Pisces Sun Leo Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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Since very old days we have been trying to understand what stars and planets we see from Earth represents.

We wonder if there is another form of existence there and does it affect our own lives.

So far, we have measured great distances, analyzed composition of far away heavenly objects, seen them more closely, but we never travelled that far. All of them remain a mystery, for the greatest part.

There is another, even more obscure element of the mystery of the universe; are there forces that affect people’s individual lives?

One of the earliest approaches that have been seeking answers to this is astrology.

Astrology is very old and it was deeply respected as a legitimate approach to understanding the world. Long ago, it was identified with astronomy.

Many famous people we know about for great discoveries they have come up with were astrologers, amongst other things they were practicing.

Great astronomers, physicists, mathematicians, even priests and philosophers were greatly interested in astrology, wondering about mysterious energies that might affect people’s lives or the destiny of our own world.

Sun Sign

Astrology originates from ancient Persia, Western, modern astrology we talk about here. It is based upon the Solar system, with the Sun as its central place.

There are also other astrological approaches, such as Chinese astrology, which is based upon the lunar calendar.

The Sun plays a major role in the first one, especially if we focus on natal astrology, which is one branch of the whole discipline.

Although astrology is, in fact, a discipline, it is called pseudo science, since featuring all characteristics of a scientific approach, but not being acknowledged as a regular one. Long ago, it was considered the primary source of observing and interpreting the skies.

Nevertheless, it is still in use and people mostly focus on natal astrology. The Sun is the center of a natal chart.

Natal chart is an image of the sky, representing planetary position at the time a person was born. The first element an astrologer would seek pout is the Sun. The Sun represents the core of one’s personality, as seen in this chart.

The Sun is your creative and life energy, your true self, your self-awareness, as well. The Sun represents your possible maximum potential.

The sign in which the Sun dwells is your native sign. It gives form to those maximum potentials, determining which is what you could be the best at and what area of life offers the greatest opportunities.

If you recognize your Sun sign given qualities, you could take the best out it, not letting their bad side prevails, which is another possibility.

Sun in Pisces

The realization of your potentials as seen in your Sun signs would depend on many factors, such as aspects found in your natal chart.

The more you know about your Sun sign, the more chance you have to control the downsides and to develop good ones.

What if you have the Sun in Pisces? It makes you a Pisces personality, one that shares certain qualities with other Pisces people.

It does not mean you are the same as others, because other element in your natal chart would greatly affect your Pisces nature. However, all Pisces have something in common. First of all, Pisces are deeply emotional and empathic people, since this is a Water element sign.

Pisces are also very imaginative, intuitive and dreamy. They enjoy fantasizing and wondering about deep, mysterious questions.

Pisces often daydream and idealize things; they are easily shaken up when faced with the reality and have hard time emotionally recovering.

They are creative and they use their creativity as a perfect channel to express their feelings, since they are not the verbal ones. They are often spiritual and possess amazing intuitive power, so people often think they are clairvoyant or so.

Pisces feel the world on a much deeper, mysterious level, being able truly to experience what others feel. They absorb other people’s impressions and emotions. Pisces are gentle and kind, emotionally supportive.

They tend to get lost in dreams and are definitely not the most reliable people. They do not like confrontation and see to avoid trouble, rather than engage with it.

Moon Sign

There is another side of your personality, behind this visible and active Sun sign you are aware about. It is the Moon sign, its mysterious counterpart.

The Sun and the Moon, the day and the night, the rational and the emotional; these are all dualities that make the world functioning.

These dualities are found in each one of us. The Moon sign is, thus, inseparable from the Sun sign.

The Moon represents not obvious traits, but inner voice and deep inner needs that one might be completely unaware of, for long. You should listen to the subtle voice of the Moon, the one that comes in dreams or as a strange, inexplicable feeling.

We call it intuition and the Moon is the master of intuition. It is an inner emotional guidance.

The Moon is not that easy to follow and understand, being changeable and wandering.

It primarily represents emotion and impression. It is what you absorb from the world around and how you react to certain situations and people in your life.

