Libra Man and Aries Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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The compatibility between two people can be determined by using astrology.

If you know the precise data of someone’s birth (their date, time, and place of birth), you can make their natal chart and determine their personal traits, as well as make an astrology compatibility analysis, where you will compare your natal chart placements to those of the person you are interested in, and discover how compatible you are to this person.

This can be very useful because it could point out the good and the bad which can come out of your relationship, and actually help you prevent some issues from arising. This analysis could also demonstrate if the relationship between you two is overall good or bad one.

If you don’t have this person’s accurate birth data, you can use their horoscope sign and do a comparison between the traits of your horoscope signs. Every horoscope sign has unique characteristics which most of the people born under the same sign possess.

By comparing these traits, you can determine the overall compatibility between you and another person.

In this text, we are comparing the traits of the Libra man and an Aries woman and determining how well they could get along in various types of relationships.

Libra Man

The Libra man is usually a kind and gentle man. These men are very polite and well-mannered. They are also very beautiful and overall good-looking. Libra men also have an immaculate personal style and pay a lot of attention to their image. The reason is their ruling planet, Venus, which rules beauty in general.

These men love beauty in all forms. They love to be surrounded with it and don’t feel comfortable in environments which are not pleasing to their eyes. They are usually art-lovers with exquisite taste.

Libra men also love beautiful women. As in everything else, they have a great taste in women.

These men are very sociable and have a lot of friends and acquaintances. They also love movement and are usually not home types. Their idea of fun is a good night out in a fancy night club. These men love going out and they are also good hosts and entertainers. They love quality things and have an eye to spot them.

Libra men usually have a lot of designer clothing and are admired both by men and women for their style.

Women are very attracted to them, and it is no wonder because they are usually good-looking and attractive. They love women and love dating, but they are not easy to decide about committing to a girl. There are many reasons for that; one of them is certainly their love of life, fun and parties; they need to be sure about someone, to give up on that.

One significant reason is their indecisiveness.

These men (like Libra women), have difficulties making decisions, and it is not just important life decisions, they often have a problem deciding about the simplest things. Like the symbol of their sign, the scales, they are weighing the pros and the cons about a girl, deciding if she has all they desire in a woman and if that is enough to begin a relationship.

Their indecisiveness is one of the main traits of their personality, and they often aren’t able to use all their potential because of that. These men are often attracted to women who have strong personalities, and sometimes that comes subconsciously as their need to be guided by someone and even told what to do when they can’t make up their mind.

One of these men’s prominent characteristics is also their kindness. These men are very sensitive to other people’s feelings. They want people to be happy around them and do everything to cheer them up.

These men usually have a lot of options when it comes to dating because as we said, women find them very attractive. That position can easily make them prone to multiple dating and cheating. Most Libra men can’t be alone for a long time.

They need company and if they are not in a relationship they turn to their friends and new acquaintances. They are often unreliable and flaky.

Libra men are often imbalanced, emotionally, mentally, and physically. They also lack persistence and determination to pursue goals and get to the finish line. They often abandon a perfect idea because they lack tenacity. They are also prone to self-sabotaging by giving up on something before starting.

The problem with Libra men is that they usually don’t want to admit these weaknesses they have, although they are subconsciously aware of them.

They are not very passionate, and are more playful when it comes to love games. They enjoy the romance and the courting part. Their lack of perseverance and the long process of decision making often causes them to simply disappear from a woman’s life without making the final decision to commit or telling her the reason for their disappearance.

They can have a history of giving up and letting go of things, and this trait often causes them to suffer losses and disappointments in life. They often rely on the people in their lives and that has an effect on their masculinity.

Although the scales which are the symbol of Libra symbolize justice and righteousness, Libra men can sometimes be prone to distorting the truth. They don’t have a bad intention and the background of such behavior is usually their need to avoid hurting someone or pleasing someone.

The best choice for them is a strong and well-organized woman who will take the lead of their relationship. This woman needs to be able to coordinate his actions and direct him towards achieving his goals and desires, supporting him along the way.

This way he will manage to use his potential and the many abilities he has.

Aries Woman

The Aries woman is a strong and decisive being. She is so aware of her abilities that she appears to be bragging about them.

