Libra Man and Sagittarius Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Once a highly valued discipline, astrology was, back into old times, a part or a synonym for what we know as astronomy. This complex and somewhat mysterious discipline is not recognized as an official scientific field in modern day and is commonly considered a charlatan’s work.

True, there are many who have no actual expertise in the field and still make tons of money through inventing all sorts of astrological interpretations and predictions.

In old days, particularly in ancient era, astrologers were persons of great value on many of the world’s royal courts. Their opinion mattered a lot; there would be no great campaigns of conquests, discoveries or anything similar without your royal astronomer-astrologer. Many great rulers relied on what those would have to say.

That said, here is a good place to mention that horoscopes could be created for whole countries or even nations. While we are not here interested in deciding the destiny of the world’s nations, it is good to know how powerful horoscopes could be.

We deal with horoscopes on far more personalized level. Creation and interpretation of personal horoscopes is a common thing for any astrologer.

The most important, essential tool for interpreting your destiny and making predictions is your birth chart, a horoscope.

It is a diagram that shows planets of our little solar system at the time of your birth. It is basically a chart, divided into so called houses, each one of them representing particular aspect of your life, such as, for example, health, love, career and so on.

It is unique diagram, a chart of your destiny. According to astrology, how planets are positioned determines what kind of person you would be and what is your life going to be like.

Finally, we come to very bases, zodiac signs. Zodiac is an imaginary circle consisted of constellations, each one representing one of zodiac signs we all have heard about.

It also has to do with your birthday; you are born under a particular sign. Astrology teaches that each sign has its specific traits, temper and characteristics. An ideal Libra man, for example, would have all characteristics ascribed to Libras.

What is particularly interesting to people, is how astrology can tell whether you are compatible with another person or not. Many times, you would hear this and that sign do not go together. Well, they are wrong.

All ‘signs’ could fit; it depends greatly on personalities and personal horoscopes of people involved, to what degree they are compatible.

Libra Man

Speaking of compatibility, that is exactly what we are about here. We would like to see how compatible Libra man and Sagittarius woman are. What is their connection like? Could they be a lovely couple?

The future of any Libra man/Sagittarius woman couple, as well that of any other combination, depends on each personality. Here, we present typical Libra and ideal Sagittarius, considering the factor of sexes.

Let us first meet our amazing Libra gentleman. Libras are generally known to be calm, relaxed and easygoing people, who do not lack the sense of responsibility and seriousness, but prefer to keep to their relaxed pace.

There is no need for rush; everything could wait for more promising conditions. However, Libras do not wait eternally.

They decide to take action when they are bored of waiting, but they usually let their intuition and inspiration strike and drive them forward. Libra man is exactly like that. He is a stable and self-aware personality. He knows his qualities and his flaws. He is charming, intelligent and laid back; a person you would like to have in your company.

He is openhearted, warm and sensitive to injustice.  He would support anyone he deems in danger of being wrongly accused, exploited, hurt for no reason. He will stand for his own causes, no doubt. Libra man is not to be tricked and manipulated; he sees through people well, but he is not suspicious or distrustful. He always gives others chance, but do not play with him.

Libra man is irresistibly charming and very adaptive and flexible. He chooses his actions wisely; Libra does not plan a lot, he relies on his guts for the most part and his intuition rarely tricks him. He does think through things, before taking actions or making important decisions.

While, in general, it is positive and useful in almost all areas of life, it could be quite irritating when it comes to love life.

The famed indecisiveness of Libras here takes its place. Libra man dreams about the perfect, fulfilling love and is quite fussy when it comes to that, if we could call it that way.

He would now grumble or try to find a needle in a haystack, like a Virgo, for example, but he would play games, take action and then step back, flirt and retreat and so on. Libra women are similar, just for the record.

Libra man loves to flirt, he would treat a woman like lady, he knows what and when to say. However, he also loves to be seduced, intrigued, won over. To him, gender roles are not that important when it comes to games of seductions; he is quite liberal in thinking about that. He seeks for a woman who will share his dreams.

His dreams and desires are not megalomaniac; Libra dreams about a cozy family home and general stability in life, which would allow him freely to express his creativity. Libra is talented for natural sciences, mathematics and art. This makes a Libra man an artist or, for example, an architect, where both his taste in aesthetics and his gift for mathematics are combined.

Libra man enjoys nature, peace and tranquility, needed for him to imagine and create. Libra is rarely isolated from society and he is friendly and sociable. He stands for human rights and would see that everyone has their piece of cake. He is a pacifist and has a diplomatic approach.

Libra man could be a great mediator; it is in his nature to seek harmony, balance and peace.

He is a good listener and he would give you valuable advices, without trying to persuade you otherwise or impose his opinion. He is overall a loving personality whose company is very enjoyable. When he falls in love, he loves to the bones. He is dedicated to his partner and sees to nurture his relationship properly. He needs a partner more decisive than he is.

