Mars Square Ascendant – Synastry, Transit, Composite

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The planet Venus described a woman. And the planet Mars is important in the male horoscope because it signifies the male principle, the principle of struggle and energy.

It shows how much strength, courage, determination, and even self-confidence we have as we accomplish what we want.

It is also the principle of desire, since it shows what we want – through the position of the sign in the Zodiac, and with how much strength we achieve it.

Mars – Meaning and Info

The position of Mars in the natal chart tells us how capable we are of taking life under our own and changing circumstances. He is therefore a planet of action. According to the position in the sign and the house, we appreciate how dynamic, enterprising someone is, how much need there is to start and work.

He is also a planet of proof, a planet of masculine principle, of penetration, and he is stronger than the Sun in that respect! If the Sun is in its sign (Taurus – Libra) and Mars is strong, then the Sun has gained competition, so we can have much more penetrating people, because Mars carries a huge amount of energy.

Mars is associated with the struggle for survival, it shows how much we struggle, how we conquer space for ourselves and how we defend ourselves when we are threatened.

Mars rules the immune system. Astrologically, he is a bad planet, he is a “malefic” – an unhappy planet.

However, this should be understood conditionally, because it carries a huge amount of energy, energy of instinct that is difficult to control and it is very dangerous to suppress it.

This energy can be handled very well. That is why the stressed Mars is not bad because it is a symbol of Fire (a bad master and a good servant).

Mars represents strength and masculinity, as well as all topics related to sex. Mars shows the type of work that is best done, the job that we will most likely choose, and the way we will do it. He is strongly connected with the experience of relationships with brothers, father and men in general.

Where Mars is, there is a problem, but also a fighting instinct. Mars shows the challenges, ability, and courage to face them. Mars shows muscles. We cannot see a person’s spiritual maturity through a horoscope, we can do that in personal contact.

But the more a person becomes aware of his personality, the more he becomes aware of his animus, and this planet will help us and give us some answers. That is why Mars is not an evil planet, it is just a blind energy, which can turn into violence, into bad.

One does not have to be mentally weird, twisted, but if it is provoked, that energy will be manifested. Mars has definitely committed a crime, but there must be something else next to it, which will, for example to provoke that energy. Mars is therefore only a latent danger.

Life without Mars would be impossible because it is a prerequisite to win the battle. He is a challenge – just like life itself.

In the female horoscope, Mars does not give characteristics to any sign, as we are already used to, for Her, Mars in some sign gives – Her men. Mars, these are her partners – the types of men who interest her. But it is also an indicator of her passion!

Physically strong, full of enthusiasm, constantly gets into challenges, provokes, just rushes, does not tolerate anyone in front of him, easily loses control, is aggressive, reckless, and suddenly impulsive, is a great fighter, very passionate, often euphoric, and temperamental, with strong competition spirit.

They are either aggressive or attract aggression, and very often we will see that they are prone to accidents; operations, injuries, violence (through the sign and the house we see where the accidents come from). Whether that person will be a bully or a victim is very difficult to discern.

If the rest of the horoscope is soft (emphasized Jupiter, Venus or the Moon), there is a high probability that it suppresses that energy and that it will become a victim. Weak Mars is replaced by strong ones: Saturn, the Sun, and Pluto.

Mars is prominent in the horoscopes of athletes, toolmakers, people who work with iron, engineers, mechanics, everyone who does their job with tools and machines. (It will be difficult to find a man who does not have a strong Mars, because he is a condition for winning the battle).

The Sign also shows what types of jobs you attract or choose and the way to prove yourself, because that is the condition of your survival, but Mars (that activity) is almost always the cause of problems and suffering.

Through the position of Mars in the Sign, we see where its energy weighs the most, where it has the most initiative, where it fights.

The sign in which Mars is represents the psychological area in which you will express your energy, so you get the answer to the question: how do I prove myself? Because, he is also the personification of your self-confidence, courage or madness. In men, Mars is a representation of his personal view of his strength,

Ascendant – Meaning and Info

The astrologer Ernesto Rodas explains that, in our birth chart, the rising sign is very important in our life because it refers to how the world sees us at this moment and how we project ourselves with people.

“The ascendant varies depending on the month, day and time of birth.” This sign is related to the way you start things. In turn, this represents an image of the personality and refers to physical appearance and temperament.

