Sagittarius Sun Gemini Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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Many people wonder if astrology can actually answers questions related to our destiny in this world. It is an ancient discipline, dating thousands of years back into our past.

There are different astrological systems around the world.

The one we focus on is modern Western astrology. However, its origins are old; it comes from ancient Persia. Western astrology is based upon the Solar system.

Its history is long and turbulent and it changed throughout the time, of course.

Today, we call it an alternative and pseudo science, although astrology is founded upon strict principles and methodology, just like any officially acknowledged science.

Long ago, it seems astronomy and astrology were the same, not to mention that some notable scholars of the past were astrologers, amongst other things.

The actual answers astrology can offer us are tricky.

People are suspicious about its credibility, because astrology actually does not give concrete answers and this is what most of the people expect to get, especially when it comes to personal horoscope.

Well, astrology could reveal precious information about someone’s personality and potentials. The rest is all up to you.

Sun Sign

When it comes to personal horoscopes, there are many elements to interpret.

Personal astrological analysis is a complex thing; it is not only recognition of your native zodiac sign and knowing its major characteristics.

The thing is, aspects found in a birth chart, influenced by other signs and planets found there affect the native sign.

Your native sign is your Sun sign and it is indeed the center of your astrological ‘identification card’.

The Sun represents life, energy, creation, vitality, glory, health, generosity, nobility and many more. It has always been one of the most common mythological and spiritual symbols.

Many ancient deities were associated with the principle of the Sun.

Contemporary systems of belief also feature the symbol of the Sun and its light. The Sun is a life giving entity, so no wonder.

That is perhaps the reason why it is seen the core of a natal chart, as well. It is your own light, your Ego, your nature as it is. They Sun defines you as a person in this world. It affects your temperament, attitude and character.

The Sun allows your native sign to express its qualities in the best light, when in good and positive aspects.

The Sun is, of course, associated with the element of Fire, its energy is steady, powerful and creative. It is your personal strength.

The Sun defines the area of life you have the greatest chance to reach your maximum within.

It is also the most challenging one. The Sun sign is the way of channeling your personal energy. The nature of your Sun sign is who you are in short.

Sun in Sagittarius

Of course, the Sun sign is not the only element that defines you, but it is the first to analyze.

Therefore, if you have the Sun in Sagittarius, then you are a Sagittarius person, meaning you share common traits with other fellow Sagittarius.

What are characteristics of Sagittarius people? These intelligent and curious enthusiasts are always a good company. Let us learn some basics on Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is energetic and adventurous, with developed philosophical mind. These people are on a quest for the genuine purpose of life as it is.

Although this is an idealistic, hardly reachable goal, Sagittarius could never be discouraged or lead astray.

They truly believe it is their mission to find it out. More importantly, Sagittarius values every step of that path and takes something out of every experience they have.

They are active and need constant movement. They think a lot, exploring all sorts of ideas and opportunities, but also experience them practically. They are philosophers-travelers.

If a Sagittarius comes up with some new idea, he or she would not sit still and wait for things to happen.

They take the initiative and even provoke things to happen. They are quick-minded, direct, enthusiastic, humorous and sharp.

Personal freedom is something they value above everything else, but they do need a bit of restraint.

If they are allowed to do everything, they get lost, because their energy scatters in all sides and they lose focus and find themselves chaotic.

They are also very impatient and sometimes brutally honest. They are capable of receiving criticism and dealing with failure, but they overlook others’ sensitivity.

Moon Sign

The Moon is our sub conscious mind and our intuition. It is like an inner voice that whispers softly into our ear.

It is a voice not to be ignored, because the Moon speaks about our truest, deepest needs we are usually unaware of.

The Moon has always been associated with mystery and with magic. It is a nightly Luminary and everything associated with the night always inspired stories about mystical forces.

The Moon’s energy works in mysterious ways, since it rules our dreams and intuition. It is the planet that defines us as beings made of emotions, not thoughts.

Many times, it happens you feel something and you are not sure why that is so.

