Juno in Sagittarius

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Juno the asteroid is the third discovered after Ceres. Juno was discovered in 1804, and like the other two discovered before, it was at first considered a planet.

The asteroid got the name from an ancient Roman goddess. Juno the goddess was the wife of the supreme Roman god Jupiter.

She was a queen and a devoted wife, but very unhappy because of her husband’s numerous affairs and infidelity.

Juno was considered an ideal wife, but the subjects of infidelity and betrayal were also an association related to this goddess, and they still are. Juno was the patron of Rome, the goddess of marriage, childbirth, and women’s sexuality.

In astrology, Juno is a symbol of long term commitments, relationships, compromises, marriage, devotion, loyalty, betrayal, infidelity, disappointments, etc.

Juno also indicates partnerships and relationships which require effort and balancing to sustain; it also indicates the areas where we need to balance something and the areas where we need appreciation and respect.

This asteroid has the energy of the signs of Libra and Scorpio and the planets Venus and Pluto. This asteroid’s placement in our natal chart is very important. It indicates the areas of our life where we have the potential for prosperity and it reveals how we can make the most of our relationships, especially the romantic ones.

Juno is mostly related to our relationship issues. Juno in our chart rules marriage unions and long-term commitments and reveals their ideal traits.

Juno also describes our ideal long-term mate or marriage partner.

This is a very important asteroid for long-term commitments. Its aspects between the charts of two people attracted to each other are very important and often indicate the possibility of a serious relationship or marriage between them.

Juno is also making significant aspects between the charts of soulmates and people who are meant for each other.

This asteroid describes how our lasting relationships and marriages should look like.

Juno makes us aware of the traits we want our ideal mate to possess. Juno should always be taken into consideration when making a choice of a long-term partner because it could save us from making big mistakes making our choice based on physical attraction or romantic feelings.

Most people are usually not aware of their Juno traits because it is not often used in astrological interpretations.

They usually base their choices on their Mars and Venus traits, which is physical and emotional attraction and attachment to a person.

Marriage and other long-term commitments need much more than attraction to last.

While the Mars indicates our intimate needs in relationships, Venus the emotional and romantic one, Juno indicates the traits which ensure the longevity of a relationship, such as support, trust, reliability, responsibility, cooperation, etc.

Passion and romance aren’t enough to make a relationship, and that soon becomes obvious if the partners are not compatible beyond the passion and romantic feelings between them.

That’s why it is always important to consider Juno’s traits because they describe the ideal partner we could imagine being with for the rest of our lives with.

The person Juno describes is someone we could accept completely without the need to change them, and they feel the same way about us.

We mustn’t forget the fact that Juno, the goddess wasn’t very happy in her marriage with Jupiter because of his cheating.

She was in a constant worry about his behavior and his affairs. She was insecure and under stress.

Juno in astrology also indicates our relationship insecurities and doubts, and the circumstances and situations which could provoke our jealousy and suspicion in our relationships. Juno shows what makes us insecure.

It also shows the situations and issues we consider the deal-breakers for a long term relationship, but it also describes the things and situations we are willing to tolerate although we are aware that they could be bad for us and the relationship.

Juno also shows our level of tolerance in relationships as well as our patience and ability to wait for the right relationship.

Juno’s placement and aspects should be carefully studied because they give us clues about the traits we need to be on the lookout when choosing a partner. If we listen to Juno’s advice, it is likely that we won’t be making any more relationship mistakes.

We should keep in mind that people who attract us the most don’t have to be ideal for a relationship or marriage. We should always check if the person possesses the traits described by Juno in our chart.

If the person doesn’t match Juno’s standards, the relationship often doesn’t have a chance of lasting.

Juno is helping us discover whether we are only infatuated by a person or the person is a true relationship material for us.

Juno brings us a person who will give us true love, support, protection, and comfort, and will be prepared to work with us on the relationship to make it lasting and stable. 

Juno in Sagittarius Man

Men with Juno in Sagittarius desire a mental stimulation in their relationships. They desire their partner to be intelligent and possess great knowledge of various subjects.

They also desire someone they could share common dreams and visions about the future. They are attracted to women who are independent, successful, and well-educated.

These men are fascinated by foreign cultures and countries, and they often end up with a partner who has a different cultural background.

They are adventurous types and desire to share this trait with their woman.

These men want to evolve spiritually and mentally through the relationship with their ideal mate.

They don’t have a traditional outlook on their relationships and are quite comfortable being in a long-distance relationship or not sharing home with their partner. These men can be prone to cheating.

Juno in Sagittarius Woman

Women with Juno in Sagittarius imagine their ideal man as someone who can inspire them and share their love for adventures and new experiences.

They desire someone who is intelligent, educated, fun, easy-going, charming, independent, and able to follow their dynamic life pace.

They want a man who will share the same dreams and have similar goals in life. They want to develop further as a couple and participate together in building their future.

They often end up committing to a stranger or someone who has a different social or cultural background. They love expanding their horizons and their partner should be someone who will help them do that.

These women are not traditional and love their freedom very much.

Their partner should be someone who is as independent as they are and isn’t making the relationship a focal point of his life.

They often don’t care much about fidelity in their relationships.

Good Traits

Some of the good traits of Juno in Sagittarius: adventurous, intelligent, freedom-loving, independent, easy-going, relaxed, not traditional, etc.

Bad Traits

Some of the bad traits of Juno in Sagittarius: forcing their beliefs on others, prone to cheating, etc. 

Juno in Sagittarius – General Info

Juno in Sagittarius people desire to be mentally stimulated by their partners.

They need to be on the same side with their partner and desire someone with whom they will share the same vision of their future together.

If their partner doesn’t have an aligned vision to theirs they could be prone to insisting on their own beliefs and pressuring them to accept them which could potentially lead to a breakup if their partner doesn’t tolerate such behavior.

People with Juno in Sagittarius often end up in a long-term relationship or marriage who is from another country or culture, or they are in some other way different.

They might choose a partner who has different beliefs or values or comes from a different social background.

They desire a partner who will be interesting and inspiring. They want to gain a new perspective on the world through their partnerships, progress and evolve.

These people usually choose someone who is very intellectual and educated.

They are independent and freedom loving and desire their partner to share this trait and be tolerant as much as they are.

These people are not traditional and often function well in a long-distance relationship, or they don’t live with their partners in the same home.

They desire an adventurous partner so they could experience wonderful new things together.


People with Juno in Sagittarius imagine their ideal relationship as easy-going, relaxed, and inspiring.

They want a partner they could learn a lot from. They desire to experience new things and broaden their horizons in that partnership.

Their ideal mate is someone who is often from a different cultural or social background.

They often end up in a committed relationship or marriage with someone from a different country or even a continent. They want a partner they will share their dreams and visions about the future.

Their partner should complement their desires and needs for adventure, excitement, and new experiences.

These people are not very traditional and usually prefer not to formalize their relationships.

They don’t mind being in a long-distance relationship or a relationship where they don’t live together with their partner, as long as they are satisfied and the relationship functions properly.

They are very independent and care a lot about their freedom. They cannot be with a partner who is obsessed with their relationship and doesn’t give them space to do their own thing.

These people need to have their space in the relationship and don’t want to change much of their lives after committing to their partner.

Their ideal partner is someone who loves to travel and encounter different cultures and people; that is a person always ready for action as they are; when they find a person who fulfils most of their desires in an ideal partner, these people become incredibly devoted and loyal.