Leo Man and Pisces Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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The compatibility between people is a bit of a mystery.

But astrology has means to uncover that mystery, by comparing the two people’s natal chart planetary placements to see how well they would get along and what issues they could face.

By knowing the exact time, date, and place of birth of a person, you can find plenty of details about this person’s character, but also how well you two would get along.

When you just meet someone you like, it is usually inappropriate to ask that person about their precise data because your action would most likely be considered rude and nosy, and that person might well find you odd and get a false picture about you.

Fortunately, their horoscope sign can reveal a significant amount of details about a person and about your compatibility because all people born under the same sun sign (which is usually called the horoscope sign) share many traits.

A question about someone’s horoscope sign is usually not considered awkward and is information you can easily attain.

In this text, we will do a comparison between the traits of the male Leo and a female Pisces to see how well these two would fit in different relationships.

Leo Man

The Leo man is a proud and dominant figure. These men usually have a royal demeanor and value themselves very high. They are very self-confident and determined. Leo men usually have leadership qualities and often reach managing positions.

They also love luxury and joys of life and do all put in the effort to provide themselves with them.

These men are very passionate and sexual beings. Women are high on the list of their interests, besides success and wealth. They want only the best for themselves and the same goes for women too. They desire a woman who has a lot of qualities and values herself highly just like he does.

Leo men often have a habit (more like need) to show off and brag about the things they have accomplished or they have. They want others to admire them; that need usually derives from their big ego which they need to satisfy.

They can be so consumed with themselves and their need that other people might find them difficult to be around. It takes a lot of nerves to be in his presence and listen to his bragging and restrain yourself from reacting. Many people find their attitude unacceptable and can’t be around them.

If a Leo man has stirred your interest, you need to be prepared for this part of his personality. You also need to be prepared to put up with it because you won’t be able to tell him anything about it without insulting him or creating a conflict. It is just who they are, and they don’t have a bad intention.

They are overly confident and proud people who like others to know about their accomplishments. In their language, the word modesty doesn’t exist.

Their woman should be confident and she should really be a prize they are willing to fight for, but she also needs to be respectful of her man and be careful not to provoke his pride. A woman who loves her man and appreciates him for who he is won’t have a problem accepting this trait.

If she treats him with respect he deserves, she will be rewarded with the greatest possible attention and love from this man.

Everything has to be grand and the best with him and his woman is certainly a part of this too. She will have the best things and be taken care of. Leo’s woman doesn’t have to work, but he will respect her desire to work if she wants. This man takes excellent care of the people he loves and manages to provide them with the best.

So regardless of what anyone might say about their bragging habits, these men usually have a lot to brag about, and it is all their work.

A typical Leo man loves being surrounded with luxury, and usually has the means to provide it. Some Leo man can become so consumed with living a high lifestyle that they are willing to jeopardize their financial stability and their family just to obtain it, even if it means spending money they don’t have.

The love of spending is one of the Leo men worst threats, and they need to learn how to control themselves, especially in situations when they know they shouldn’t be spending as much because they haven’t yet created a solid base for such behavior. Fortunately, most Leo men manage to provide enough to indulge in their need for lavish spending and luxury.

Although they are very active and love a good night out, when they find a woman they want to settle with, they become more attached to home comfort and spending more time in her company. This man loves being pampered and a woman who does a good job at pampering him is on her way of winning his heart.

He also enjoys pampering his loved ones and makes sure they don’t miss anything. He can be promiscuous until he finds “the one”, but after meeting her, that usually changes and he becomes faithful and devoted to her.

They are very passionate but also love caressing and kissing with their partner. When they are in love, they want the whole world to know about that and openly demonstrate their affection.

If you are in love with this man, you know how warming and comforting his fire is; you only need to relax and let it warm you for the times to come.

Pisces Woman

A Pisces woman is a beautiful, elusive being who appears to have come from the depths of the ocean. It is not a joke, these women often seem like they are coming from another world.

They are usually very beautiful and look dreamy and mysterious. They usually don’t talk much and that only adds to the aura of mystery they exude in their surroundings. They are a real challenge for any man to conquer.

