Leo Man and Capricorn Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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When we are interested in someone (usually romantically), we want to know everything there is about that person. One of the main things which interest us is the prospect of dating that person and having a successful relationship with them.

This information is not easily attainable when we have just met someone; we usually first reach for their social profiles looking for details about them.

Astrology is also one of the means we can use in this situation, to get some valuable information.

If you know the precise data of someone’s birth, i.e., their date, time, and place of birth, there are tons of information you can attain by comparing their natal chart to yours.

The reality is that we rarely possess such information at the beginning of our acquaintance with someone because it is considered private information, and asking such a question would raise suspicion and potentially cause this person to become reserved towards you.

The question you could ask, usually without risk of being considered nosy and weird, is a question about their horoscope sign.

Although there are people who regard horoscope as complete nonsense, and would find you odd and uninteresting if you asked them such a question, that is a risk you need to take if you want to gain some information about someone).

By comparing the basic traits of your horoscope sign with the sign of another person, you can find out much information about your compatibility with that person and the potential for a relationship with them; once you find that out, you will be glad you asked them.

In this text, we will make an analysis of compatibility between a Leo man and a Capricorn woman in various relationships. 

Leo Man

Leo the animal is considered a king of the animal world. The Leo man thinks of himself as the king of the human kingdom, and we might say that the title is mostly deserved. The Leo man is full of himself, that is true, and that can bother most of the people he gets into contact with, but this man has so many undeniable qualities, that his arrogant attitude can be disregarded.

It is no wonder this man acts this way; the planet Sun, which rules the personality, the person’s ego, authorities, male figures in our life, leadership, success, wealth, progress, abundance, and other similar matters, rules the sign of Leo.

These men are usually very successful and they reach high positions in society. They are very ambitious and they don’t give up until they achieve their goals no matter how high and unreachable it might seem. They love to show off and have very strong ego.

Leo men always want to have the best, whether it is things or people. They often brag about the things they have and are often reproached because of their attitude by people who are modest and consider bragging a sin.

Leo people (both men and women) are usually not at least bit modest; quite the opposite. And they don’t consider their desire to be the best and have all the best as something bad.

They consider that proof of their ability because they usually accomplish everything they set their mind to, and that includes what they consider “the best”. Honestly speaking, these men don’t get handled things on a silver platter without putting in the effort. They usually work hard to get the things they have and are proud of that.

These men are leader types and are not afraid to stand in front of people to demonstrate through their own example what needs to be done. They are also very human, nurturing and caring beings.

Their nature is helpful and although they suffer from severe vanity and need to be in the center of attention, these men are always willing to help the ones in need and they do it sincerely and wholeheartedly. These men truly have big hearts and they are usually very generous.

Their tendency to overspend can sometimes cause many problems in their life. These men have a need to show off and that can sometimes cause them to exceed their actual possibilities. This need Leo men often have can jeopardize their financial stability, making them spend more than they have and putting them in debt they won’t easily pay off.

Fortunately, these situations don’t happen often because Leo men are capable of earning enough not to be jeopardized by their habit of lavish spending.

These men are very passionate and their women need to be equally passionate and sexy. As in other areas of their lives, their women need to be the prize other men will be envious of.

Although they usually love their women very much and treat them with respect and great care, they often have the need to show them to others as their most prized possession. When we say it like that it might seem that these men treat their women as objects, but that is not true; they are simply demonstrating to the public how proud they are for having such a woman by their side.

They love sex, and they are very enduring in bed. They are usually very direct about their desires and have an aggressive approach. They go after what they want, which is how they usually behave when they are pursuing some woman. Their ideal woman must be able to have an adequate response to his passionate approach.

Although some Leo men can be considered macho men, these men are usually loyal and devoted partners, faithful to their women (when they find the one they want to be with in a committed relationship). They are very respectful towards their girlfriends and wives and are very good parents.

These men are good providers and make sure that their family doesn’t miss anything. They usually consider their wife and kids his most prized treasure.

A woman who treats him with respect, doesn’t provoke his ego and his masculinity, is passionate, and demonstrates her love for him openly, has a good chance of winning over his heart and staying there for a long time.

