Libra in 5th House – Meaning and Info

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When we see Libra in House 5, we can assume that the relationship with the child is very harmonious.

As always, when there are air Signs, the element of spiritual closeness, attachment is somewhat reduced – it cannot be said naturally that it is not there – especially when we are talking about children.

However, it is obvious that the Air Signs are emotionally the coldest of course.

Libra – Meaning and Info

Despite this, the relationship with a child of the Weigh type is very good, very harmonious. The parent of the child loves, more often than not, is happy with his child.

Such children, as well as, for example, Virgo, as a rule, do not cause trouble for their parents.

True, they act in a different way. If Virgos do everything themselves, and, in principle, do not particularly demonstrate the need for parental participation in their activities, then Libra is very focused on partnership with a parent.

But why not a problem – because Libra is very good at negotiating. And therefore, where we have Libra in the horoscope, in this area, in this area, we are usually the most inclined to compromise, to find solutions that satisfy both sides.

Therefore, the child will be the same – very harmonious, very calm, polite, and well-mannered. Very rarely, a parent has to see some kind of sharp emotional manifestations of his child (unless, of course, other elements of the 5th house say otherwise).

Such a child is seen by his parent as a “beauty” or “handsome”, whom the mother will be very proud of. If this is a girl, then this is in many ways more natural – the daughter will be a “doll” that the mother will dress up, which she will admire, and then, when the daughter grows up, it will be possible to talk to her about art (of course, if this was instilled in childhood), or about beauty, about clothes or about love.

And in these conversations, on the one hand, she will be very competent, and on the other, very elegant and attentive to what she says.

But mother also needs to correspond to a beautiful image both externally and internally, since only in this case, an equivalent partnership will be created.

Libra is an elite Sign, and loved ones who “do not correspond” often talk about people with a grain of irritation in their voices.

With their pronounced dominant something like “yes, she got married (she moved to the city, entered the institute, etc., etc.) Etc.) Has become no match for us! Where are we and where is she?! Where are we going … “

Therefore, a parent who is raising a child represented in his horoscope by Libra needs to understand and take this into account, so that over time, communication with him does not turn into a pure formality.

If this is a boy, then of course, in most cases, this position is not so natural – boys are expected to display Aries’ manifestations (read – “boys”) – loudness, noisiness, loudness, pugnacity, desire to dominate, etc.

But if Libra is responsible for the boy in the parent’s horoscope, then, as a rule, there are no such manifestations, or the parent does not actively notice them and tries to change them towards the Vesovskys.

If the child’s horoscope does not contradict, then it is he who can be given to dances, to a music school, and it can easily be not a guitar – a very popular “male” instrument. It could be a violin, or a piano, or something similar – elegant and possibly exclusive.

It is only important to take into account his horoscope, because otherwise, mothers (or fathers) begin to mold the child to match their horoscope, regardless of the personal qualities of their child.

Here, the child is also a source of pride – though not like the Lion’s type – open, ostentatious. Here, pride is mixed with admiration – there are many good reviews about him from neighbors, or from school – he is polite and gallant from a very young age.

What we see in the 5th (or other responsible for children) home is, firstly, the parental perception of their child.

And secondly, this is parental creativity – the 5th house is the house of creativity, and the 5th house is the children’s house. Therefore, what we have done is what we got.

As a rule, in the case of such a 5th house, parents create a beautiful and well-mannered child, quite obedient, prone to peace and compromise. They are prone to harmony and believe that “a bad peace is better than a good quarrel.”

Such a child will rarely return from the yard beaten or in torn clothes – which is very characteristic of a child of the opposite Aries type. Here it will not be anything – and as a rule, the way his mother sent him to school (out into the yard, on a visit, etc.) and so met him – beautiful, clean, and elegant. And it is this trait that will delight the parent, will satisfy him.

It goes without saying that we, as always, look at the aspects between the elements of the 1st and 5th houses, in order to find out how the relationship between the owner of the card and his child will develop.

But in general, if everything is fine, if there are no serious tensions between the 1st and the 5th, then we can say that the parent himself in relation to the child will be quite peaceful, inclined to compromise, capable negotiate, prone to concessions.