Sagittarius Woman

Sagittarius woman is an amazing, extravagant personality you would easily recognize in a mass. She is bold and she dreams big. Not only she dreams, but also Sagittarius woman takes action.

She does not like waiting, but has enough patience thoroughly to think things through, plan, organize and then act. She is commonly talked about as an iron lady; a woman that has firm opinions, who is brave and ready to stand for what she deems right and just.

She is executive, efficient and able to control things in her life, as well as around her. Sagittarius woman has no problem with being in position of authority; she enjoys is. This makes Sagittarius woman an excellent boss.

She does not let others decide in her place, she would always listen to what others have to say, take their opinions and suggestions into consideration, but she would always trust her reason.

Sagittarius woman has great imagination, but she is primarily reasonable. Sagittarius lady is intelligent and capable of taking charge and putting things in order. That makes her perfect for professional fields that have to do with law and order.

She does not dream of luxuries, meaning she is not obsessed with having the most expensive dresses and jeweler, but she would not accept too modest conditions, either.

She works to make the best for herself; she sees herself as a successful woman of some status in society. On the other hand, her need to be in leading positions does not fog her mind and make her arrogant and know-it-all; she is very open to learn new things. She knows that there is so much more things to learn and to do.

Sagittarius woman is of a firm belief that, as long as we live, we can work on improving our skills, learn new things and discover more of our talents. She is interested in many things and capable of separating emotions from obligations.

Sagittarius woman is in search for her true purpose and she loves to explore ideas related to the real sense of the whole life.

She enjoys intellectual talks and philosophy, as well. She needs a partner who matches her on intellectual level, in the first place. She is not particularly romantic and, in love games, she does not hesitate for long, if she is interested.

Sagittarius woman is trustful and loyal to her partner. She usually astounds a man with her openness, positivity and boldness, as well.

Love Compatibility

Libra man and Sagittarius woman are fairly a good match; they are a natural combination and their relationship could be very harmonious. They are an Air and a Fire element zodiac signs and they have many things in common. Their differences are complementary and serve them a good deal.

Fiery, bold Sagittarius woman’s energy is exactly what relaxed and laidback Libra man needs and vice versa.

What is more important, both are aware of this, so they save themselves a great deal of misunderstood actions. Libra man is charming, intelligent and an intriguing personality for a somewhat restless and energetic Sagittarius woman.

She needs someone to balance her fiery temperament, while Libra needs her flame to be a bit more decisive in life.

They fall one for another easily. Their love is initially interesting, exciting, sparkling and with time, it only becomes more tranquil, harmonious and balanced. Their energies match almost perfectly, so there are great chances their relationship would soon become something more.

If all aspects in personal horoscopes work in their favor, it could be lifelong happy marriage.

There are not many reasons for things to get wrong, even if planets were not that well harmonized in personal horoscopes. Since these two understand one another naturally, they could work things out, in any case.

This is a couple with almost ideal match in sexual life. Both would enjoy a bit of foreplay, they have similar pace and take things easy. Simply put, their sex life is perfect. Moreover, their relationship is pure, honest and clear ethically.

There is no suspicion, no jealousy and distrustfulness between these two. Both are loyal, open to one another, dedicated and honest. What a lovely couple, indeed!

Marriage Compatibility

Libra man and Sagittarius woman match in all areas of life. Married ones would not argue over mundane things, even if they have some different habits. They accept one another the way they are, because there are no differences that would make one angry or displeased.

Libra man is more laidback, Sagittarius is more executive in nature and this is a perfect match. Neither of them would complain about habits of the other, because they are not that accented or troublesome.

Their differences only make their life together lively, interesting and exciting enough.

Their life is balanced, warm and enjoyable. Both would like to settle down and have a family of their own, which is, of course, the first and the most important shared goal for a happy and harmonious marriage.

They make amazing parents, they respect one another’s interests and they share all else.


Libra man and Sagittarius woman could make great friends, but it is unlikely there would never be some love sparkles between them.

They could even stay friends after they have had a love affair.

It could happen in their younger years, it could be exciting to both. If they separate, it would be a peaceful breakup. No drama or scandal.

If they never develop sexual interest one for another, it is likely they would become good friends and remain so for life.

Cool facts

Our celebrity couple for Libra man/Sagittarius woman match are Jackson Brown and Darryl Hannah.

This is a fun and very natural combination, overall. You can easily imagine a Libra man/Sagittarius woman doing many things together.

They would always have something to share with their friends and everyone could see how happy they are together.

What is more important, they do not act and play a role of a happy couple. No, if they are together, they are, because they are happy that way.


Overall, this is a fine combination. Libra and Sagittarius are a natural zodiac match, so they can have an amazingly harmonious relationship.

Even if there were problems, which are inevitable in any relationship, they would find a solution.

It is very important to mention that neither Libra man nor Sagittarius woman are too proud when defending their opinion when in such a relationship, because they are trustful of one another.

Compromises are easily made and they eagerly work on improving their relationship, all the time.