Taurus Sun Virgo Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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The Sun represents our will and our rational side of personality, and the Moon is our subconscious side and represents our inner being. The Sun’s side is what people from our surrounding see while the Moon’s side is the one we share only with our closest friends and some parts we choose not to share with anyone.

People with Taurus Sun and Virgo Moon have double earth element energy. These people are down to earth, very stable, detailed, and precise.

They take their time when making decisions and they never rush into things. They think twice before they act because they want to make sure they don’t make mistakes.

These people try to prevent as many consequences as they can by taking into account all the facts of a situation.

Their approach can be boring for many people but they don’t change anything unless they realize that there’s a need to make some changes.

They are very reliable and responsible. These people do their duties on time and are hard and valued workers. They can be excellent in a job which requires precision, patience, and endurance. They often use their creativity and these traits to make some beautiful items.

They are great for jobs which require establishing order and organizing. They are also good for jobs which require planning and doing things in deadlines.

They can be perceived as very serious and sometimes they are. They don’t like to socialize a lot, and they have their selected circle of friends they like to hang around with.

These people can be prone to making plans and planning things, which takes away all spontaneity from their actions. These people don’t relax easily, especially if they know that they haven’t finished all their choirs.

One of their worst traits is their tendency to criticize others. These people strive for perfection and often believe that they are close to perfect, which gives them the right to evaluate other people’s actions.

They can be very judgmental and critical towards other people. Such behavior can be unacceptable for many people who find them boring and irritating.

These people can also be very direct and open about their opinions about others, not paying attention if their words could offend and hurt others. On the other hand, they can be very easily offended if someone else criticizes them and their actions. They can be prone to sulking and ignoring that person.

They are not adventurers and usually not very sociable. They prefer spending their free time at home, doing housework or reading something. These people are usually very tidy and neat and pay much attention to their personal hygiene.

They can become obsessed with cleaning and arranging the house, and criticizing the members of their household for not following their rules about hygiene and keeping the house clean, which, of course, they created.

People who live with these people could have a hard time adapting to such conditions and their behavior could cause a lot of conflicts, disagreements, and endings of relationships.

These people can have a difficulty understanding that others have the right to choose the way they will behave and that criticizing them about that could only make issues in their relationship and can’t actually change them.

They should learn that they don’t have the right to ask anyone to change so that they could be happy and satisfied.

Their need to control things and people can really become an issue in their everyday life. No one wants to be controlled and told what to do (alright, almost no one).

These people should find a way to get rid of the idea that they know everything best and that they are always right. Even if that is true, they don’t have the right to think and act in such a manner.

These people desire financial and material stability. That is what motivates them to earn and save money. They prefer saving it to investing it. They love the security money in the bank or in their saving box instills in them.

They are against spending money on things that are of no use to them, or worthless things. They are against buying things for the sake of buying. They make wise and thorough decisions about spending their money and want to feel fine when they do it, instead of feeling guilt and fear because of spending them.

They are very practical and don’t let anything waste. They know how to make the most of things and usually have a talent of making cheaper things look expensive using their creativity and talent for creating beautiful things.

Good Traits

The good traits of Sun in Taurus and Moon in Virgo: organized, good planners, good at making order, hard workers, precise, detailed, wise with money, financially well-off, dependable, precise, down to earth, stable, thoughtful, respecting deadlines, intelligent, etc.

Bad Traits

The bad traits of Sun in Taurus and Moon in Virgo: controlling, critical, judgmental, avoid making changes, inflexible, serious, not spontaneous, not very sociable, intolerant, boring, irritating, easily offended, their directness hurts people, belief that they are always right, prone to nagging, nosy, etc. 

‘Taurus’ Sun ‘Virgo’ Moon in Love and Marriage

People with Sun in Taurus and Moon in Virgo are practical, dependable, organized, and reliable.

These are the traits, these people bring with them into their relationships and marriages. They also bring their tendency to nagging, criticizing, judging, and controlling others.

These people don’t have a bad intention and most of them can’t help themselves for behaving in such a manner. They have a tendency to believe that they know everything best and that they are always right which irritates their partners and potential partners.

It takes a lot of patience to live with a person who has these traits and/or ignore them.

They are not very passionate and they take their time before becoming intimate with someone. These people need to know a person well before sharing their privacy with them.

Also, their potential partner needs to go through a series of tests and satisfy a lot of criteria to come in a position to be chosen as their partner or spouse.

These people desire a partner who is responsible and reliable in the first place. Their partner also needs to be neat and take good care of their hygiene. It is not rare for these people to check out their potential partner’s houses and the way they maintain them before deciding whether they are a suitable match or not.

Sloppiness is a serious deal-breaker for these people and something they would find impossible to get used to.

They are usually communicative and prefer a partner who has something wise to say. These people are very intelligent and desire a partner who will be their equal. They love learning new things and desire a partner who will broaden their horizons and help them expand their knowledge.

They are good around the house, and usually take care of it. They prefer to have a partner who will help them with organizing their mutual life and with making the decisions, although they will try to impose their opinions and criticize their partner’s if they don’t agree with them.

Their house is usually beautifully decorated and spotlessly clean. They make sure everything is in its place.

As parents they can be very caring, but also strict and demanding towards their children.

They have a set of rules they need to follow and choirs they need to fulfill. For these people it’s important that their children have great manners and are well-bred. These people put in all their effort to make sure they achieve that.

They consider the children’s upbringing a very important part of their lives in the future and that is why they put in so much effort. They can be very nosy and bother their children with their constant nagging and correcting their mistakes.

If they want to have relationships and marriages that would be lasting, these people need to work on suppressing their urges to behave like moms and tutor their partners.

No one likes to be criticized and told what to do and these people are constantly trying to do that, making their partners miserable. When they manage to become more tolerant of differences their entire life will change, and not just their romantic one.

Best Match For ‘Taurus’ Sun ‘Virgo’ Moon

For a person who has Sun in Taurus and Moon in Virgo, the best match is another earth sign.

They also get along well with water signs. Fire and air signs are not a good idea because they have a different energy.

These people are too slow and stagnant for fire and air signs. Even the signs which are compatible with them need patience and effort to get used to their tendency to criticize and judge others.


People with Sun in Taurus and Moon in Virgo are stable, reliable, organized, responsible, but also critical, judgmental, controlling, etc. they have some wonderful traits which make them great partners and relationship material, but on the other side, their tendency to always be right and tell others what to do could create them a lot of problems in relations with others, especially their romantic partners and spouses.

They have to release the need to judge other people’s actions and become tolerant to differences.

They are very detailed and excellent at doing jobs which require patience, endurance, attention, and organization. They are very tidy and pay a lot of attention to their personal hygiene. They have beautiful homes which they keep spotlessly clean.

Sloppiness is a way outside their heart and their lives; that is a trait they could never be able to tolerate or get used to.

They are not very passionate and need time to relax and get to know their partner before becoming intimate with them. They need a partner who is reliable and dependable. They take their time to make decisions to prevent mistakes from happening.