Neptune in Aquarius

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What is actually a horoscope, you might ask. Many people identify the whole idea of horoscope with what they read about the zodiac sign they were born under. Although it is not incorrect, that is only a tiny piece of what horoscope is.

Actually, those few lines about your sign are simplified and very generalized horoscopes. What you are probably interested in is personalized horoscope, which is a part of natal astrology.

Personalized horoscopes are detailed and highly individualized horoscopes that are all unique. They are based upon personal details, such as one’s date and exact hour and minute of birth and longitude and latitude of the place they were born at.

These elements are essential for making a natal or birth chart, which is a basis for any astrological analysis that brings out your horoscope.

Horoscope is an analysis of time, to put it simply. To be precise, it is an interpretation of personalized timeline.

Many people think horoscopes are something like predictions, but they are not; they are like prognosis and guidelines and what they say is not one hundred percent what is going to happen. If it were so, no one would do anything in life!

We would read our horoscope, sit, and wait for our destiny to play its cards.

Well, astrology and horoscopes in particular are more complex than that. The destiny, in astrological terms, is how planets and heavenly bodies affect one’s life. The defining moment of each person’s life is his or her birthday. The position of planets at that moment in time define one’s personal traits and temperament, but also open various of possibilities for that one, in years to come.

Horoscopes tell us about potentials we have in life as individual personalities. That is also the main reason for why people born at the exactly same time and even at the same place (literally the same, the same hospital or maybe the same house) would never have the same life. It is all about on how you would use potentials offered.

This might make you question the accuracy of astrology. The truth is, planetary positions in your birth chart are a bare fact; there is nothing mysterious about that. How their energies intertwine and what aspects they make, that is the true question.

Every single element in an individual birth chart matters a great deal.

Your ruling zodiac sign is the place where the Sun is in your natal chart. That is only a piece of the puzzle.

Transpersonal planets

Let us talk more on planets. In ancient astrology, only planets that could be seen with the naked eye counted. They are called ‘classical’ planets and they enlist the Sun, the Moon, mercury, Venus, mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

In astrology, the first two are also taken as planets, although they are technically not planets. Other planets were discovered lately and, thus, added to the astrological list much later.

These ‘extra’ planets are called ‘modern’ planets and they are Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. This is not the only classification of planets in astrology. Another and more important one, perhaps, divides planets in three groups and these are ‘personal planets’, ‘social planets’ and ‘transpersonal planets’.

Personal planets are the first five, without Earth. They are responsible for the most personal traits of an individual.

Places they occupy in one’s birth chart and aspects they make define one as a person of certain type of character and temperament. Jupiter and Saturn are ‘social planets’ and they determine one’s relation with the wider society, they way people interact with the world around.

One inspires expansion, the other one restriction, in the simplest of definitions.

The last three are planets that we are going to focus on and they are ‘modern’ or ‘transpersonal planets’. They are distant, mysterious and they are related to our unconscious mind, to the higher level of existence, to everything we are not fully aware.

It is said they do not have that strong impact on an individual personality, but they do play a role in personalized natal charts, of course.

Transpersonal planets travel far distances and it takes time for them to finish the line around the Sun. they stay in each zodiac sign for more than a couple of years, meaning they affect generations of people, not only individuals.

Uranus needs 84 years to go around the Sun; Neptune takes 165 and Pluto 248 years.

Neptune and Horoscope

Neptune is one of these mysterious and distant transpersonal planets. It has a long journey; as we have mentioned more than a century and a half it takes for Neptune to travel around the Sun.

Moreover, it spends from twelve to fifteen years in one zodiac sign. This means that people born over that period have Neptune in the same zodiac sign.

Although Neptune affects whole generations, its place in an individual birth chart matters. Neptune is the planet of mysteries, inspiration and illusions. It whispers into our ear, on the edge of our consciousness, making us wonder about what is yet there to discover.

Neptune awakens inner senses, intuition, and imagination. It sends us dreams and visions of all sorts.

Planet Neptune carries the name of one of the most powerful ancient deities, the god of seas and oceans and of all waters. God Neptune rules underwater and his mythical kingdom is deeper and richer than that on the ground. It is mysterious, unreachable to most of mortal people, vast and abundant.

Astrological planets carry meanings associated with ancient gods as archetypes.

Planet Neptune sends us this mysterious energy; it awakens our depths and inspires us. It sometimes offers us visions of the perfect, ideal world, while other times it breaks our illusions and makes us feel the bitter taste of reality.

The reality, as it is, does not have to be bitter, but after a dream of perfection, it seems dull, poor and even desperate.

Neptune is associated with all sorts of expressive arts. Neptune inspires great artists, musicians, performers, dancers and many more. It rules the sign of Pisces, which is known as deep, emotional, mysterious and creative. With strong Neptune in a birth chart, it matters how you are going to express what you hold inside and it is usually in an artistic form.

This powerful planet makes us see beyond the surface, make us travel deep and discover other layers of the world, not only the earth we walk on.

In a way, Neptune’s energy is comforting, because its illusions and visions give us hope things could be glorious and wonderful and inspire us to seek ways to achieve something beautiful, pure, something ‘higher’. Neptune carries us into the oceans of our own soul.

