Venus in 9th House

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People aren’t aware of how useful astrology can be for our lives. Most of the people’s knowledge of astrology consists of the knowledge of the sign they were born in, along with some characteristics of that sign and the remaining signs of the Zodiac.

Astrology and talk about Zodiac signs are usually used for starting conversations and often is a way to discover a bit of something about someone that interests us.

The Sun signs can give a lot of information about a person, and there’s no doubt about that, but astrology is much more than just Sun signs.

It can give us accurate information about someone’s personality and their life, as well as about many other things. It can give insight about situations, future events, potential of relationships, etc.

It can often prevent us from making mistakes and help us make the right decisions.

Planets in houses – individual charts and synastry meaning

Analysis in astrology begins with creating a natal chart. This requires a date, time and place for a certain event. This data is usually related to someone’s birth, but can be any other occasion.

The natal chart is represents a frozen picture of the sky at a certain moment, where the planetary positions in that moment are placed within a wheel of 12 houses. Each house has a specific meaning and areas or rulership.

The houses with planets are the most important ones because they reveal information about the person’s character, beliefs, interests, events they could experience, etc.

The planets’ energy has a strong impact on the house they are in and the areas which are ruled by that house.

Astrology can be used to determine the outcomes of relationships and the compatibility between the partners. It does it through a technique called synastry. Synastry analyses and compares the natal charts of two people to determine their compatibility.

Doing that, it also analyses the placements of planets from one chart into the other to determine the way this relationship influences the partners.

The natal chart houses rule different areas, such as education, finances, health, physical condition, character, physical appearance, beliefs, ideas, goals, social life, friends, neighbors, family members, ancestors, parents, sisters and brothers, children, relationships and partners, business, profession, career, coworkers, bosses, travel, enemies, etc.

The 12 houses of the natal chart are divided on angular, succedent and cadent; personal and interpersonal; cardinal, fixed, mutable, etc.

Venus – Basic Qualities

Venus is one of the most worshiped and dearest goddesses in ancient Rome. It helped people fall and stay in love. This was also the planet of fertility and beauty.

This planet is a very bright object, and resembles a big and shiny star on the night sky; this is a reason why it is called the morning or the evening star.

The planet Venus moves quickly, spending around 18.5 days in each sign of the Zodiac, when in direct motion.

This planet is the ruler of art and artists, such as painting, music, poetry, photography, pleasures, glamour, fashion, good taste, style, attractiveness, physical beauty, harmony, stability, social affairs, friends, women, female principle, wealth, money, abundance, relationships, partners, dating, procrastination, selfishness, self-centeredness, aesthetics, law, judges, laziness, good quality, service, etc.

This planet is the ruler of Libra and Taurus.

Ninth House Meaning

The 9th house rules philosophy and higher education.

It is also the house of long journeys, and travels to distant countries, foreign cultures, airway travels, religion, churches, religious authorities, religious studies, law system, attorneys, judges, courts, immigration, publishing, writing, legal profession, universities, professors, transport, trade, teachers, vacations, published writings, etc.

The ninth house shows whether we have interests in the areas ruled by this house; planets inside the house give more insight about the subject.

Someone with a lot of planets inside the 9th house is likely to be interested in areas such as religion, philosophy, distant travel, adventures, higher education, writing, publishing, law, etc.; this is especially true if the planets inside are the Moon, Sun, Venus, Mercury or Mars, but also Jupiter which is the natural ruler of this house.

This house and the planets inside inspire the desire for learning and gaining higher education. This house inspires the desire to uncover the secrets of the Universe.

This is a house of spirituality and people with a lot of planets inside are also very spiritual with a desire to keep expanding their spirituality. These people are also religious and have their own outlook on religion and faith.

Because it rules distant travel and foreign lands, the 9th house can reveal whether the person has a chance of relocating somewhere abroad during their life. It also reveals whether the person is likely to be successful abroad.

This house and the planets inside shows whether the person loves to travel and the likely motives to their travel.

This house rules professions like writing, legal profession, publishing, travel agents, etc.

Many people with a lot of planets inside the 9th house end up choosing some of these professions and they can achieve substantial success doing them. This house corresponds to the sign of Sagittarius. 

Venus in Ninth House Meaning in Individual Charts

Venus in 9th house can make the person adventurous in seeking love and romance. Also, these people are usually very independent and have an open idea about their relationships.

They don’t want being tied down in a boring routine which is why they usually seek partners with similar traits.

Venus in ninth house is often an indication of ending up in a relationship with someone who lives far away from the person, a foreigner, or with someone from a different cultural background.

They don’t tolerate any restrictions in their love life, and have a tolerant nature. Their partners should also be tolerant and allow them to express their needs freely. They want someone they could fulfill their desire for adventure, travel and new experiences.

These people might have a higher education in some art field. They might travel to foreign places to visit art exhibits, museums, and galleries, as well as visit archaeology sights.

These people are often interested in history and want to expand their knowledge on the subjects that interest them.

