Libra in 6th House – Meaning and Info

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Libras in the 6th house work well when everything is beautiful and convenient. External harmony, a friendly atmosphere are also an important condition for productive work. And here it is precisely external harmony.

Libra is not sensitive to deep emotions (which is typical for Cancer and Water Signs in general), formal balance is often a sufficient reason for calmness.

On the other hand, they themselves are able to bring harmony to the team in which they work. They can defuse the situation, smooth out conflicts, and reconcile those in conflict.

As a rule, they are not at all happy to get involved in someone’s quarrels, but if this is the only way to level the situation in which they have to work personally, then they will.

Libra owners in the 6th house will gladly share their responsibilities with someone. Calmly shift responsibility or at least share it with someone.

Playing “number two” is a perfectly acceptable option for them, although at least the semblance of equal cooperation should remain.

Libra – Meaning and Info

The health of a society is determined by the freedom of creativity of that part of it that is capable of it.

Deep down, this person wants to work beautifully in all respects, so that both the work process and its result are aesthetic.

Here, as in the 6th house in other air signs, the mental mode of action is important, but this position of the house imposes on this mental image a special requirement for balance, if violated, the result is a failure or something ugly.

Development gives artistic abilities, work in art, architecture, in the diplomatic corps (all this should have additional confirmation in the horoscope).

At the average level for a person, if he has adapted to his work, it is pleasant to watch, no matter what he does – his movements are economical and beautiful, and the work happens easily, naturally and as if by itself, without his much participation.

With a poor study of a person, he constantly drifts to the sides, he cannot find the right approach to work, master tools that do not obey at all and for some reason constantly turn out to be of the wrong size, which can lead to despair, especially when the VI house is defeated.

The physical health of this person is manifested in a feeling of internal balance, primarily mental, when thoughts flow slowly and in the right way: smart, beautiful, socially acceptable and even sometimes from the next stratum of society.

The second sign of health is a feeling of social comfort, with the constant violation of which a person, on the contrary, can get sick.

Fresh air and aesthetic impressions are important; in particular, a person can get sick simply by convincing himself that he has an ugly body, comparing it with a social ideal and coming from this comparison to despair.

The study here lies in the fact that a person learns to perceive his physical body as a tool that should work beautifully, and not be beautiful and understands that, for example, the beauty of a gesture is not directly related to the beauty of the hand that produces it.

Able to work successfully with others in the material services industry. He is looking for harmony and unity in cooperation and this is one of the reasons for his financial success. As a boss, he is fair and treats his subordinates as equals.

An excellent worker, however, works slowly and takes long breaks to recuperate. He does not overstrain himself, his practical reason saves him from this. For all his strength, he needs pauses, vacations, trips to a sanatorium. Under no circumstances does he recognize storming, does not like haste and prodding.

Health manifests itself in a sense of balance, both internal and mental, in a sense of social comfort. Fresh air and aesthetic impressions are important for him. He may just get sick, convincing himself that he has an ugly body.

In general, he is in good health, rarely gets sick, but if he gets sick, recovery is delayed due to stubbornness, unwillingness to listen to doctors, and lack of optimism. The throat, neck, kidneys are vulnerable in the body.

He is prone to stone disease and primarily affects the kidneys, and then the joints and the cardiovascular system, especially if he overeats. Gout will pester him if he leads a sedentary lifestyle. He needs proper sleep and rest.

She prefers a simple and austere style of dress. Loves the bath. The main disadvantage is self-indulgence, self-indulgence, and excessive desires destroy the kidneys. What he finds must always be given back, otherwise it will harm him.

Frequent changes of duty station, part-time job. High requirements for the work process, sensitivity to the aesthetics of the environment, to social status.

Good relationship with coworkers. The person is friendly, ready to serve, to come to the rescue. But selflessness is sober and calculating. Decreased vitality requires more rest, healthy sleep, fresh air and a comfortable work environment. Animals are decorative.

6th House – Meaning and Info

Libra is a cardinal Sign, hence the rather bright symptoms and the rather rapid development of the disease.

As a rule, the owners of Libra in the 6th house completely trust doctors, and do not seek to self-medicate. Although if one doctor said one thing, and the other another, they may start to worry and rush about (one said “cut”, the second “wait” – it will be difficult for a six-volume Libra to choose the “correct” tactics).

In general, they are quite disciplined and, as a rule, there are no problems with their treatment. But since Libra is prone to doubts and hesitation, it is important for them that there is a person who will make a decision for them and take responsibility for the treatment.

