Sagittarius Sun Libra Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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Our sun sign determines our outer personality and the way we behave when we are in public. Our moon sign reveals our inner being and our subconscious reactions.

The moon traits of our personality are usually hidden, and we tend to show them only to the people we know well.

People with sun in Sagittarius and moon in Libra are kind and gentle beings.

They are open and love to be surrounded by people. They love company and enjoy meeting new people.

These people have a relaxed approach to life and usually have optimistic views on the future. They often rely on their good luck to support them in their endeavors and try avoiding people who have a negative influence on them.

These people are communicative and easily make acquaintances with other people. They are very tolerant and adaptable. They consider all people as equal and don’t make differences between different nations, cultures, gender, etc.

They are helpful and enjoy being of service to others. They are also very thoughtful and do all they can not to hurt anyone. They are human right fighters and they try to protect and help the ones in need.

These people are good at making peace between quarreling sides. They have a talent for resolving conflicts and helping people find solutions for their disagreements.

These people are adventurers at heart, and they enjoy exploring things and learning about new cultures.

These people are not as most Sagittarius which can often be inconsiderate towards other people’s feelings, behaving as they please without thinking if their behavior will hurt someone.

These people are very considerate not to hurt anyone’s feelings and try to make everyone happy and satisfied, often at their own expense.

They are artistic souls and lovers of beauty. These people are usually very creative and often have artistic talents. They often choose professions in the field of art or some other creative area, such as film, photography, etc.

These people have a balanced and harmonious character. They love to be surrounded by people who have a calming effect on them.

People who are aggressive and prone to conflicts disturb them and put them out of balance which is something they cannot resolve easily.

These people are sensitive to other people’s energy and easily attract negativity and they usually carry it around because they cannot easily get rid of it.

They have a friendly and open approach to everyone and people enjoy being in their company because they have a kind and welcoming nature. They are well-mannered and compassionate.

Their nature wants to please others and make them happy. They don’t like rude and ill-mannered people.

They enjoy traveling and often choose destinations where they can fulfill their desire for learning about new cultures and people; learn about their history as well as see their artworks.

They enjoy going to art galleries, museums, exhibitions, and other similar places.

These people have a variety of interests and can easily communicate with different people.

These people are not very ambitious, but they often rely on their good luck to help them achieve their goals and they are usually successful in these endeavors. They are often fortunate enough not to put in a lot of effort and hard work to get where they want to be.

These people can be prone to taking risks and relying just on their good fortune in some situations which sometimes backfires at them; most of the times they succeed in what they have wanted to achieve.

That is why they keep taking risks and potentially jeopardizing the success of their actions.

They don’t think much before taking action. They are often going with the flow, expecting the best to happen. These people often live for the moment and they really try to enjoy everything they do.

They are often frequent travelers and many of them end up living abroad for at least a part of their lives. These people feel at home wherever they are.

People usually like them and enjoy spending time in their company.

They are interesting and have a lot of fun stories they can tell from their many travels and adventures. They easily start a conversation with everyone and people like them because of their open and tolerant approach.

These people often don’t know how to handle money properly and often jeopardize their financial security with reckless spending and a bit irresponsible approach towards their work.

These people can have problems with making decisions.

They can be prone to making important decisions recklessly, and without thinking much about them, or they can be prone to overthink and take too much time before deciding something.

Good Traits

The good traits of sun in Sagittarius and moon in Libra:

– harmonious, balanced, frequent travelers, interesting, easy-going, helpful, enjoy making people happy, fun, compassionate, good looking, physically active, etc.

Bad Traits

The bad traits of sun in Sagittarius and moon in Libra:

– indecisive, reckless, thoughtless, prone to overthinking, bad with handling money, prone to taking risks, etc. 

‘Sagittarius’ Sun ‘Libra’ Moon in Love and Marriage

People born with sun in Sagittarius and moon in Libra can be very romantic and desire to be in a partnership. They are not like typical Sagittarius people who often find it very difficult to decide whether to commit to someone or not.

The main reason is their fear of losing their freedom and independence.

These people are under the influence of Libra which is the sign of love, commitment and relationships.

That is why they are more prone than the rest of Sagittarius people to be in an exclusive relationship and get married.

These people also have independence issues and many of them try to keep a part of their freedom even when married or in a long-term commitment and they seek partners and spouses who will be tolerant and accept their desire.

They are very interesting and being in a relationship with them is a non-stop adventure. They are always on the move and their partner should be able to follow them.

They are often into sports and good looking, which is why they seek partners who look good and take care of their physique and general wellbeing.

They enjoy experiencing adventures together with their partners and spouses.

Their ideal partner is someone who is physically active, good looking, has an adventurous spirit, love for beauty and arts, well-mannered, with a calming nature, balanced, harmonious, and eager to help others.

They need someone who will understand their need for freedom and independence.

Their ideal partner is someone who is equally independent and has their own life and activities.

These people cannot be with someone who has a dependable nature and relies on them to organize their lives and provide for their living. They want someone who is able to create enough financial stability and accomplish something in life.

They can be prone to overthink or act impulsively; that is why they need a partner who will be able to influence them to change the way they make their decisions.

Although they don’t usually admit they need support and encouragement for some actions they need to take, these people prefer having partners who will have enough empathy for the lack of confidence they sometimes experience.

They often don’t want to have children because of their active lifestyle and desire to experience different things in life and see many places around the world.

They often look for a partner who has the same view on creating a family and don’t want that obligation.

It is not that these people don’t like children; they do, but they usually feel that they don’t have enough time to devote it to the role of a parent and at the same time experience all the things they want in life.

Those of them, who want to have children and have them, are good parents, although they can be overly tolerant and complaisant towards their kids.

They can also have a liberal approach to their upbringing, leaving them the freedom to develop their own uniqueness. They help their children use their talents and potential.

Best Match For ‘Sagittarius’ Sun ‘Libra’ Moon

The best match for sun in Sagittarius and moon in Libra is a combination of air and fire sign.

Water and earth signs have completely opposite desires in life and regarding relationships in general.

They could be a good match, providing they have a strong influence of air and fire element in their chart.


People with sun in Sagittarius and moon in Libra are open-minded and easy going. They love meeting new people and are usually very sociable.

Their nature is balanced and harmonious and they prefer spending their time in the company of people who have a calming effect on them. They are well-mannered and sincerely enjoy helping others.

These people want to be of service and are good at helping people settling their disputes and disagreements.

They avoid conflicting situations and aggressive people because such situations disturb them and they cannot easily calm down after such an experience.

They are usually partner types and they love to be romantically involved with someone.

They love their freedom and seek partners who will be tolerant of their need to maintain a part of their independence and freedom to do things they like.

These people love sports and are physically fit.

They are also good looking and pay attention to their wellbeing. Their partner should also be good looking and be conscious of the need to take care of themselves.

These people often choose not to have children because of their need to explore and experience new things which don’t leave them much time to devote themselves to the role of a parent in a proper way.

They can have issues with making decisions; they either think too much before making it or they make decisions without thinking at all.