5th House – Meaning and Info

When they are with this child, they usually do not have to shout, wave their arms, and even more so to beat THIS child.

Libra acts in a different way – and only one evaluating look of the Libramother can do more than direct Aries aggression.

It is important to understand that if we see Libra on the cusp of the 5th house (or other responsible), then this is the type of behavior and the type of interaction that this parent chose with THIS SPECIFIC child.

For example, if this is the 5th house, and there are two children in the family, then some of them will definitely follow the opposite 11th, and then Aries – and here there will be a completely different type of communication. But this – Vesovsky, will be as described (unless, of course, other indicators of the horoscope do not contradict).

Some of our Soviet actresses of the older generation, famous for their incredible beauty (in my opinion Elina Bystritskaya, but I could be wrong), in one of her interviews, said something like the following – “Mom told me that no matter what happens, you should always to be your own hairdresser and manicure master “.

and in such a mood for such” lifelong beauty “, as a rule, people who have Libra responsible for this child (or simply very manifested Libra, but in this case, it is not a fact that a child is will hear and apply).

It goes without saying that a child can fulfill the Liberal functions in his profession – be a musician, art critic, choreographer, etc. (watch the Libra lecture on the MC).

But in general, in spite of the child’s own horoscope, the parent will perceive him as a person who is very mentally stable, very balanced, who is difficult to infuriate and who is “good for people”.

Whatever happens in his life – outwardly everything is fine with him – he has a good family, a good spouse, great children, joyful work, etc.

Leo has this attitude “all my best” to the greatest extent. It is difficult for Lions to admit that something did not work out for them somewhere. The lion’s position “mine is the best” will be very bright, very demonstrative (which often annoys others).

A mother who has a Leo on HOUSE 5 will always express herself in excellent degrees in relation to her child, without even noticing it at times. And the mother with Libra on the cusp of the house responsible for the child will present everything very subtly, elegantly.

And she can, with some half words, half smiles, subtle expressions, point to the same Lioness about the difference in position, and as a result – the difference in taste, sensations, status.

In adulthood, as a rule, normal children, with a normal, respectful, dignified attitude towards their parents (unless the horoscope as a whole indicates otherwise).

Libra in 5th House – Meaning and Info

A person who has 5 houses in Libra, is distinguished by a high degree of communication and the desire to realize himself by taking into account the participation in various social networks.

In people, first of all, he is attracted by such features of the character, as diplomacy and general harmony and personal development.

The creative potential is realized at the expense of collective beats, hearings and discussions. 5 home in Libra – a person’s characteristics these people love collective work, for them they are attractive joint creative delights or the creation of something new.

In personal communion, such persons are very flexible, preferring to communicate with people who have a certain cultural level. It is connected with the great love of man for cultural and intellectual activity. This can be as music, as well as painting, literature and many other things.

Often, such people themselves have a rare talent, about which they surround themselves in the past even and do not suspect. Such a gift can be opened completely unexpectedly, and just at that moment, when no one expects it in principle.

So, with your own hands, you do not want to create an authorization. He will not think of it too stupid to drop and put himself in a dangerous situation. However, it has a strong sense of belonging to the collection.

Therefore, it will take part in a macabre error. Like people, I have a humorous and balanced character in everything.

For those around them, such people can often act as a third judge or peacekeeper, helping to resolve even the most difficult international conflicts.

At the same time, much is assessed with a subjective point of view of the concept of beauty, if for some reason such a person likes In general, with the harmonious development of personality, such an individual is diplomatic and can easily find a common language with those around him.

Religiousness of such people can manifest itself at the expense of external procedures, by means of which people are looking for a connection with God.

In the family life, such a person can seem to be lightly uncomfortable, making personal pleasure at a sufficiently high position.

However, it is natural to give a partner and a desire to educate children at a high cultural and spiritual level.


In the group named after him, they seek help when it is necessary to resolve the conflict and act as a wise judge. He likes to play this kind of pole, so he really tries to make a fair decision.

The appearance of such people always corresponds to the situation and meets all the norms of a specific society.