They can often be very loud and almost aggressive in their approach to people. They often attract the attention of people around them by their gesticulation and the loudness of their voice. They usually don’t pay attention to the reaction of others and what others would think about them.

This behavior causes them to appear rude and ill-mannered. Many men also don’t like their aggressive approach and they feel intimidated by them.

Aries women are very passionate and usually direct in their approach to men. They usually openly demonstrate their interest for a man, and leave no doubts as to how they feel about them. This approach is not well accepted by all men because it deprives them of the mystery.

Many men lose interest in pursuing a woman when they realize that she is interested in them. They usually don’t take these women seriously and don’t want a committed relationship with them. Many Aries women don’t have a problem with one-night stands, but they do seek a committed relationship.

These women usually seek men who can handle their power and be fine with it, or men who have weaker personalities, in which case, they are the dominant one in the relationship. The second is a very often seen scenario with an Aries woman.

Many of them cannot stand being the weaker side in a relationship and they choose men they can control and organize their lives.

In most cases, that isn’t a bad outcome because the men they choose usually seek stronger women to compensate for their weaknesses.

An Aries woman is usually ambitious and puts her career high on the list of her priorities. She needs to be successful in this area and adequately rewarded for her work. She will do anything it takes to achieve that goal. She is organized and manages to perform all her duties on time.

As a wife and mother, she usually has the same approach because she often isn’t very emotional.

She needs to know that everything and everyone is taken care of and that is when she feels at peace. This woman is usually the mastermind behind the organization in the household. She gives choirs to her man and the kids they need to fulfill.

This woman is a hard worker and doesn’t hesitate to put in a tremendous effort when something needs to be done, both at work and in her private life. She is also a good buddy, and very helpful. She will leave everything and come to the rescue when someone needs her help.

She also loves a good party and is very entertaining. She can be prone to spending recklessly, and possibly jeopardizing her finances (unless she has a prominent Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn in her chart, in which case she can be very uptight with her money and keep track of every dime she spends).

She is not very feminine and often appears rugged and tough. Even the very beautiful and tender looking Aries women have this masculine side in their personality which is evident the moment they open their mouth to speak.

You need to accept them as they are, and enjoy in the full spectrum of qualities they can offer, and they really have a lot to offer.

Love Compatibility

A relationship between a Libra man and an Aries woman is often a good idea, providing that they accept their mutual differences. The Libra man often seeks a stronger woman who will support him in his insecurities and weaknesses.

He needs someone to push him forward into achieving success and progress he is capable of.

The Aries woman is a dominant woman with a very strong personality, who is often unable to be with a man who is stronger or equally strong as she is. She doesn’t want to be told what to do, and instead wants to organize others and tell them what to do. There is no arguing that she is good at organizing.

If these two have such preferences, they could establish a very good relationship which can lead to serious commitment and marriage.

They are both fun and easy going, and they share the love of nightlife and going out.

She might be jealous at all the women trying to steal this man from her, and she might be too rough for his sophisticated taste, but if there are some additional bonding planetary placements in their natal charts, this might prove to be a lasting union to the mutual satisfaction of them both. 

Marriage Compatibility

When a love relationship between a Libra man and an Aries woman passes the test of time, marriage is the next logical step. These two can have a satisfying marriage union, providing that they agree on the organization of the duties of each one of them within the marriage.

She will probably be the one to organize all the major things in their union, and he will most likely agree with all her decisions, although he might occasionally grunt a bit just to make it difficult and prove his masculinity to himself.

She might at times have the feeling that she is alone in the marriage doing all the major stuff because she is often unaware that she was the one that organized things in such manner.

He is good at doing what he is told to do and he will often have no other initiative. In time, they will both know what their roles are and this marriage is usually a lasting one.


A friendship between a Libra man and an Aries woman happens often.

They both love parties and going out and are both very sociable. Usually, they don’t often have similar interests outside partying and going out.

Cool Facts

The sign of Libra and Aries are both cardinal signs, and the difference is that the Libra is an air sign while the Aries is a fire sign.

While the Libra has a light and airy approach to things, the Aries has a fiery and aggressive approach. 


A relationship between a Libra man and an Aries woman is not a bad idea and is a quite common thing.

These two have different personalities, but they fit well together because of their differences.

They complement each other and fill in each other’s needs. That makes the potential for this relationship to be a lasting one.