

The tenth house of the horoscope symbolizes one of the parents, (usually) in the male horoscope of the father, and in the female horoscope of the mother. It is the home we create.

This field also symbolizes the family from which our spouse came.

The accented tenth house is usually held by those who value splendor, fame, proving through high positions, respectable people, those who are destined for success, authoritative people or people for whom the father plays a very important role in life.

The tenth field, like any other, is crucially influenced by the sign in which it begins, the planet – the ruler of that sign, as well as its aspects, as well as the planets that are (possibly) in this field and the aspects that they make.

The nature of the planet and aspects will indicate the area of ​​action. The top of the tenth house (field) of the horoscope is known as: “MEDIUM COELI” – the middle of the sky. This indicates that the career will be built for a long time. That he will change his profession that he will not know what he wants.

What is certain is that the job he is engaged in must be related to the public or service activities, because only in that way is it possible for him to gain real fame, because he possesses maternal instinct, quality of support, care and sociality.

He usually does not have a strong ambition, does not impose much and often gives in to responsibility and chances. Professional independence, support of women’s authorities.  The moon here speaks the most about dreaming of fame and success. Yet people are attracted to those who can help them a lot.

The task of a person is that the job he is engaged in must be related to the public or SERVICE activity, because only in that way is it possible for him to gain real fame, since he has maternal instinct, quality of support, care and sociality. She will have to deal with herself, be ambitious and not retreat.

They will have the support of women’s authorities along the way. A position of great popularity. Artist, doctor, psychologist.

Strong ties with the mother, and in good aspects is described by the attributes of the Moon; brisk, faithful. While in the bad aspects there is a problem to establish an emotional relationship with the mother. MH – Shows that father and mother swapped roles, and that mother was more dominant than father.

Inharmonious aspects indicate illusions about social success, bad relationships with women. But it is a great power of influence on the masses. Improper behavior at work, a person should beware of large wanderings, because he will not be able to stabilize on a professional level.

At some point, she will have a problem or a loss that will fall on the professional ladder (even force majeure or something that has nothing to do with her). Then he should not go public because it will harm him for no reason.

Leo in 10th House – Meaning and Info

I read as a tendency to leave a clear personal stamp on life. Leo confers strength, creative vitality, and potency to the Tenth House.

He is indicative of a person who seeks to be perceived through his accomplishments and who is deeply determined to go far in life, or at least to a remarkable place. This is a natural sign / cusp combination for a person in business, the arts, and fashion.

All leisure activities and work that has to do with young people in general are also under the rule of this sign. Leo seeks to be at the center of his professional life and brings a great deal of enthusiasm and personality to the work environment.

Sometimes the Lion roars: the tendency to be too self-centered is a trait that can alienate co-workers and employees. This person’s father is usually loyal and faithful, but he can also tend to be despotic and dictatorial.

According to astropsychology, this house represents a professional (social) position and aspiration for power. It speaks of real, but also artificially created authority. It represents a deserved position based on the abilities of the individual or mere greed in the pursuit of egoistic needs.

Viewed from the angle of traditional astrology, the tenth house represents the profession, but also the employers, that is, those who command.

Here we find prestige, honors, reputation, power, control, dignity, fame, or a secular position by which all this can be achieved.

Certainly, in this house we will (depending on the planetary positions) also find the loss of it all. In traditional astrology, this house represents the mother (unlike the fourth, which represents the father).

The accentuated tenth house is usually held by those who value splendor, fame, proving through high office, respectable people, those destined for success, authoritative people, or people for whom the father plays a very important role in life.

Some of your most important life experiences will come through friends and a group of people. In that sense, social life will be very important to you. In that respect, you are extremely loyal and warm to your friends.

But, that great need for an active social life will distract you a little from the harmony in the relationship and intimate life.

Your partner will feel rejected on that plane, he will not understand you, instead of being wise and encouraging you on the social plane. You have an enchanting talent for working socially, and great benefits for working with people internationally.

You have a strong opinion of yourself and your values ​​and you feel that a certain place in society belongs to you.

Such an attitude comes from your father, who raised you that way – to take a place in society.

Achieved goals, then, will be a strong motivating factor in your life.

The problem is that you then set such goals in all spheres of your life. Maybe it would be better to learn to rest and enjoy a little instead of working all the time.

This identification and the need of your ego for a position in society, contributes to the fact that you are not spontaneous enough and is reflected on the intimate and emotional level. You will ask your partner to respect you very much, but not everyone has taken their task as seriously as you.

You have the capacity to take on a variety of roles in life and this will be expected of you in your professional life – to cope with a variety of current situations.

You will spend most of your life searching for or defining your identity – looking for an answer to the question: who am I? As a child, you probably felt isolated from the world, and in relation to your father, you probably did not have real contact or he was in some way distant.

Such a situation will be repeated later in life and in terms of partnership, but now there will be disappointment and a sense of loss of meaning. This inner dissatisfaction will motivate you to “inner journey” in order to understand your nature. One of the ways to succeed in your career is your disagreement with your subordinates.

The second of the paths is the path taken by other well-known leaders. “Well, if he could, so can I.” That is why it is easiest to get jobs “in subordination” and which require very high expertise and integrity.

10th house in the horoscope – job – career – The natural ruler of this house is Saturn. 10 houses explain our career, status and prestige in society. In more mature years, it depicts the country in which we live.

Together with the 4th house, this house explains the influence of parents on our lives. Most celebrities have horoscope rulers in this house.

A month through 10 houses is a sign of career changes, but both Uranus and Mars can indicate changes in this field. These planets, through natal and annual analyzes, also bring about changes. Uranus and Mars are more related to changes within the workplace or organization.

The lunar horoscope also uses the same methods of interpretation, where the moon is the emphasis on being able to find a job or run out of it, and Uranus is primarily a change within the workplace or firm where you worked until then.

Together with 6 and 2 houses, 10 houses or MC are indicators of our business abilities.

The sun through 10 houses is an indication that OUR PARTNER COULD be the person in position and that this is our wish.

rom the aspects of this planet, but also the planet through the 7th house, we come to the conclusion whether a person will easily reach a partner who is in a position or it will be a difficult task for him.


In general, this House speaks of a high position and rise in society, and in business a person must stand out in some way – that is his task. This position brings a kind of social power of better status, it is difficult to remove it from the position.

This is a person who has natural authority. She is ambitious, eager for fame and power. They get the help of an authority.

But let him be careful not to overdo it because he will have problems with his superior through work, so there will be a constant fight, with a possible fall in the end.