Virgo Man and Capricorn Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Love compatibility is what interests everyone. There are o many paths to approach the mysterious connections between two people in love or to find out if someone is a good partner for us or not.

Astrology offers the whole palette of amazing insights about that. Personal horoscopes could tell a lot about what awaits you in future and to help you better understand other people and the world around you.

By analyzing your birth chart, an astrologer can tell what aspects are good and what are not, for particular period in your life. Usually, people are interested in their near future and want to know something more about their professional development, finances, health and love life.

Astrologer needs you birthplace and the exact time, in order to create a personalized birth chart or your horoscope.

It is a graphic scheme that shows the exact positions of planets at the time of your birth.

Astrology claims they affect each individual’s life, in a specific way. There are many layers of these astrological interpretations, but here we deal with only basics. These basics, however, are important to know for any more detailed analyses.

As you know, zodiac contains twelve signs, although sometimes the thirteenth is mentioned.

We talk about the Western type of zodiac. Each sign has its typical characteristics that people born under particular signs carry along. Your sign solely does not determine your personality and life but kind of shapes it up. Since each of zodiac representatives has their own character, temperament and everything else, imagine what fun it is matching them.

Compatibility of zodiac signs is a relative thing and it depends on various factors. However, here we deal with only typical male and female representatives of each signs and offer possible outcomes of their match. They can all get along, but it greatly depends on personal horoscopes and more details than merely zodiac signs.

Let us find out how well do Virgo man and Capricorn woman match. They are both signs ruled by the element of Earth, which is a good thing.

This connection is thought to be a pleasant one. We will give our best to enter the world of a Virgo man/Capricorn woman couple. To begin with, we will first describe each one of them separately.

Later on, we will see what is their relationship like, their marriage and friendship.

Virgo Man

He is a man in search of perfection, on all levels of life. The perfection he seeks is not necessarily what is considered the best and perfect from a generalized point of view; it does not matter that much. Virgo’s perfection is doing things by the book, achieving the best of them, right, but with his own touch and his last word.

He believes he knows what it is, while, deep inside, he constantly questions it all. It is most obviously seen when it comes to Virgo man’s attitude towards love.

It appears either as he is indifferent or distant and cold, while, in fact, he is unsure whether what he feels is true love or not. There are no definitions on what the love would be, in general, so it confuses him a lot. He could say that he love you and truly stand behind his words, while in the next moment he realizes or thinks it is not love at all.

Virgo man is honest and he would not lie or cheat on you, it is his insecurity that makes him this way.

However, Virgo man is pretty strict, well organized and confident about everything else, that does not require too much of an emotional engagement. He loves to create, organize, re-organize, sort and control things. He has an eye for details and is the most diligent and meticulous in his work.

Material success is important, but not because of a fancy display, but because of stability, security and decency. Decency is very important to a strict Virgo.

He works hard, but it fulfills him; he could be a true workaholic. He would gladly stay extra hours just to finish something, polish it and make it done beyond average. The problem is others could exploit his passionate job commitment and Virgo ends up empty handed, in terms of getting what he really deserves for his hard work.

His pride does not let him ask for a reward, which is bad.

Virgo is usually successful in his career, whatever it is. If he manages to awaken deeply buried instinct of a competitor and the idea of himself commanding others, instead of simply obeying rules of those in higher position, he could reach really high status. Virgo man knows his flaws and tries to handle them intimately and privately. In public, he acts as he is unaware of them.

He is not a warm-hearted friends who would comfort you and let you cry on his shoulder, but be sure he will be there for you. He is not extremely compassionate, but he is reliable and loyal. He is a friend you could turn to, even after years of being disconnected for any reason, except of being estranged over some serious stuff.

He could be annoyingly judging and criticizing, but he would never abandon you.

Virgo man is not easy to seduce, because he is very suspicious about everything considering his emotions. He is unsure if he loves you or not. Virgo man does not easily decide to start a relationship, let alone a marriage.

He is demanding of a partner and he tries hard to be Mister Perfect. He treats women with great respect and chivalry, although he is not the most romantic of men.

Capricorn Woman

Woman born under the sign of Capricorn is a spirited lady, unshakeable and very independent. Capricorn woman is versatile and interested in many areas of life; they feel comfortable when in commanding and organizational positions. Capricorn woman does not lack self-confidence, the sense of responsibility and duty.

She has a positive mind and is motivated to get what she dreams of. Capricorn woman does not give up easily, which could make her pretty stubborn and that is not always useful.

However, she possesses certain capability of transformation and adaptation. While not the most flexible by nature, Capricorn woman realizes it is sometimes much more useful to adapt to given circumstances than trying to change them. She needs a lot of repetition of mistakes to become aware of that, because she is a stubborn learner, as we have mentioned.