Neptune in Aquarius – General Info

Let us now focus on what Neptune means if placed in particular zodiac sign, in a natal chart. We will talk about Neptune in Aquarius, this time. Neptune in Aquarius is associated with incredibly strong intuition and with innovative, libertarian minds.

It inspires tolerance, understanding, and altruism. Neptune in Aquarius is associated with crossing borders, expansion and the beginnings of the process of populating the Cosmos.

Neptune was in Aquarius from 1998 to 2010, after which it passed into the sign of Pisces, its natural place, where it is going to stay until 2026. Neptune in Aquarius is generally associated with an extremely good intuition that allows one recognize the best opportunities in life easily.

It is also associated with modern technologies. It means people with Neptune in Aquarius are oriented towards technological progress more than others.

What is very important for Neptune Aquarius people is that they do not put themselves above the elder and everything that is old, like some others do (a good example are arrogant Neptune Capricorns, some of them, at least).

They appreciate old values and they would see to incorporate them into their brilliant ideas. They are innovative and oriented towards the future, but they do not deny or cast away the past.

It is typical for Aquarius sign to see the bigger picture and to want to change the world for all people. Neptune inspires brilliant, revolutionary ideas, but the ones that are peaceful. Neptune Aquarius people could achieve great success in the field of politics, for example, and they would not be remembered as cruel and stubborn leaders.

They have tolerance and they preach tolerance and peace. They have their principles and limits, of course.

Neptune Aquarius are bold visionary people who know how to present their ideas to others.

They could also be great journalists. New technologies and the use of those are particularly interesting to them. They are some of those who bring ideas on how to combine technology and nature, for the benefit of us all.

People with Neptune in Aquarius are hardly discouraged of their vision of the better world.

Good Traits

Neptune in Aquarius brings innovation and revolution, but peaceful and diplomatic. Neptune in Aquarius tries to settle down the differences between extremes, such as that between the past and the future, nature and technology.

They truly believe these could be balanced and they enjoy in trying to find new ways of combining them and using the best of them all, for the sake of all living things on this earth.

They are determined in their goals and not easily discouraged. They are people of great integrity and they are visionary characters. Many others fail to understand the greatness of their ideas, but they would not give them up.

With good aspects in natal chart, they are noble, pure, light and positive. These people see things from a wider perspective and they are not focused solely on themselves. They are successful in politic, rhetoric, science, technology in general, especially biotechnology.

People with good aspects with Neptune in Aquarius usually have harmonious life, without complications on emotional level. That, of course, happens if other aspects in an individual chart are favorable with it.

They usually know what they want from their love life and are ready to search for the perfect love. There are great chances they would find what they search for in that sense.

Bad Traits

Bad aspects for Neptune in Aquarius bring inability to express one’s emotions the way the person would like to. It reflects on all areas of that person’s life. Maybe they have amazing visions and brilliant ideas, but they do not know how to present them; they cannot find a good channel.

Their visions of the better world could also become too strong, so that they start underestimating the world as it is to greater depths.

They start criticizing and judging everything and everyone, but do not offer any alternative.

There could also be problems on the field of love and romantic love in particular.

They cannot achieve balance and harmony in love life, because they cannot express their emotions properly. They also start breaking bonds with people who do not find them special and genuine.

They tend to go to extremes, especially in their visions. If they have resources to apply such ideas in reality, they could bring great disasters to the world. Neptune in Aquarius generations have dangerously extreme ideas about the world and they do everything out of noble causes.

However, it could turn out brilliant or desperately wrong, at the end of the day.

Neptune in Aquarius Man

A man with Neptune in Aquarius is intuitive, noble, gallant and gentle. He is a person with a bright aura, the one who inspires and leads others.

He is a knight who defends his causes and protects those in need. He has visions of this world as a better place. Neptune Aquarius man is not a martyr, but a peaceful revolutionary.

He is not a knight, because the force he posses, but because his noble attitude. He values tradition and tries to preserve it by using an innovative approach. He is kind towards people, but he does not let anyone bring down his dreams and visions.

He believes he is always right and he boldly expresses his opinions.

Neptune in Aquarius Woman

Women with Neptune in Aquarius are less open about expressing their ideas and emotions, but they are not shy or insecure. They are simply even more objective and calculated.

She is kind and a sociable personality, but she has a bad habit of criticizing others, maybe more than her counterpart. Neptune Aquarius lady does not step away from her ideas easily.

She maybe puts herself above others at times, in intellectual terms. She is highly intellectual and Neptune turns it into brilliant creativity and makes her innovative, imaginative and artistic.

Neptune Aquarius women are born to perform and to express. They are amazing painters, singers or actresses, for example.


Neptune in Aquarius inspires creativity, intuition and visionary aspect of personality.

Generations of people with Neptune in Aquarius are oriented towards new discoveries, but they also appreciate old inventions and think of them as brilliant for their time.

Moreover, they find ways to make use them in contemporary form.

They are well-balanced in all terms, sometimes egocentric, but generally libertarian and humanitarian ones.