Leo Man and Scorpio Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Since old days, people have been turning to stars, seeking answers to their numerous questions about the life itself, the past, the present and the future.

Actually, they have been studying the movement and positions of planets in our solar system. Some of the greatest of old civilizations were true experts in astrology, which was part of what we now know as astronomy.

Ancient Sumerians and other Mesopotamian cultures, Arabs, Chinese, Greeks, Romans and many more, would have much relied on planets and constellations. They were incredibly skillful in analyses and measurements, all sorts of precise calculations, but they were also interested in a more mystical aspect of skies above.

For example, an astronomer was much-appreciated figure amongst royalty.

It was he who determines the course of action, when there is a question about important conquest campaigns or so; he would tell the ruler or a commander if stars are inclined towards their success or not. His opinion was highly valued and respected.

Today, astrology and such predictions are put aside and opinions on their authenticity are very much divided.

Modern people rely more on proved scientific experience than what they see as mystical speculations. However, there are still many of those who believe real answers lie beyond all the science we know.

Perhaps the truth is something of a mixture of both. There are phenomena we cannot find any logical explanation to.

How many times it has happened that you felt as some higher force determines what you experience in your life?

Sometimes, it could be mere coincidence, but when such moments keep repeating, you ask yourself if there is something more to it. Everyone has faced such strange and mystical moments; it is only a question whether you take it for granted or see something more in it.

Here we come to horoscopes, zodiac signs and compatibility of zodiac personalities. It is surely an interesting part of astrology.

While zodiac sign does not definitely shape up your personality it gives it certain outlines. When it comes to compatibility, there are no signs that are impossible to match; there are only easy and complicated relationships.

Leo Man

Today we have an interesting task. We will see how compatible are Leo man and Scorpio woman, both of them impressive in their ways, very strong and proud personalities. Of course, it does not mean your relationship would be ‘according to the book’, but here are some basic insights into it and useful guidelines.

Let us first see what kind of a man is a Leo.

Leo man is surely and astounding personality, both in his appearance and presentation.

He is very proud, but not particularly arrogant. He feels comfortable and at ease everywhere; somehow, he always manages to take the highest position. He is fit to rule and command; it is in his blood. He leaves positive impressions, that of a honorable, brave and just protector.

He is as brave as he is self-confident. Although his life is a line of periods of hard and dedicated work and those of total laziness, he is not to be considered neither an adventurous nor a dull and lazy person. He sets his goals and is satisfied with achieving them.

He sees to establish an impeccable reputation and works to maintain it. A Leo rarely complains about misfortunes and failures and do not ask for help.

Leo man is capable of handling things on his own and enjoys being in control. Actually, he expects others respect, honor and obey him. If they were not, he would invent suitable explanation that will save him from feeling less valuable. It is in his nature to think the best about himself. Leo man is competitive, but probably a Leo woman has more of that spirit.

However, it is important to him to have a rival or a person he admires very much and sees a role model in them. His goals in life include material fortune, cozy and warm home and a reputation anyone would envy. He is not obsessed with money, but he loves luxury. Money is to be spent and earned again; he does not worry about it much.

Leo man is an irresistible charmer any lady could hardly resist. His aura is bright, positive, warm and golden, just as the Sun, which rules his zodiac. His energy is strong and static. Leo man knows how to attract a woman’s attention.

He knows to choose compliments, gestures and he acts as a true gentlemen. He treats women as ladies; all of them, not only the one he is in love with.

He is easygoing and friendly. Leo man usually has a large company and he enjoys all sorts of social occasions. He likes to be seen and admired. His never-ending boasting about his majesty could be tiring, but there is no way he would behave differently.

He is all about himself, but his talks are never meant to hurt anyone or make him or her feel unimportant.

On top of all, Leo man is protective, kind and caring about his closest ones. Family and tradition are of much importance to him. He represents a genuine fatherly figure and is a true head of the house.

His authority is undeniable, but he is not too strict and is definitely not cold and reserved. A Coeur de lion, that is possibly the best description of our noble Leo man.

Scorpio Woman

Now here we come to one of the most enigmatic and mystical zodiac personalities, beautiful and somewhat exotic Scorpio woman. She is commonly known as a dark beauty, an irresistible seductress and unique and strong character. Her energy is as strong as Leo’s is, but she definitely is darker.

Scorpio woman is not actually a pessimist, although her thoughts could be really gloomy and oriented inwards.

She a dominant personality, commanding and demanding. However, she demands the most of herself and could be really strict and judging upon her own decisions and actions. Scorpio woman never blames the world for her misfortunes; she firmly believes she is the one to control everything in her life.

If something bad happens, she blames herself. It is very hard for a narcissistic Scorpio to realize there are many factors she is not meant to handle.

Scorpio woman thinks, acts and feels in extremes. She is sensitive and emotional, but also very strong, at the same time. She does not handle failure well, because she always expects the best of herself, but fails to let herself rest and recover.