The Moon sign and the aspects associated with it make you an emotionally open personality or the one who cannot express their feelings that easy.

Moon in Leo

The Moon in Leo indicates a brave, positive personality who is passionate about things in life.

Moon Leo people fight troubles in life with a wide, bright smile on their faces, not letting any evil and darkness take them over.

They are very self-confident and self-reliant. Moon Leos feel good at being leaders or guardians; protecting ones they care for fills their heart with warmth and make them feel good.

Moon Leos are generous and openhearted. They would gladly help others, because it makes them feel better. They think well about themselves and rarely lack courage to do things and make decisions.

Another important thing about Moon Leos is that they never ask for help and deal with their problems alone. They would show they were hurt, but would retreat and lick their wounds.

They have amazing ability of self-recovery, being very strong people. They are emotionally rich and strong. Moon Leos are ready to sacrifice for the right cause and those they love.

They are family people. They are very loyal and just; Moon Leos would never use trickery to get what they want, but would make use of their charms.

They are self-oriented and they might feel surprised, annoyed or even insulted at rare occasions, if people do not give them attention they desperately need.

A Moon Leo has to be the one in the spotlight.

However, it is never meant to hurt anyone. Moon Leos are noble and supportive people. They would see to inspire and motivate others use their best qualities.

Pisces Sun Leo Moon Personality

Now we have a brave and romantic Pisces native here. Pisces Sun Leo Moon is an atypical Pisces native, strangely extroverted for Pisces. The Moon Leo sees it be so, giving a courageous touch to this naturally timid and shy personality.

These natives are very emotional and very passionate, whit a great risk of over reacting to all sorts of things.

Both Pisces and Leo have amazing creative potential. In Pisces, it is more imaginative; in Leo, it is more active.

This is a perfect combination, because these people could act intuitively and come to wonderful ideas, but also apply those in real life. Unlike most of Pisces who do not find any interests in being in leading positions, it is a bit different here.

Pisces Sun Leo Moon would do well in leading positions, especially if it is something associated with any creative activity.

For example, they could be art teachers or instructors, exhibition curators or something like that.

They are great at inspiring others and helping them see better what are their true qualities. They feel amazing if the manage someone realizes how a quality person he or she is.

Good Traits

Pisces Sun Leo Moon are generous and warmhearted people.

They are imaginative, but their emotional being mostly dwells in the real life; Moon in Leo makes them emotionally present.

They are compassionate and helpful. They never ask anything in return for the comfort or support they offer.

They feel good and noble if helped someone and indeed they are so. They are artistic, creative and more executive than Pisces in general.

Bad Traits

They still might get lost in their fantasies and idealistic romantic dreams. They could also become offended if not given enough attention.

If aspects are bad and make them insecure about their own qualities, they over react to the most negligible inconveniences and make a tremendous drama over small things.

If it happens so, they become almost unbearable to deal with, inconsolable and very exhausting for anyone around.

Pisces Sun Leo Moon in Love and Marriage

These are passionate, romantic lovers and great charmers. Pisces’ enigmatic nature makes them intriguing, while bright and positive Leo aura makes them irresistible.

They are gallant and very passionate, very willing to please their partner. They would treat you perfectly, but they demand the same in return.

They care much about their family and are persistent, even if things go bad, they would never give up on a relationship, let alone a marriage easily.

Best Match for Pisces Sun Leo Moon

The best match is someone who is emotionally as deep as they are, equally passionate and generally a strong personality.

Pisces Sun Leo Moon seek compassion, passion, empathy and support in their partners.

They need someone who is ready to stand by their side when the times strike hard, who would offer their heart on a plate. They will do the same for them.


Pisces Sun Leo Moon is a personality guided by the ideal of live; these people have big heart and they care for their closest ones very much.

We cannot call them humanitarians on a bigger plan, but they are focused on their close circle of dear people. They are helpful, compassionate and empathic.

However, they would not absorb others negative energy easily; they would process it efficiently.