Your conscious mind struggles to find some logic in it, but the point is to let your inner voice simply guides you, at times.

In a natal chart, the moon matches a sign and a house. The sign determines your reactions to impressions you get from your environment.

The field represents the part of your life that provokes the greatest emotional response.

For example, if someone has the Moon in the field related to home and family life, it means it is his or hers greatest source of emotional fulfillment, but also vulnerability.

Moon in Gemini

The Moon in Gemini is a very restless Moon. In addition, it is a very communicative Moon.

Moon Gemini people are communicative, sociable and in need of verbal exchange.

They share their emotions through words, but, at the same time, they rarely form strong and deep connections with people. They love to be surrounded by people and are often the life of a party.

However, Moon Gemini is easily attracted by anything different, exotic, by anything new. It makes them versatile, capable of multi tasking, eager and curious, but unsteady.

They quickly lose interest and get easily bored.

That prevents them of making long term, deep connections. Some would say they are emotionally shallow. It could be said so, but it is also a defense mechanism.

Moon Gemini are quick minded, dynamic. They enjoy the feeling of having butterflies in their belly and they are of amorous nature.

They do not try to hide their enthusiasm over someone or something.

Moon Gemini easily attract people and even more easily start a relationship. The problem is, it usually does not last for long, once the initial magic is gone.

Sagittarius Sun Gemini Moon Personality

Sagittarius sun Gemini Moon are probably the most curious, adventurous and youthful personalities in the entire Zodiac. Their enthusiasm and energy are literally unstoppable.

They are intrigued by everything that could bring them any sort of excitement. They have great intellectual and spiritual depth of an adventurous Sagittarius and all the youthful spirit and drive to explore the world of a restless Gemini.

Both of these signs are dynamic and extremely energetic.

They are sociable and friendly, although not very reliable. They are, however, honest and very open.

They do not calculate words and actions and could act impulsively. However, they are extremely quick witted and can outsmart anyone.

They would never use this talent to trick someone so that they take advantage at someone’s cost. However, this is a useful talent that could get them out of any trouble.

Good Traits

Those are the most charismatic zodiac representatives with an amazing sense of humor. They are good friends.

Although it may seem they take nothing seriously, it is only their way of dealing with problems.

They do not panic; they turn everything into a joke, while seriously thinking on how to solve a problem.

They would always help you, by cheering you up, while quickly and efficiently resolving anything that bothers you.

Bad Traits

They could be too hasty and act foolishly. Although it rarely hurts them, because of their enthusiasm and optimism, as well as the ability to learn from experience, prevents them from breaking down, they could unintentionally hurt others.

If it happens too many times, they end up alone.

Now, that is something these sociable, friendly and outgoing people do not wish to happen.

They value personal freedom, but they need people in their life, they feed on interaction and communication.

Sagittarius Sun Gemini Moon in Love and Marriage

These lovers need a dynamic relationship. They rarely think about a serious relationship or a marriage early on.

They love change and exploring. They would probably have completely different types of partners throughout their lifetime, until they find the perfect one.

It is very likely they find the love of their life on the other side of the world. In a relationship, they are honest and do not tolerate limitations.

They would treat their loved ones with kindness and make them laugh and feel comfortable and self-confident.

Best Match for Sagittarius Sun Gemini Moon

Best match for these energetic people has to be a person who shares their interests and their ideas on personal freedom.

It would be the best if their lover were more down to earth, calmer and steadier, because these people need a subtle, well-masked control. They need it, but they would never admit it.

Their perfect partner is a someone optimistic and joyful, proud of their own uniqueness.


There is so much life in a Sagittarius Sun Gemini Moon. These people are full of amazing stories of all sorts.

They would travel to the end of the world both to see what lies beyond the edge and to see if there lies the clue to the ultimate questions of purpose.

They are unstoppable, unbreakable in spirit. They never lose hope they would eventually find what they search for.

What is extremely important is that these enthusiastic people enjoy each moment of life to the fullest.