They want to make their own conclusions about religion and philosophy and often have a fine way of telling their opinion to others. They are not prone to quarreling and arguments and are able to express their opinion in a civilized manner.

These people love to meet people from different countries and exchange opinions about various subjects with them. They enjoy learning about new cultures and they often travel to experience this difference first hand.

People with Venus in 9th house often meet their perfect mate somewhere abroad while traveling. They can also meet their long-term romantic partners or spouses while studying something or doing some other 9th house related activities.

Because Venus rules law, legal profession and justice, and the 9th house rules these areas, a person with their Venus in 9th house is likely to choose the legal profession for their career.

They have an inner sense of justice and fight to defend the rights of people. They cannot stand watching anyone being deprived of their rights.

The position of Venus in 9th house resembles Venus in Sagittarius as the natural sign of the 9th house.

These people might always look somewhere else for happiness, avoiding noticing what is obvious and standing in front of them. This is why they could miss some wonderful opportunities for great relationships with people they refuse to notice.

They seem to have an idealized image of their perfect partner who is usually not from where they are. They often end up with strangers or going abroad for love which is true.

These people could be prone to falling in love impulsively. They might choose their partners based on the level of excitement they experience and feel around them.

People with Venus in ninth house might be in constant pursuit with something new and different and that includes their love partners.

This is not to say that they are promiscuous, but they want to experience variety of love experiences before they settle with one person. It is hard for these people to commit to one person because they love their freedom very much.

People with Venus in 9th house are usually very educated, but if Venus in their chart is afflicted, they might not finish formal education.

Nevertheless, they continue to expand their knowledge through reading and practical experiences.

These people are never lazy when it comes to travel and new experiences. They can pack their bags in minutes and are ready to go.

Travel is one of their biggest love and they do it their entire life. They cannot be with a partner who doesn’t share this love with them. One of the great satisfactions of their life is traveling with their partner.

These people are open-minded and they seek partners with similar traits. Their partner should also be spiritual and possess desire to expand their horizons and knowledge, especially in areas of spirituality and religion.

People with Venus in 9th house might meet their partners during a vacation or studies abroad. They need their partners to be someone who shares similar interests.

Sometimes, people with Venus in 9th house go to study art or some other Venus related subject abroad. In some cases, they end up staying there, especially when Venus is the ruler of their fourth house or their Sun sign.

These people are outdoor types and their partners should be the same. They are interested in the history of religion and love to learn about it. They often visit churches and religious temples on their journeys to experience different religious practices first hand.

When Venus is in the ninth house, this often indicates a person who prefers to travel luxuriously and staying in luxury hotels and places. This can be the case, but it doesn’t have to be.

The person could prefer the commodity that money can provide while traveling, but they are also always ready for adventure, and adventure and comfort often don’t go well together. 

Venus in Ninth House Meaning in Synastry

When someone’s Venus is in another person’s ninth house, this usually creates a dynamic relationship between the two, full of adventures and new experiences.

The Venus person might be admired by the 9th house person for their style and personal philosophy.

The Venus person might inspire the 9th house person to broaden their knowledge on spirituality through sharing their ideas and going on mutual trips to places where they can learn through experiencing things in person.

This placement of Venus in synastry usually indicates a relationship where the love for one another will grow through their mutual experiences and traveling together.

This can often indicate a relationship where the partners met on some journey, and they often come from different backgrounds and countries. This can also indicate a long-distance relationship.

They usually share similar interests and beliefs. They will awaken the desire for freedom and independence in each other, and they will truly feel liberated through their relationship.

The relationship between them will inspire them to relax and express their true nature. They will stop repressing their urges and desires, and the relationship will have a beneficial effect on both.

When Venus is in 9th house in synastry, the partners will be inspired to explore and develop their spirituality through mutual activities and journeys.

They will support each other through the process of gaining knowledge and understanding on the subject. They will both learn a lot from each other and happily accept their partner’s ideas and beliefs.

These two will always be ready for adventure, even if in they aren’t very adventurous otherwise. Together they feel they could do anything and go anywhere which is very exciting and beneficial for the longevity and stability of their union.

Sometimes, these two meet on their studies, or in some cases they meet in church. In rare cases, the meeting might take place in a courtroom or some other 9th house related place.


Venus in 9th house person is usually very interesting, knowledgeable, and adventurous.

These people don’t like routine and stagnant situations and are very independent. They love their freedom and it is hard for them to give up on it. They prefer partners who feel the same and will respect their need.

People with Venus in ninth house can meet their partners on long journeys, in church, courthouse, University, or some other 9th house place. They love adventures and their partner should be the same.

These people love traveling and they do it often. they prefer comfort on their trips but are adjustable and would trade comfort for adventure anytime.

When Venus is in 9th house in synastry, this creates a great union where the partners enjoy doing things together, expanding their knowledge, experiencing adventures and new things, as well as traveling together.

They often meet one another on a journey, in church, University, or some other place ruled by 9th house.