Libra in 1st House – Meaning and Info

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Libra is in seventh place in the Zodiac. Its emblematic balance is a symbol of the ideals of balance, justice and equity that the natives of the sign pursue.

It is one of the three Air signs, along with Gemini and Aquarius, hence its communicative, mental and idealistic nature.

Libra – Meaning and Info

Venus is recognized as the ruler of this aerial sign. The integrating qualities of the planet are manifested through the taste for harmonious forms, elegance, good words, and the beauty of ideas and the moral conduct of Librans. In such a way that here Venus points to spiritual values.

Mars, being the ruler of the opposite sign: Aries, defines little familiarity with fighting and violence, a special susceptibility to minimal aggression, the avoidance of any tense climate.

Soft, without strident tones, all its manifestations have a dose of moderation. Sometimes these manifestations are neither black nor white, neither cold nor hot, but they are necessary, they level, calm, and integrate, with an equidistant attitude, the positions, points of view and opinions of others.

Violence is his worst enemy, he lives to fight it, and he neutralizes it with the understanding word, the balanced analysis of the pros and cons and with the unique condition of contemplating the arguments of others.

Libra is the emissary of peace, he arrives with a message of cooperation, goodwill and brotherhood. One of his highest ideals is the justice of men and he is the bearer of the balance that weighs actions to avoid the error of arbitrariness and intolerance.

He is the magician of diplomacy, he can say the most serious things with the sweetest and most beautiful words, always avoiding causing injuries. They also highlight his sweetness, goodness and good judgment. They have great creativity and innovation, a great aesthetic sense with artistic inclinations and aptitudes.

Among the defects of this sign we find complacency, which is a virtue in its proper measure, but if it becomes exaggerated, it ends up leading them to act hypocritically, hiding what they truly feel.

It takes out their capacity for confrontation; because in their excessive desire to surround themselves with peace and harmony, they are unable to argue, criticize or say that they do not like something.

Their indecision and fear of failure can lead to inertia and inactivity. Constancy and the power of determination must work.

Another weak point of the sign can be vanity. Whatever the activity he develops, he always puts his distinguished, refined and beautiful touch on it. He loves above all the shapes of things and the balance that gives the exact tone. He rejects the strident, vulgar, rude and hostile, he needs to live in an environment where balance, kindness and harmony reign. His sensitivity to capture exaggerations and dissonances is always surprising.

Libra likes to stay in his home because he feels relaxed, something he constantly pursues. He is always improving the house, cheering and brightening her with his tasteful touch and optimistic, leveling presence of him.

It is the most incapable of being alone, since he was born to share, complement each other and find his soul mate. He has the inner urge to share life, to be connected, to interact. He is not a self-centered sign and often he seems to trust others more than himself. His taste for aesthetics and ethics often leads him to seek a perfection that he does not find.

Hence arises his well-known indecision. He takes into account the opinion of the other, to the point of not expressing his own, at least in a direct way.

Sometimes he asks for opinions or listens to them because he needs to counteract, but then he will act as he wants, because in essence he is free like the wind.

1st House – Meaning and Info

The self-perception of this person is very aesthetic – he is everywhere and always wants to see himself attractive, in harmony with his inner body.

Truth be told, this family is accepted by them in a greater degree spiritually, with the help of rationalizations, therefore, very significant and imaginative. Yes, he is able to think of a certain way and believe that he is 100% correct.

A similar strategy will allow you to maintain confidence in yourself, but it can be scattered at any moment.

This person strives to immediately eliminate disharmony and incubate justice. And for this, first, he should learn to properly provide the right violations of equality.

You need to find and set your personal internal balance, and only then try to influence the external reality.

Unfortunately, more often he tries to find problems in the external world, forgetting about the internal.

Therefore, the search for a balance turns into an obsession. You should always start with yourself.

Therefore, these people are often employed as an external world, guided by a traditional aesthetics and a widespread ethics, which are like the deep inside of the willow.

From here – wonderful fractions, in which this person feels himself not in private and in the place, but also in public life.

But clearly, from where this feeling is taken, he does not want and is satisfied with the corrupted rationalizations.

The direction of the search for truth, he will be shown by enemies, from whom it is necessary to learn resolution and integrity. He is tactile, social and friendly. It will achieve substantial results only thanks to the cooperation.

He sees everyone as negative, as well as positive sides, because of this it appears to be unquestionable and with effort reaches the final point of the point. In a malady age, you can suffer from excess weight.

Perfect, has a fascination, wants to be loved. Constantly pulling all the way to an intellectual and emotional balance.

Libra in 1st House – Meaning and Info

The Libra Ascendant has its Houses of the unconscious on Earth: Capricorn in the 4th House, Taurus in the 8th House and Virgo in the 12th House. This gives it a resistant, conservative psychological predisposition, linked to the sensory experience of life.

With a record of self-sufficiency and loneliness (Capricorn at 4). They have the feeling that their life has cost them, with an extremely obsessive nature (Virgo at 12), with a circular mind and with a fear of intimacy. Tendency both to isolation as well as to relate a lot (this occurs in both sexes).

They dedicate themselves to things that have to do with the sensory, their natural organizational capacity is generally oriented to the aesthetic plane. Libra makes them come out of ostracism, to meet and relate to the other.

In fact, shyness and introspection are put aside throughout life and they will go looking for it because that is what their destination experience consists of: bonds. That is why the relationships they establish are complementary. They are communicational links with others (Air).

They have a practical sense and criterion of memory. They need to lighten up (from the Virginian burden), so they can seem a bit frivolous at times. Being a Cardinal Ascendant, this makes them natural leaders, but since conciliation, he is the born mediator.

They need to be linked from the mental, they have a great capacity for calculation, organization, although nevertheless they usually wait for others to take care of them due to their natural Venusian attitude.

The first thing they are going to look for is the partner, but also the social ties, both friends and society in general.

This is a typical Ascendant for politicians and diplomats. They do not usually pose conflicts, and this makes it difficult for them to connect with their own shadow (their dark sides).

They need dynamism and to a certain extent to attract attention in life. They are usually influential from the word and the intellect because they are natural seducers.

Men cannot be alone, without a partner, deep down they are great loners, although it is common to find them in social settings such as culture or art, also at parties and social gatherings.

The Libra Ascendant begins to be aware of himself from his relationship with others. It is like there is an appearance of enormous social life, although deep down there is a deep loneliness.

Professionally they tend to stand out as architects (of pure lines), in design in all its forms, in the arts in relation to others (PR), in general event organizers, also in the field of fashion, music, careers related to beauty and aesthetics. They have the ability to relate to society less critically than their Virgo predecessor, in a more accommodating way, even going as far as hypocrisy (extreme).


His complementary opposite, Aries, leads him to act, but this energy of action Libra takes him from the “other”, his complement. Many times there will be corporate fights (Aries in House 7) and couples: competition, measurement of forces, discussions.

But they live it like this is the way to live as a couple. Being the complementary of House 7 someone quite independent, it is generally the one that encourages combat. It is as if all the time he prodded the other to look for the fight (the Arian challenge).

This Ascendant begins to register and carry out its destiny after 30 years, once the first return of Saturn on itself has elapsed.