Venus Sextile Ascendant – Synastry, Transit, Composite

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Venus is the planet of love, so everyone is used to counting. And this is partly true. Venus in a person’s horoscope reveals his temperament, his qualities in love.

The planet can give both simple human love and the opportunity to experience divine love.

Venus is the planet of female Yin energies. A strong planet in a good position or well expected gives beauty, charisma, femininity, instills confidence, the ability to care and protect. A person with a harmonious Venus evokes pleasant family feelings, it is calm and easy with him.

Venus – Meaning and Info

A person with a strong planet of Love can evoke strong emotions, fatal people talk about such people, there are no semitones for such people, to love or hate, as they say from this one step, so everything depends on the position of this planet.

Venus can show fertility or, on the contrary, difficulty in conceiving, it can talk about marital happiness or gender reassignment. Various strange addictions, love of sensual pleasures or complete inner coldness.

It all depends on how it is aspected and what position it occupies in the Natal chart of a person. Venus is a person’s sensory emotions.

If Mars is an impulse, life fire, engine or the first chakra of Muladhara, then Venus is the second chakra, Svadhisthana, the sexual chakra or the chakra of birth, spiritual relationship, and the planet of the body of emotion.

Venus rules Taurus and Libra, two signs that hardly accept each other, one is practical to the core, and the other is directed towards expressive beauty and reflection in other people.

In addition, Venus also rules the houses of the natal chart. This is the planet of the senses – above all, touch, taste and smell, and it will evoke love for certain things in our life.

Venus is considered an auspicious planet. Astrologically, she rules over beauty and pleasure, thus she is responsible for many things related to happiness.

Indeed, her placement and influence can bring a lot of joy and success; however, it can also lead to excessive luxury.

The planet has a lot to do with sexuality, it governs how we are viewed and desired by others. Venus is associated with the soft part of sexuality, thus representing romance and flirting. She brings tenderness and pleasure, being responsible for all the little things that make us happy and make us smile.

Due to her connection with the 2nd house, the planet controls money, as well as everything else that is considered personal property.

In addition, the fact that she rules the 7th house makes Venus responsible for marriages, associations and all long-term relationships, even if they are of a strictly business nature.

All jewelry, jewelry and beauty items are under the control of this planet. The beauty industry is the kingdom of this warm planet.

One of the main planets for which Astrologers compose horoscopes. The planet of love can tell a lot about a person and his inner world. A person can be a good actor and skillfully hide his qualities, mask flaws, weaknesses of other planets in the horoscope, and all thanks to the favorable position of Venus! But knowing its position in the astrological chart, you can look almost into the soul of a person.

Venus reveals personality. Breaks down the ego. And a child appears in front of you, with his dreams, plans, disappointments, and sometimes deep mental trauma, sometimes received not even in this life, but in a previous incarnation.

The Planet of Love can show what creative talents a person from the past brought with him, and which ones are closed to him in this avatar. Venus is so versatile that it shows all the shades of gray in the birth horoscope. In love, she can be frozen ice or start a real bloody war.

Venus is one of the planets of power and it was in a strong position for most leaders and great people. Venus is both pretense, and cynicism, and childish naivety, and romance, and passion, and jealousy, and hatred of oneself and the world, this is an incredible genius in creativity or a dry rational mind.

All this is Venus, and the astrologer will tell exactly from her position how a person will manifest himself in these areas. And in the Synastry, Venus will help you find your partner unmistakably or will hit him with Cupid’s arrow, any person you like!

Ascendant – Meaning and Info

If most of the planets are above the horizon, that is, in the southern half of the cosmogram, this usually means that the “owner” of the horoscope is a man of action: he prefers to control his own destiny.

The closer the Sun is to the meridian, the higher it reaches. This is true even when other indicators are not entirely favorable.

If the planets are located more under the horizon, in the northern half of the cosmogram, then fate is not very favorable to a person: all his development takes place “inside”, in his soul, without giving a tangible social result. Such a person is usually unable to cope with the circumstances.

If the Sun or Jupiter is near the nadir (IC), that is, the lowest point of the northern half of the sky, a person often devotes himself to pursuing mystical teachings, metaphysics, and occult sciences. If, however, Mars and Saturn are near this point, this indicates tensions in the family.

If most of the planets fall into the eastern half, that is, within the MC-AS-IC triangle, this means early personality development, bright events in youth, in general, early independence of a person, and, with other favorable conditions, early success in life.