This sign appears on the horizon, at the exact moment, when the world is reached. The first sign that we know has to do with the constellation on which the Sun was, at the time you were born.

While in the ascending theme it refers to the easternmost point of the horizon, at the instant of our first breath. You may be interested in reading: These are the most passionate signs of the zodiac.

For the astrologer the ascendant is almost as important as the natal sign. And it can be predicted by the time of birth, if you want to find it, the astrologer proposes that it be done through the astral chart because you can know the details of the ascendant and know which planets influence and exert influence on your personality, character and physical body. .

In some cases you have noticed that, when interacting with other people of the same sign, they are completely different and you do not find common personality traits.

This is understood because people externalize their different facets within their personality, which has different social behaviors, projected by the rising sign.

According to the astrologer, this is because we perceive the ascendant first than the birth sign.

Regarding compatibility with love and work relationships, it is important to know that relationship with the ascending signs, because compatibility is determined through the synthesis of the birth chart.

This is how we determine how our relationship with these signs will be. Remember that a person who is born on the same day and year as you can be very different from you in all aspects, it all depends on the exact time they took their first breath at birth.

Mars Square Ascendant – Synastry, Transit, Composite

The tension of quadrature results in conflicts with others, with oneself, and most importantly, with society, especially when the opposition is along the line of the Ascendant, personifying social success and demeanor in public.

Considering that Mars is considered a harmful planet, provoking fights, protracted wars and the emergence of enemies, the path of a native up the career ladder and relations with people will not be easy.

If the red planet is in a harmonious position, outbursts of aggression will be rare, mainly in the area of ​​affairs of the house and the sign where it stands, and in part affecting the Ascendant sector. In the case of an afflicted Mars, care must be taken throughout life, developing diplomacy, control over emotions, willpower and endurance.

The key to a calm life is the ability to give in, move away from danger, transforming negative outbursts of feelings through sports and creativity into the driving force of success.

With many bad aspects and quadratures, the tendency to violent methods of problem solving has been observed since childhood. In his youth, this is an inveterate bully, forcing the whole district to obey. If the horoscope is good – the oppositionist, always arguing and defending his ideas about justice.

The methods of fighting evil may not be better than crimes, in any case, if Mars is in fire signs, the native goes into a frontal attack, enraged by the resistance of the enemy, which leads to injuries, gunshot wounds, burns and even murder by negligence.

It is necessary to take care of the head and jaw, as fractures in these areas during fights are common in the Mars-Ascendant square.

With the position of the red planet in water and earth signs, a person is more calculating and takes revenge on enemies, having thought out sophisticated offensive tactics, using it also for social advancement.

It is dangerous to have it in enemies. By nature, carriers of the aspect are incredibly energetic and capable of becoming commanders-in-chief both in the army and in business, but an excessively violent temperament causes total collapse.

People with a square in the horoscope are rarely loved if the aspect is not worked out. They possess a huge reserve of energy, but they do not know how to dispose of this karmic capital.

Hence the subconscious hostility of others and enemies literally out of nowhere. Love and marriage in the square Mars – Ascendant It is much more difficult for women to cope with the imbalance of the warlike planet and the rising sign.

In personal relationships, this is manifested by falling in love with aggressive abuser, competition with which spurs their sexual fantasies and creates the illusion of eternal struggle, but results in mutual humiliation, battles and violent short-term truces.

A girl with a square Mars – Ascendant feels like a man inside, therefore she perceives the stronger sex as rivals and fights with them for a place in the sun, forgetting about female weapons: diplomacy, gentleness, and coquetry. Most men do not perceive her as a future wife, and a stormy temperament scares off potential fans.

Happiness in marriage will help you find a strong Venus, but it will not do without conflict. The stronger sex also has problems in relationships due to incontinence and rudeness. The bearer of the square Mars – Ascendant cannot stand independent and independent women, striving to be the master of the family.

For insubordination, he can easily hit on the neck consciously or in a state of passion, which he will later regret. Violence is inherent in its nature, so you need to handle it very carefully and in no way make it angry. Women with fiery Venus are strongly discouraged to marry him.


The difficult aspect is worked out through sports first of all. An element of collective competition is needed: football, basketball, hockey, water polo, since one-on-one, on the contrary, awakens aggression.

Vigorous activities with intense stress, as well as running, walking, shooting, juggling with fire, jumping into water as a hobby neutralize excess stress. Shows a change of activity, frequent travel.