Leo Sun Capricorn Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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The sun sign is our outer personality while the moon sign is our inner being, and subconscious content.

People from our surroundings usually perceive us through our sun sign traits, while our moon sign traits are known only to us and the people we decide to share them with.

These people are usually the ones we consider very close and trustworthy.

People with their sun in Leo and moon in Capricorn have personalities which are a mix of fire and earth element.

These people are grounded and stable. They have strong willpower and they are hardly distracted from their goals.

They are determined to succeed and many of them don’t mind the cost of their success. They are very intelligent and can be materialistic. One of their chief focuses is establishing a solid financial base for the future and earning enough money to live a lifestyle they desire.

These people love quality and they usually want the best that money can buy. These people love comfort and luxury and they will do anything to provide them. They are usually very successful and their success comes as a result of their actions and efforts.

They are very confident and have undivided faith in their abilities to succeed. They are hard workers and don’t get discouraged by the obstacles they encounter.

For these people, challenges only strengthen their desire to succeed.

They have leadership qualities and are very ambitious and often end up in managerial positions or they own their companies.

These people cannot accept being told what to do, and that is why they usually have troubles with authorities while they are growing up, or during the years of the rise to power.

They are rigid about their beliefs and don’t let anyone influence them. They can try to influence others through imposing their opinions to other people, often without being asked to.

They usually think highly of themselves and desire to be recognized by others for their qualities. They often have a superior complex and truly believe that they are above everyone else.

They often feel invincible and are very courageous. Their strength and appearance make people admire them and want to follow them.

People instinctively feel their strength and abilities and they usually instill confidence in them.

Their desire to succeed in some cases might make them unscrupulous acts and treat people badly and use them for their purposes. That happens when the rulers of their sun and moon are badly aspected.

They can sometimes demonstrate tyrannical behavior and force people to follow their lead and instructions. They can also be dangerous opponents.

These people are usually traditional and respect the deeds of their ancestors. They try to maintain the family tradition and often continue the family business of their ancestors. They have great respect for their elders as well.

They need stability in the form of finances, but also material assets, and that is why they often invest in real-estate. Besides having a nice large and comfortable house they live in, these people often have other real-estate on the side, which they lease and earn additional income.

The Leo natural inclination towards luxury and tendency to overspend to have the best of everything is in this case inhibited with Capricorn influence. In the combination of these two, remains the desire for quality and comfort, but these people easily control their urges for spending and spend when they need and on items they need, unlike some other Leo people who tend to spend recklessly jeopardizing their financial situation.

These people are responsible and reliable, and are good organizers. They tend to make plans ensuring the success of their actions and diminishing the possibility of making mistakes.

These people are not easy to satisfy in any aspect because they have very high expectations.

They are strict towards themselves and demand a lot from themselves and that gives them the right to treat others in the same manner. They consider people who give up on their goals weak and don’t respect them.

They respect only people who give their best in their attempts to achieve their goals and who are not quitters regardless of the challenges and circumstances they are facing. They often have an iron will and can endure the hardest difficulties and challenges.

Good Traits

The good traits of Leo sun and Capricorn moon:

– enduring, strong stamina, reliable, responsible, organized, serious, committed, faithful, leaders, good providers, passionate, never give up, motivated by challenges, successful, prone to making plans, they respect their family tradition, courageous, etc.

Bad Traits

The bad traits of Leo sun and Capricorn moon:

– unemotional, calculated, cold, hard to relax, closed off; don’t like changes, prone to secret affairs, prone to lying and hiding the truth, have a hard to get along personality, prone to imposing their opinions and decisions on others, arrogant, have a superiority complex, consider themselves impeccable, strict, prone to treating people badly and using them for their purposes, rigid, desire to be admired, materialistic, etc. 

‘Leo’ Sun ‘Capricorn’ Moon in Love and Marriage

People with sun in Leo and moon in Capricorn are serious and committed to their partners.

They often have a cold and calculated nature and are not very emotional. Their warmth (if there is any comes from Leo).

Capricorn is a calculated unemotional sign, and in combination with the planet of emotions (Moon), it creates people who are emotionally deprived and closed off. These people cannot easily relax.

They usually think solely on their duties and even consider their relationships and marriages as some form of duty.

They are usually not prone to making changes and in most cases are faithful to their partners.

Some of these people could be prone to having secret relationships on the side, parallel with their long-term relationship or marriage, without being discovered by their steady partners.

They have a gift of hiding the truth and lying while doing the things they desire knowing that they wouldn’t be approved. They also don’t have a problem lying to their partner if some suspicions arise.

They are usually the lead force in their relationships or marriages and aren’t prone to making compromises with their partners or spouses. They usually impose their decisions about their mutual life to their partners forcing them to accept them to avoid conflicts.

These people don’t have personalities which are easy to get along with. They are arrogant and convinced of their impeccability; that is why their partners often cannot be people with a strong will.

People who desire to agree on things with their partners and not simply accept their decision without having an opportunity to say their opinion about it should avoid these people if they realize that compromise with them is impossible.

Not all people with this Sun/Moon placement have these traits, but many of them do.

As parents, these people are usually strict and demand their children follow the rules they have set for them.

They are ambitious and they transfer their ambition to their kids. They want their children to be successful and inspire their ambition and eagerness to succeed.

That itself should not be a bad thing if these people would not pressure their children to be like that. They are good providers for their children and their families in general, and make sure they got everything they desire and need.

They are passionate people, and desire passionate partners. They could have strong physical urges and demand to satisfy them.

They are very enduring and not many partners can keep up with their stamina.

Best Match For ‘Leo’ Sun ‘Capricorn’ Moon

The best match for a person who is Leo sun sign and Capricorn moon is a fire or earth sign with a bit of fire or earth element in their natal charts.

These people desire strong and confident partners, who are ambitious and accomplished.

The problem is that they too have these traits and they need a balanced personality to be able to control their urges to be the dominant one in the relationship and make all the major decisions.

If they don’t manage to control themselves it is likely that the partners with the qualities they desire will pass by them and they will end up with the less confident ones who don’t have a strong will and are quite satisfied with being guided through life by their partners or spouses.

Signs from other elements can also be a good match, providing that they have some earth and fire element.


People born with their sun in Leo and their moon in Capricorn have strong character and iron will. These people cannot be stopped from achieving their goals. When they set their mind into something, they are unstoppable.

No challenge or obstacle could discourage these people; instead, they get motivated by them. They are very enduring and have strong stamina.

They are dangerous opponents and their character can be a bit difficult to get along with.

These people usually have a high opinion of themselves and their value, and love to be appreciated and respected by people from their surroundings. They often have a superiority complex and believe that they are better than others.

These people have leadership qualities and are very capable, which is why they usually reach the top and often find themselves in managerial positions.

They love comfort and quality stuff which money can buy and they do all they can to provide them.

They are passionate and desire passionate partners. They are strict towards themselves and don’t tolerate anything but the best results, but they also have high expectations from others as well, especially their children.

Their kids have a set of rules they need to follow and the goals they need to achieve.

These people expect the best results from their kids and they inspire their ambition and will to succeed.

They are loyal and devoted partners and spouses, although some of them could be prone to cheating and having affairs behind their partners’ backs.