Nevertheless, she possesses incredible stamina, determination and focus. Capricorn woman is innovative, inventive and efficient.

She is communicative and talkative personality, so the best type of career for a Capricorn woman is some that includes the power of words. For example, Capricorn woman could be a successful journalist, reporter, lawyer, PR or teacher. Anything that is related to spoken word is suitable for a Capricorn.

In addition, her spirit is fiery, she is energetic and she could easily move others. Capricorn woman is realistic, but optimistic. She does not spend days and nights regretting past times.

While Capricorn woman is not particularly demanding in any sort of social engagement or in a romantic relationship, you have to intrigue and impress her, in order to keep her attention. She falls for charm and humor, rather than outer appearance. She needs in her life people she could rely on and talk to, whenever she feels for it. Capricorn woman is competitive, but not overly ambitious.

She is satisfied with achieving at least a part of her goals and is capable of adapting her initial goals to circumstances given, although she needs to fail at least a couple of times, in order to realize there are things she cannot directly affect and change. Her goals are not as grandiose as, for example those of a Leo lady, but are not as modest and non-materialistic in total.

Capricorn woman works on providing herself a comfortable, enjoyable and harmonious life.

She is talented for many things and usually has more than one hobby. She tries to combine work with pleasure and find a profession that will suit both her financial goals and fill her with joy. Capricorn woman does not waste time on endless flirting and she is conservative when it comes to ideas of relationship and marriage.

She believes in one true love, dreams about starting a family and raising children.

Capricorn woman does not open up that easily and you have to be persistent. She enjoys attention, but not endless love games. She needs a classical gentlemen; a man who would offer flowers, chocolates, candy boxes, take her to dance and to a movie.

Once she decides you are her Mister Right, she will completely commit. Capricorn woman is loyal and fully committed to her partner, once in a relationship.

Love Compatibility

Interestingly, a good combo this is. Virgo man and Capricorn woman get along together pretty well, because their temperaments and characters are similar. Both are Earth element signs, which means they are capable of understanding the other one quite impressively.

They have an unstoppable and smoothly going on communication. Their conversations are rational and there are no misunderstandings or many arguments. Both of them are practical, reasonable, analytical and systematical.

Both Virgo and Capricorn are ready to work hard; they are diligent and serious when it comes to work. They usually both have firmly set goals and do not step back easily. While Virgo is perhaps better organized and less stubborn, Capricorn is a bit more flexible and less judging.

This is an enormously good combination, because they could learn much one from another and all this without playing games or feeling bad because they do not know this or that.

Their ‘earthly’ mutual understanding is impeccable; they find a common tongue easily and start learning one from another. They usually share many practical interests, primarily those from the sphere of profession and finances. It is not unlikely they meet at work.

There is not a dangerous sort of competitiveness amongst them and it would not damage their relationship. They could make an efficient work team, as well.

Their sexual life is harmonious and satisfying. Neither of them is obsessed with sex life and erotic fantasies, so they get one from another exactly what they need. They usually have no complaints about their intimacy and fun in bedroom. Commonly, their intimate life is sort of scheduled.

Although it might seem unnatural to other people, they are fine with it and actually enjoy it.

Marriage Compatibility

This is a promising combination, in terms of marriage, just as it is when talking about simply a romantic relationship.  This connection is considered probably the most rational, natural and stable relationship of the zodiac in total. Even unfavorable aspects of their ruling planets, which are Mercury and Saturn, cannot disturb their peace much.

Virgo man and Capricorn women would always come up with a reasonable solution to any problem they might encounter.

They are both conventional, more than adventurous and experimental. Both are inclined towards finding a steady job and comfortable income, starting a family and raising children.

Maybe they could be a bit strict and traditional parents, but they also inspire their kids’ creativity and talents.

They invest a lot in both their education and would support their children’s desires, if they find those suitable.


Virgo and Capricorn could be faithful friends, because this connection is based on mutual understanding, similar temperaments and characters.

Completely regardless of sexes, these two are a dream team.

If they are not in love, they could be friends for life. If they are dating and decide to break up, it is likely they will continue as friends. All options are open for these two rational and organized people.

Cool Facts

There are several celebrity couples of a Virgo man and a Capricorn woman we would like to mention.

Some of them are Lyndon Baines and Lady Bird Johnson, Bernie and Jane Sanders, Mickey Rooney and Ava Gardner.

Virgo man/Capricorn woman couples are usually not as sociable as some others are, but when they appear in public, they look very confident and cool about their relationship.


Overall, this is a very good love match. These two people have many things in common and those are very important things. There is not much that could disturb their reasonable and harmonious relationship.

They are both loyal and conventional when it comes to love, so they fully trust one another.

Both are analytical and pay attention to details. Imagine how tidy, yet no soulless their home could be. Both would like to have family of their own and children.