Libra governs the lumbar region and all paired organs. Therefore, even without being a direct ruler of the lungs, they can be involved in pneumonia, bronchitis, etc. (The Air sign, which means everything that is connected with breathing, one way or another, fits into the signification, well, plus the lungs and bronchi are paired organs).

Well, the “main organ” of the lower back is, of course, the kidneys. Generally speaking, Libra governs the kidneys and the entire urinary system. Hence the disease – all nephritis (the most common of course is pyelonephritis), kidney prolapse, renal colic, kidney stones, kidney failure, kidney cancer, etc.

Here, urinary tract infections – urethritis, cystitis, again pyelonephritis. Do not forget that the kidneys also play an important role in the work of the hormonal system – they produce renin, the lack of which leads to a sharp decrease in blood pressure.

Erythropoietins affect the ability of the bone marrow to produce red blood cells (and, therefore, this is already the level of hemoglobin). The role of the urinary tract in maintaining the water-salt balance is obvious. And this is again such an effect on pressure.

Not in vain, the owners of Libra in the 6th house complain of pressure and headaches (migraines) no less often than six-domed Aries! Characterized by 6 houses in Libra and edema (again, the urinary system).

It is extremely important to remember that the kidneys and urinary system are responsible for the elimination of many toxic substances from the body, and therefore, a violation in their work leads to intoxication of the body (which, again, in the renal case, is often accompanied by headaches).

As always, we view the defeat from Mars as indicative of acute conditions, injuries, surgeries, and infectious diseases.

Defeat from Saturn all constrictions and chronic processes, stones, sand. Bad outflow of something, congestion, pressure reduction. There is also a violation of the salt balance and the state of dehydration. Uranus lesions are neurological disorders including spasms.

As well as trauma, electric shock, developmental anomalies. Neptune gives a tendency to infectious diseases, increases the level of produced “water”, inclines to lesions of the pathological flora and complicates the diagnosis. Defeat from Pluto can indicate oncology and difficult to treat diseases, infections and congenital pathologies.

As a ruler of the lower back, it can give back pain, trauma (defeat from Mars), scoliosis, etc. It should be noted that lower back pain is often caused by kidney disease. And with a history of migraines, or pressure, the owners of Libra in the 6th house need to check the condition of the kidneys.

Venus controls the skin, but not even the protective one (Saturn), but rather its aesthetic function. Therefore, in case of defeat, problems are possible. Again, this is not surprising when you consider that the defeat of Venus leads to a deterioration in the elimination of toxins in a direct way.

As I already mentioned, Venus CO-governs all paired organs, so its presence can be noticed in diseases of the ovaries in women and in the testes in men (I have already said about the kidneys and lungs).

By its direct signification, Venus can give diseases “from love”, and accordingly co-controls all venereal diseases. Naturally, due to the general management with Taurus, you should be attentive to the Taurus bodies (you can read about Taurus in the 6th house here).

Libra in 6th House – Meaning and Info

Their success in business directly depends on the availability of a buddy. They perfectly cope with collective work in everyday services; in work they achieve success, when they can count on support and participation from the side.

Work in the brigade is provided by him as an optimal variant of labor activity. In general, the financial status is impossible without the participation of a partner. 6 house in Becax – character of a man They can achieve great success in business, requiring good attitude, accuracy and reliability.

Having reached the leadership positions, these people begin to objectively relate to the surrounding people, independently of the pang, communicating with their subordinates. They relate to food very freely; the availability of useful products for them is not as important as a good service.

This kind of mentality and apism are very much in demand in the actor’s and diplomatic environment, as well as among apologists and art workers. However, even in uncomfortable environments, the same ratio and capabilities can be useful. Its approach will allow you to search for creative solutions and find a way out of any problem.

They are graceful and graceful, they are easily involved in the work process, and they do the work effortlessly and easily.

Such people feel very well when nothing disturbs from their inner equanimity and mental equanimity.

They feel themselves healthy, if their way of thinking does not contradict the accepted rules, that is, the activity of the mind should not go beyond the limits of the acceptable norms.

If someone else forces you to go beyond a certain line, then there is a strong discomfort.

Here you will come to the aid of fresh air and the satisfaction of aesthetic requirements.

It happens that the inappropriateness of the body, caused by the instillation of unattainable ideals, can lead to serious psychotic illnesses.


It is important for such people to realize that their bodies are just an instrument that can be used beautifully, and they do not have to answer anyone with a very good etiquette.

Even the most beautiful hand cannot always produce a beautiful gesture.

When the study at work leaves a desire for the best, they do not hesitate to establish relationships with colleagues, although communicating with them can help them to work with them. Provided that the work gives this person pleasure, he will use all the forces for its successful performance.