If the horoscope as a whole is unfavorable, this can mean many difficulties and obstacles in the first half of life. If the planets are concentrated mainly in the western half, that is, in the IC-DS-MC triangle, then the most important events will occur in the second half of life.

Such people generally tend to bide their time without taking action; they make decisions that the environment dictates to them. In general, the inner life is more important for them than the outer one.

The horizon and the meridian divide the cosmogram into four sectors – the quadrant. These sectors are rarely equal to each other, because in different latitudes and at different times of the year, day and night, daylight and darkness have different durations.

American astrologer Dane Rudyar in his book “Astrology of Personality” indicates that the northwest sector gives an idea of ​​the emotional sphere of a person, and the southeast sector – about his logical thinking; the southwestern one tells about the peculiarities of its perception, and the northeastern one – about the methods of information processing.

Venus Sextile Ascendant – Synastry, Transit, Composite

Venus is responsible for the ability to love and accept a reciprocal feeling, the blessings of life, enjoy and rejoice in the world around it, and also make money.

A favorable aspect in the form of a sextile to the Ascendant, symbolizing an active principle for advancement in society, gives a unique charm and the ability to harmoniously express oneself in any environment.

The native loves to be liked and strives to develop all the qualities that cause sympathy in people. A musical and plastic optimist with graceful manners and an enveloping voice, he awakens admiration in the interlocutor, even if he just keeps the conversation going.

However, the bearer of the aspect, gifted by the goddess of love beyond measure, often makes a mistake: he succumbs to laziness and takes for granted the fruits of his karma, which leads to degradation, gluttony and dependence on physical pleasures. Influence of sextile Venus – Ascendant on fate Owners of the aspect are always in an even benevolent mood.

They are not affected by the annoying changes in the weather, the bad mood of the authorities and traffic jams.

Therefore, those around them strive to be closer to the native’s warm harmonious aura, charged with his love of life and benevolence.

Carriers of the sextile Venus – Ascendant make others want to give gifts, raise wages, please with small surprises, without even asking for it. Their unique property is not to be a passive consumer, but to pass the good on.

Brothers and sisters play a huge role on the path to social success, especially if the 3rd house is affected, and romance novels contribute to career advancement and self-education in a positive way.

The owners of the aspect, regardless of gender, learn from those they are in love with, adopting their knowledge and experience, rejecting the carefree position of kept women and gigolos.

The location of the planet of love in the 3rd and 5th sectors of the horoscope also portends the talent of a musician, actor and singer.

Other characteristic signs of the manifestation of the Venus-Ascendant sextile: beautiful facial features, full lips, shining warm eyes, rounded figure shapes.

The only thing that can prevent a triumphant ascent to success in art, diplomacy, the beauty industry and sports is the lack of measures in entertainment to the detriment of work and professional development.

Love and marriage with sextile Venus – Ascendant In 90% of cases, the aspect guarantees happiness in love, because a girl under its influence expresses the fullness of her destiny, shining with beauty and not hesitating to show what she is capable of, and a man is courteous in courtship and respects the feminine principle. But a lot of romance doesn’t always lead to a successful marriage.

Carriers of the sextile Venus – Ascendant will not tolerate being forbidden to shine in society and enjoy flirting. They may well be faithful, but the feeling of desire and sex appeal creates an inner courage and enhances the flow of creative energy.

With a positive connection, strong Venus is a source of warmth, tenderness and selfless devotion. Man has an extremely strong magnetism.

A charming appearance can contribute to this. But even in the absence of external attractiveness, he evokes sympathy and trust in those around him.

The secret of charm lies in the wealth of the inner world. The life of the chosen one of Venus is full of vivid, interesting impressions.

There is also material wealth. Auspicious but weak Venus can give a character a cold restraint that makes it difficult to find happiness and love.

Therefore, even if a beloved partner wants to lock the owner of the aspect of the house or demands to reduce the brightness and seductiveness of the image, the native will choose freedom.

However, usually under the power of a venereal spell, the partners agree to all the conditions.


Strengthening sextile Venus – Ascendant with talisman stones unusual beauty helps the native to easily achieve success in show business, just remember Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba, Elizabeth Taylor and Kim Kardashian, but even if you choose the business sphere, the wards of the sextile will always be a little more successful than those who do not have it.

They are also wonderful peacekeepers and diplomats, who see their mission as transforming the planet both in terms of ecology and improving the lives of the poor and disadvantaged.