These women are very adaptable and can get along well with most people. They are very emotional and they get along better with men who are emotional as well. Pisces women are usually not very ambitious and independent, and they seek a strong man by their side to feel protected. Not all Pisces women are like this of course, but a great deal of them are.

These women are very sensitive and caring. They are also helpful and do their best to help others.

Although they seem innocent and unprotected, many of these women are very good at the game of seducing men and getting them attached. Men naturally seek women in need of their protection and these women naturally fit in that model.

Even if they are capable of taking care of their needs, these women often play the role of silent and insecure beings that need a savior to save them and guide them through life.

Sometimes, this might actually be true, and these women are incapable of being on their own without a man, but it is often a wise choice of these smart women who choose not to reveal just how smart they are.

They are sensual beings, but they are more tender than passionate. They love kissing and hugging with their men and intimacy comes after that. Some Pisces women who are insecure and need validation from men, even turn to use physical relationships to gain that validation, which causes them to act promiscuous and feel bad about themselves.

They are also prone to different kinds of addictions to deal with their insecurities and that is something they need to pay a lot of attention to.

A typical Pisces woman strives to have a family of her own, with a nice house, a devoted husband who loves her and a lot of children around them. This woman is an epitome of femininity and she is an excellent choice for a man who wants a settled and harmonious home life with a wife as his faithful companion by his side.

Although these women can have an adventurous spirit, they are usually home types and are not very sociable. People love their company because they usually have a good sense of humor and they are fun to be around.

Because they are very emotional, their emotions are easily hurt, and they usually react by retrieving. These hurts can cause deep emotional scars which in turn can cause emotional blockages which can prevent these women from being able to relax and enjoy in a relationship.

They can also cause distrust in all men and fears of love and being in a relationship where this woman can once again be hurt by the man she loves.

These women are often fragile beings who need to be dealt with care. If you gain her trust and love, that might last a lifetime. She is a wonderful mother and wife, who takes good care of the household. She will make sure everything is in perfect order and everyone is well taken care of.

This woman often chooses a life of a housewife, where she devotes herself to taking care of the house and the loved ones. She is usually a good cook and loves preparing food for the people she loves and she is an ideal woman for a man who shares similar traits and desires.

She can be absentminded at times, and that is something you should get used to if you desire to be a part of her life.

Don’t reproach her for not remembering what you said two minutes ago or if she forgot to do something you have asked her to do. It is who she is, and she doesn’t do that on purpose.

Putting up with that is not a big price, comparing to the wonderful things you are getting in the package called a Pisces woman.

Love Compatibility

Surprisingly, a love match between a Leo man and a Pisces woman is not unlikely. Quite the contrary, it can happen and be a lasting one. The main reason is in their characters.

He is all man and she is all woman and these two are by nature compatible; he wants to be a protector and she wants to be protected, and that is one more compatibility between these two. He is capable to be a good provider and she wants to have a good provider by her side so she can feel relaxed and cared for.

They both want to take care of each other, and if there is love between them there can be faithfulness and devotion which can last a long time.

She will be the prize he wants to get and she will do her best to maintain being the prize he wants to keep for a long time, possibly for life.

Marriage Compatibility

A marriage commitment between these two is not a bad idea at all. They have a lot of compatible traits which can create and maintain a long-lasting bond such as marriage. Their marriage will be a well-organized one.

He is the provider and she will usually take care of the house, her man and their children.

Both of them will be satisfied in these roles because they feel natural doing them. She is smart enough not to provoke this man’s pride and enjoys being shielded by his strong personality.

He in turn will enjoy having this beautiful jewel of a woman by his side that does wonderful things around the house and looks awesome as well.


Although there can be good compatibility between a Leo man and a Pisces woman in a romantic connection, they are not a very good match as friends.

The reason is the difference of their personalities, different interests and activities, and the circle of people they usually hang around with. It is not a likely friendship combination, although it might be a good one if there are some other bonding signs between them.

Cool Facts

A Leo man and a Pisces woman can have a beneficial influence on each other during their interaction.

He might find that he is being more emotional and getting in touch with his emotional side around her, while she will feel more confident and begin believing in her abilities when she is around him.


A love relationship between a Leo man and a Pisces woman is usually a good one, while a friendship between them is not a likely one.

Although they are a combination of a fire and water sign, these two are unexpectedly compatible as a love match.