Leo in 5th House – Meaning and Info

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In most cases, astrologers turn to the Leo pattern in order to see how a person deals with children.

If the client has difficulties with lovers or mistresses, then they also look at this house.

It is unlikely that anyone will be particularly interested in gambling and speculation.

Leo – Meaning and Info

In addition, this house is the home of both sports and theatrical games.

Consequently, psychological games also belong to this house. We will talk about two types of psychological play below, but for now we will consider what the so-called Leo pattern includes.

Accentuated, or as they say, synthetic sign of Leo. The presence in it of several planets or one, but strong enough and important for the entire horoscope, as well as the position of Leo on the ASC or MC, make this sign accented.

But even if Leo is not accented, but the 5th House is expressed, then the position of Leo will indicate where and when a person is inclined to play psychological games.

The sun will always represent the energy of Leo, and represent the house on the cusp of which Leo is located. Aspects of the Sun are also seen.

Ruler of the 5th House, his position in another house and aspects to it.

The sign and the planets in the 5th House, along with its ruler, will tell about the life scenarios and roles of a person. You also need to look at those aspects that come to the 5th House.

Transits of slow planets along Leo, the 5th House and the sign of the ruler of the 5th House will affect the characteristics of the roles that a person plays. If the transits are transformational, in the event that Uranus or Pluto passes, then the person has a need to change life roles, or to realize them in a new way.

For example, in the current transit of Saturn through Leo, it is fashionable to play strong and strong-willed people who, due to the opposition of Neptune, are subject to all kinds of temptations.

If a person has a weak Leo pattern by itself, due to its weak expression in the horoscope, then the above transits can make it relevant for a person at a certain moment. He may need to master the new roles he needs in life.

5th House – Meaning and Info

It is in parallel and affinity with the sign of Leo, the Sun and the fire element.

In this solar sector, the native can express his authentic Self without impediments, be himself and do what he wants, enjoy leisure and free time.

That is why it is the home of entertainment, hobbies, and fun and enjoyable activities.

Tradition says that this is the children’s home, but more precisely it is that of creativity, both in the physical sense, of having children, and in the artistic or scientific sense.

Thus, for example, writing a book or composing an opera is also related to this sector and in general everything that constitutes the native’s vocation, those activities that he performs for pleasure.

That is the reason why great artists have the Sun or other important planets in it.

It informs us about children, the possibility of having them or the opposite. The Moon in this house will make the person fertile and it is also probable that he will have daughters.

Saturn, on the other hand, tends to make the person sterile, but if he has children, they will be of saturnine physical or psychic characteristics. The Sun can give only one child, but of great brightness and personality.

Through this house we express our need to be important or recognized, to capitalize on the attention and for others to revolve around the native.

Practical experience confirms this attribution, and those who have the Sun, Moon, Jupiter or great conjunctions in this sector will be particularly bright, being a common position of famous movie stars or singers.

This house also governs love and sex, especially those romances or adventures that provide pleasure, delight and happiness, enlarging the native’s Self but without complicating his life. It is related to the need to be loved.

The presence of “malefic” planets in her (Mars and Saturn especially or sometimes Uranus or Pluto) will hinder or impede the sentimental happiness of the native, or will make his love affairs stormy and miserable.

Finally, this house governs games of chance and the possibility of obtaining important material gains in this way. Many gamblers have this house highlighted as afflicted at birth – with planets receiving tense aspects.

In any case, both living a great love and winning the lottery will be, in both cases, matters related to the fifth house.

Leo in 5th House – Meaning and Info

This person tends to create a powerful and stable external image of “I”; at least, such an image is necessary for him for a natural existence in a world that, excluding completely harmonious cases, will at times be quite aggressive, unfriendly, inclined to interfere in human life.

With a weak energy, when a person’s life breaks, he gets the external image of the Reptile Gray Mouse, crushed by circumstances, with strong repressed pride, living according to the principle “humiliation is more than pride”: humiliating himself, a person humiliates another who is looking at him at this time.

In a strong energetic version, a person creates a powerful image of “I”, capable of suppressing almost anyone by his will, which often leads to abuses, sometimes punishable criminally, and sometimes karmic ally.

Such images of “I” have a special tendency to stick to the personality, becoming its masks (this leads to a strong self-affirmation in the first house at a low level), after which there is a complete enslavement by the image of a person.

The study goes along the line of Leo, when a person realizes that it is better to inspire people than to press, and creates an appropriate image that radiates light, not power.

In general, this is a strong position that promises a great artist and master of his craft, and where exactly a person will show his talents, he will show the position of the V house in the horoscope, in particular, the planets in it and their aspects.

In external religious manifestations, a person seeks God through the beauty of attributes and rituals, trying to achieve a sublimely balanced view of his life, and when working through he receives great help in the form of balancing his external images and the way of thinking in general.

Hot in life, decisive as a child and just as proud, exudes creative energy, which is often expressed in art and sports.

It is possible to be lucky in various speculations, although, as a rule, he does not understand this matter. Gusts of creativity come to him in waves, often after prolonged depression and inactivity.

He is constantly looking for new occupations, not having time to complete the old, long begun and close to completion.

He cannot bring himself to return to the old, since it has already become a part of the past for him.

Work and creativity alone does not suit him, he must work in a team and shows his creative impulses in an atmosphere of competition.

The range of hobbies is extremely wide, he is captured by speculative business, the element of the stock exchange, cards, running, and all kinds of lotteries.

Rejects long courtship, gradually leading to marriage. In sex and love, he is a hunter looking for prey.

He does not advertise his addictions in public, but at the same time he is a passionate and devoted lover. He has a passionate heart and a hot head. His coldness is much more terrible than anger and testifies that his feelings have cooled down once and for all.

An attentive and proud father, who delightedly accepts the birth of a baby, of any number.

Likes to manage children and dictate their future careers. He perceives children as they are and is proud of them regardless of anything.


Brightness of feelings and confidence in their invincibility. Striving for a brilliant partner. Love for adventure, gambling, company.

Lots of holidays, gifts and hype. Love for children, the ability to educate them.

The offspring are healthy, but there are few children. Resting place – sands, deserts. Plateau, plateau.