She is either enthusiastic, motivated and euphoric or depressed, gloomy and furious. For a Scorpio woman, weakness is something that happens to other people.

This is her worst side, because it makes her feel miserable over minor problems. Fortunately, her strength, courageous and cunning nature does not let her give up. Even if she makes drama over this or that, she bravely goes through the life.

Scorpio is incredibly intuitive and intelligent lady. She is very imaginative, creative, responsible and well organized.

Scorpio woman is tactful. She would never choose a job that only brings her money; she would do so only if situation is critical. She would find a way to make money from what she loves doing. Scorpio needs a flexible job, a creative and payable one.

She enjoys expensive and classy things and has an eye for fashion. She is always dressed well; even in causal outfit, she appears intriguing, exotic and unique.

She is a fiery lover, the ones that is very tactile and sophisticated. She has a great sexual appetite and needs a partner who can answer to her desires. She is emotional and romantic; for a Scorpio woman, sex is never just sex. She loves to flirt and manipulate men.

Once she falls in love, she becomes extremely devoted, loyal and could be possessive of her partner.

Scorpio woman is self-confident and not particularly vane; she does not give much about what others say about her. She enjoys leaving an impression of a mysterious, beautiful and intriguing personality.

Oh, you would notice a Scorpio woman, even if she has sneaked into the room, without a single word. She is not shy, but she could be reserved and icy cold, if she has no interest in you.

She always speaks her mind. Scorpio woman would never ever let others tell her what to do or try manipulating her. Her intuition proves accurate in almost one hundred percent of cases.

She reads people with ease and sees through others intention. She would let you feel in control, if the situation suits her. She is not malevolent, but would help you only if you ask for it.

Love Compatibility

Now, what we have here? Fire and water, two dominant, strong willed, self-confident and passionate signs. Leo man and Scorpio woman could have an exciting, overpowering relationship, but it could become dramatic and too fiery at times, if they do not control their instincts to rule and command.

Both are prone to competition and rivalry and are much aware of competitive instinct of the other one.

They understand one another very well and that is exactly where things get best or fall apart. Leo man expects to be pleased and obeyed and he knows Scorpio is pretty much the same. He would never let her take charge of everything, because he has to be an alpha, the head of this relationship.

Scorpio will never fully accept that and would always add or change something, so that everything has her final touch.

Neither of them lacks self-esteem and boldness. Both enjoy being the center of attention, so that makes it interesting seeing them together in a larger company. They would compete even there. Their seek attention, but their performance is different. Leo is pompous and glorious, Scorpio extravagant and mysterious.

Both except others to admire and adore them. It is interesting that they could become insufferable to others, once they find a common tongue and place themselves and their unity above all others.

Their main goals or ideas about life are different. While Leo is more conventional, Scorpio is more experimenting personality. She needs more spiritual freedom than Leo, who is inclined towards the idea of settling down and starting a family. Both are very intense and their connection proves that there is a thin line between love and hate.

However, if aspects in their horoscopes are in favor of their connection, this relationship could be successful, but not without any turbulence. They will argue over lots of things, but it does not have to lead to a breakup.

Their relationship is complex, but both are loyal, passionate and devoted partners. There will be no cheating or secrets between them.

Marriage Compatibility

This strange and dramatic relationship usually starts at a sexual level. They could match perfectly or nothing at all. If there is chemistry between them, this is what they will build their relationship upon.

They are satisfied with their sex life and that keeps them moving forward. If their connection survives the moment they have realized it will be tough to deal with so much energy one from another, they could have a really interesting marriage.

They are usually satisfied with their jobs and rarely argue over money. Both are amazing parents; Leo protective, Scorpio inspiring.

Their kids are likely to get the best education possible and their parents would support them in pursuing their dreams.

This marriage will not be without difficulties, but it could become steady, with occasional turbulence.


Friendship between a Leo man and a Scorpio woman is never dull and boring. It is more of a rivalry than friendship, but the sort of which neither a Leo nor a Scorpio could live without. IT even gives them some sort of purpose.

However, they could be really good friends. Leo is protective of his Scorpio friends and would always be there to face anyone who tries to hurt her; he will gallantly defend her.

On the other hand, Scorpio would always give precious advices to a Leo, especially those about his relationships with other people.

Her intuition is much better than Leo’s is and she would never let her friend be manipulated or deceived by bad people.

Cool Facts

There are interesting examples of famous Leo man/Scorpio woman couples that put a question mark upon the nature of this relationship.

One of such couples is that of Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton.


While Leo man/Scorpio woman match is not the best of zodiac combinations, this zodiac relationship could work. However, it is very unlikely it would be all milk and honey.

These people are both too strong and too proud characters, with strong need to command and rule.

If they manage to work together, instead of competing all the time, this could become an incredibly strong and stable connection.

As we have said, there is a thin line here between two possibilities.