Capricorn Woman

A Capricorn woman is a proud and dignified being. She can appear cold and distant, but that is usually a façade she puts on to protect herself from people invading her privacy. These women are very passionate as well, but it takes getting to know them to discover that fact, but that is not easy because these women carefully choose who they let into their lives, and that also refers to men.

They have high standards for themselves and they require these standards to be met by the man who qualifies to be more to them than a mere acquaintance. They are usually successful and ambitious.

Most Capricorn women are proud of their career success and devote much of their time building it. They are very confident about their abilities and are not afraid to speak their mind about things. They are usually feared and respected by people from their surroundings.

That respect is well-earned because these women have many qualities and abilities which are responsible for their success in life.

Capricorn women are usually very independent and they try to be self-sustainable and not rely on anyone. For a man who is looking for a woman he will take care of and lead through life, she is possibly not the best choice. This woman knows what she wants and it is difficult for her to accept someone telling her what to do.

She doesn’t have a problem when her man is offering to organize their life together as long as she gets to be asked her opinion about the major things.

Her man has to be someone successful, confident and has a powerful personality.

She has one too, and she needs a man who is stronger than her, but not someone who will jeopardize her individuality with his power. She prefers relations of equality where both partners get to say their opinion and they talk about the best possible solution. She is perfectly capable of organizing her life as well as lives of many people because she has leader abilities in her personality, but she doesn’t like to be in that role for a long time, especially when she is in a relationship.

This woman might appear strong and distant, but she prefers a traditional layout of male and female roles in a relationship. She is perfectly satisfied with playing the role of a feminine female, if her man is capable of providing her with everything she needs, and that is often a lot. This woman is usually used to a certain lifestyle which she doesn’t want to give up.

The one thing where she keeps her independence is her career. Her career is very important to her, but she doesn’t let it jeopardize her other obligations, especially her duties regarding her man and her children. This woman somehow manages to have everything under control, and her man doesn’t have a reason to interfere with that part of her life.

She is also bringing money to the table, and that is one more asset her career is providing.

She is usually loyal and devoted to her partner who doesn’t have a reason to worry about his woman’s faithfulness. She might take time to choose her man, but when she chooses, she does it after considering all the facts, and she almost never regrets.

With this woman you are getting a real lady in public, a loyal and devoted partner in life, a passionate lover, and a wonderful mother to your children. What more can a man want from his woman?

Love Compatibility

The relationship between a Leo man and a Capricorn woman, although it might seem awkward and unlikely, isn’t impossible and it could well work out. These two have a lot of similarities, regardless of having not very compatible elements (fire and earth).

They are both very ambitious and very successful, and they both appreciate these traits in their partner. He is powerful and persistent enough to break through her barriers before beginning a relationship with someone.

The Leo man has a strong personality and leader qualities, and the Capricorn woman usually won’t have a problem handing him over the steering wheel, as long as he respects her independence in some areas of her life.

She in return won’t jeopardize his masculinity and will be proud of having such a confident and powerful man by her side.

Marriage Compatibility

In marriage, a Leo man and a Capricorn woman can get along fine if they adjust some of their main character differences and agree upon the role of each partner in the union.

If he is capable of providing for their family and organizing all the major areas of their life, she won’t mind that, providing that she has the right to disagree when she considers that some of her husband’s decisions are not right.

They could function very well together because they are both very organized and respect their duties. He is a good provider and both perform their parenting duties well.

She is also a woman he could be proud of and he is a man she could be proud of.


A Leo man and a Capricorn woman are not often in a friendship relationship because they often have different interests and hang around in different groups of people.

When they do become friends this friendship is filled with mutual respect and cooperation.

They appreciate each other’s abilities and once it starts this could be a lasting friendship. 

Cool Facts

The Leo man is often intimidated, annoyed, or amazed by the Capricorn woman’s dignified and proud posture because it is similar to his.

She could be annoyed by his sometimes pompous attitude, but she also might find it attractive and cute.


The relationship between a Leo man and a Capricorn woman is not a bad idea at all, although it might not seem that way to most people.

These two have the potential to form a lasting partnership if they overcome some issues and differences in their characters.

If they also have some other bonding elements in their natal charts, even better.