North Node in 10th House

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Your life experiences will require you to take the risk of being a visionary in your career. You are in search of an occupation that expands you intellectually and allows you freedom of movement.

Now you are learning to act conscientiously and responsibly, you no longer run your throat into strawberries and your life becomes organized and meaningful, and less chaotic.

Involvement in humanitarian activities is also emphasized, as is the realization that friendship and sexual attraction are equally important in a relationship.

The tenth house governs socio-professional success, personal growth and elevation and public consideration, in it we find indications of a career or an important position, a celebrity, but it can also simply indicate a perfectly independent personality who rejects the impositions of others or of society in general.

It concerns personal success, the social fulfillment of the person, careerism, self-employment, social elevation, political power, the person’s social position, esteem, dignity, the honors he receives.

North Node – Meaning

You can no longer be selfish towards your neighbors, but a compromise is required that is good for both parties, as well as for the relationship itself. Your love should not become a battlefield.

In addition, it is not good to agree to what humiliates you in any way. So, the question is how to be in a relationship without giving up on yourself and what means a lot to you. You also have the opportunity to learn how to best present yourself to the public and how to get what you want, in a way that justifies the trust shown.

In this period we also experience Saturn’s return (when transiting Saturn finds itself in the same position it occupied at our birth).

This year they are leading us to a big tidying up and cleaning. We try to balance things, adjust to a new chapter of life, give up some goals and set new, more mature ones.

The last ‘encounter’ happens at the age of 74, when we are slowly approaching the end of the journey.

The return of the North Node will round off a lifetime, bringing a sense of peace and self-realization. In addition to these years, the next four are significant; 9th, 27th, 46th and 64th in which the transit North Node creates opposition to the natal.

The key to that period is to overcome insecurities and fears so that we can begin to live and realize our talents and passions and in some way ‘unplug’ our own potentials and begin to realize our life mission.

Currently, the North Node of the Moon has changed from the sign of Virgo to the sign of Leo, and the South Node has made the transition from Pisces to Aquarius (May 9, 2017 – November 6, 2018). A new destiny story begins to be ‘written’ for each of us.

The axis of the knots says that this is not a story about ‘I’, but about ‘we’. Which specific areas will be covered in your case will depend on which houses they will move to in the next year and a half.

If you have a sub sign in Leo, the North Node will be placed in your first, and the South in the seventh house, and you will activate the question of the relationship between me and the second.

The step of the North into the eleventh house, and the South Node in the fifth is worth it for those with a sub sign in Libra and forces you to stop gambling with your destiny and learn to ‘handle’ life events more maturely. Sometimes it is easier to give than to receive, and your task is to understand your own worth and learn to receive the emotional and material gifts that others give you.

You form associations with people with whom you share the same interests, because that way you progress faster and easier in realizing your plans.

Now you are learning to act conscientiously and responsibly, you no longer run your throat into strawberries and your life becomes organized and meaningful, and less chaotic.

Involvement in humanitarian activities is also emphasized, as is the realization that friendship and sexual attraction are equally important in a relationship

Entering the North Node in the twelfth (sign in Virgo), and the South in the sixth field of the horoscope, brings knowledge about how bad working conditions, humiliation in the workplace or neglect of your health can negatively affect your mental health. Understand the importance of isolation, or living alone as in a space where you recharge your batteries and think.

Any departure from routine and everyday life brings you interesting experiences and positive changes. Break the strenuous daily pace, allow yourself to be lazy and passive at times.

Learn how life does not only consist of settling obligations, but that it also has a deeper meaning. Discover your life mission, improve your spiritual side, and find a group or person who can help you with that…

10th House – Meaning

House 10 is the “House of the Race”, also known as the “House of Ambition”. It represents our public image and shows what weakens and improves professional reputation.

People with positive astrological aspects in this House tend to be successful in areas where they can express their true calling. This House is naturally associated with the planet Saturn and the sign Capricorn.

The 10th House projects the characteristics that we want others to see in us. The qualities for which we want to be recognized, praised, appreciated and respected. It is through the signs, planets, and aspects present in this House that we hope to achieve our dreams and ambitions, earn honor, and gain recognition.

The 10th House is the area where we can achieve everything we dream of in the 9th House. In the quadrant system of division of Houses, the Middle of Heaven (MC), the degree of the eclectic that is located at the highest point of the meridian – marks the cusp of the Tenth House.

The Middle of Heaven represents all that is visible, the external “I”, ambition, recognition, extroversion. It symbolizes what one wants to achieve, dreams, vocations and projects. The personality is ready to launch itself into the world, to put its energy into “doing for life.” The time has come to get down to business and work to fulfill your life purpose.

The Midheaven is the highest point of the birth chart and therefore, symbolically, the planets and signs positioned in the 10th House seem to dominate all the others present in the circle of the Zodiac.

The characteristics of any sign or planet located in the 10th House correspond to what we externalize. It is the public facade of our personality. It reflects the way we present ourselves, what we show to others.

Taking into account that the Background of Heaven and House 4 (the opposite House) represent who we are in our private life and how we behave inside the house, the Middle of Heaven and House 10 indicate how we behave publicly, the image that we want to transmit to the world.

It represents how we want others to see us when we present ourselves to them. It is the way we “dress” when we leave the house to go with friends, family, to have fun or to work.

The positions in the 10th House show the brand that we would like to leave in the world. It is our legacy, our contribution to humanity. The way we would like to be remembered by our peers and future generations. It represents our will to continue, to be remembered for all eternity.

In addition to recognition, being admired means staying in people’s memories forever. For our ego (which now knows it is finite), this notion of immortality is a reassuring idea. Everything you do has a purpose and will resonate with others.

The temptation to nestle in a security zone as opposed to choosing new opportunities as well as accepting what society tells us to do now must be overcome. It’s time to discover your passion and personal power. The world needs your unique creative gifts!

The planets and signs of the 10th House also give clues about vocation and professional career. Saturn, for example, suggests a career in teaching, a judge, or a scientist. Jupiter, a career in acting, a philosopher or a travel agent. Pisces, a profession where creativity is the dominant focus.

The 10th House also suggests how a person will conquer his position in the world of work. Saturn and Capricorn suggest a long and patient way to achieve the desired position.

Mars and Aries, great ambition and combat ability, but a lack of patience to persist when goals take longer than desirable to materialize. Neptune and Pisces, some indecision and confusion about the role they can play in society.

The 10th House also describes what we represent or symbolize to others. The influence of the planet Mars can lead others to see us as a strong and insolent person, driven by ambition and the desire to conquer.

Neptune, as a saint or a martyr, a personality always ready to defend the underprivileged or as a victim of himself.

The presence of Venus, as a person of class, who appreciates beauty, quality and good taste.

The positioning of many planets in the 10th House generally suggests a person who is ambitious and desires recognition, social status and prestige.

North Node in 10th House – Meaning and Symbolism

At the beginning of life, the mother figure represents our continuity. Babies do not recognize themselves as a separate entity from the mother. She is his livelihood and her greatest security.

The type of relationship we establish with our mother during childhood (for example, emotionally close or distant, peaceful or aggressive) will be reflected later in our adult lives and in the way we relate to others.

Theories of human development speak of this, of the close relationship between attachment (and lack of it) and its influence on the formation and expression of the personality of the child, adolescent and adult.

A difficult aspect of Pluto in House 10, for example, denotes the existence of an austere and repressive mother figure that, later, will be reflected in a vision of the world as insecure and cruel.

Our attitude towards the relationship with the outside world will be one of defense and fear.

Well-expected positions reflect a caring, loving, and understanding mother that we’ve grown to believe that the world is and will treat us the same way. We will see the world with a safe and positive place full of well-meaning people.

Mars denotes a formal and controlling mother figure. The personality grows with the desire to be independent and autonomous. You will seek a profession in which you can excel, where you have authority and power to make decisions.

Mercury suggests an intelligent and meaningful mother figure.

The personality grows with the desire to live up to the mother’s expectations and can choose a career in high intellectual demand that makes her mother proud.

Venus, can indicate a competition with the mother figure.

The personality grows with the desire to develop the qualities it recognizes in the mother and to overcome her.

The “I” has come a long way from the first to the tenth house.

At first, he was not yet aware of her own existence as a single and individual entity. When he comes to the 10th House, we have had enough experiences to realize who we are.


10th house people are waking up to the fact that there is more to life than meets the eye and they are on a quest to know and apply spiritual truths.

To find out if you have a 10th house as well as its location in the house, you can use the free natal chart generator in Astro Seek and look for the symbols that appear below.

Those with an in 10th house need someone or something to inspire them, to give them a reason to get up in the morning. If this someone or something never manifests, they are prone to go away, one way or another.

The north node is not an energy that is familiar or comfortable, as a result, most 10th house individuals are self-centered and not terribly open-minded early in their lives.