Scorpio Man and Aries Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Regardless of if you believe in it or not, horoscope rarely leaves a person completely indifferent.

There are people who firmly belief theirs, and that of us all, destiny is written and hidden in stars. They rely much on birth charts and astrological interpretations. Others, however, have the most flexible attitude towards horoscopes and they usually read all sorts of short astrological analyses and predictions for amusement and fun.

There are, of course the most skeptic ones. They think horoscope, charts, predictions and everything related to astrology nonsense and old wives’ tales. There are numerous explanations on why some people believe in horoscope and why others not.

Very good and interesting psychological explanations are given; they are based on the idea that our personality and many other factors affect our attitude towards astrology.

Since you are here, you probably do not believe horoscopes are a very foolish thing and a waste of time. We could agree on that; no matter of our subjective opinion, astrology has been playing an important role in overall human civilization, since old days up to date. In ancient era, astrologers and astronomers were the same.

Their observations and their predictions counted and were considered of a great value to the most important society figures of the day.

Astrology was what we today know as astronomy; the two were inseparable and mixed, in a way. Today, the difference is obvious.

While astronomy is appreciated and accepted as an exact, official science, astrology has been put into corner of mysterious, obscure pseudo sciences. Astrology is more abstract and it heavily relies on the spiritual realm and what we could call speculations.

The personal factor is of great importance in analyzing horoscopes. If you, however, want to know your astrological destiny, you have to get your birth chart done and you need an expert to interpret it for you. Birth or natal charts are actually horoscopes.

Those are graphic schemes of planetary positions at the time of an individual’s birth. Astrology claims planets and stars affect each individual’s life and shape up his or her destiny.

They determine not only what kind of person you will be, but also what sort of connections you will make throughout your lifetime. Many people would like to know when they would meet their perfect one, what kind of person he or she could be and so on.

That is what we will talk more on today. We analyze basic zodiac compatibility and match zodiac signs. Let us get on our business for today.

Scorpio Man

This article is dedicated to the relationship between Scorpio man and Aries woman. Let us just remind you that there are no actual rules, when matching horoscopes, because many other factors, beside zodiac signs you were born under, determine whether you are compatible with someone or not.

Zodiac compatibility is a basic and a guidebook, because it deals with typical and ideal representatives of each zodiac signs, both male and female. First, we will talk about amazing Scorpio man.

Scorpio man is, by all means, a personality that could take your breath away. He is incredibly intelligent, versatile and omnipresent. He attracts people’s attention with ease; Scorpio many is irresistibly charismatic and his aura is magnetic. Scorpio man knows how to take the spotlight, if he is up to it. He is capable of showing himself in the best light, in every situation possible.

By the book, Scorpio men know well with words; they are communicative and they simply measure up. Scorpio man is not aggressive, but he has a gift to impose his opinion and attitude. He is very self-confident; he is proud of his achievements and openly brags about it. However, he would not exaggerate anything he talks about.

His conscience, sense for honesty and justice prevents him from doing so.

Scorpio man is a person you would definitely notice. He leaves mark on the world and rarely left anyone indifferent. Scorpio men are known for having very distinctive sense of style and fashion, appearance in general.

Scorpio man would often have the same level of interest in intellectual goals, career, physical condition and physical appearance. He is a kind of perfectionist, but not as ‘heavy’ as a Virgo, for example.

Scorpio man is usually talented for many things and his versatility is impressive. He would play sports, visit museums, travel and meet new cultures and he will care about both his health and looks all the time. Scorpio man is open minded, creative and flexible in general, but he is also materialistic.

Scorpio would never choose a job that brings a lot of money, but does not satisfy his other appetites. On the other hand, he would extremely rarely do anything for free.

Scorpio man is the master in combining what he loves to do with something that brings profit. He is serious and responsible when it comes to work. His sees the world in black and white and is prone to thinking in extremes. Other shades do not grab his attention. Things are either perfect or disastrous; that is the world of any Scorpio.

He has very strong intuition that guides him through life. Do not try to manipulate or trick Scorpio man.

He could let you think you have outsmarted him, but that is only because he sees some interest in it. Scorpio man does not take what people say for granted and he has incredible insight in what people actually think. He is a master of digging deep into the very essence of everything. It could be exhausting for other people.

He is a complex personality, mysterious in a way. His darkest thoughts are disguised and very well hidden from the outer world.

Scorpio man is ambitious, fearless and independent. He rarely asks for help and prefers to hold all the strings. He is determined to get what he wants, but through fair play. He is straightforward, strong-willed and generally optimistic. It is important to add that Scorpio man is hard-working and that he best enjoys fruits of his own work.

He is his own boss and does not like to obey others. He prefers working alone.

Scorpio man might appear cold and made of stone, while in fact, there is a whole palette of emotions behind his perfect mask. He is very passionate and love for him represents a mixture of power, passion, battle and game. He would not show his turbulent emotions on the outside.

Scorpio man is caring and loyal lover, but a bit possessive. He is more vulnerable than he appears to be. His perfect partner has to be up to his intellectual and emotional level.

He is a master in the art of love and hard to resist. Those who have experienced intimate moments with a Scorpio man would often say it was the best sexual relation ever. Scorpio man has great appetites for sex.

His adventurousness, intuition and magnetic aura make him a perfect lover. Scorpio man would not waste time with a person who does not share his passion and who is sexually too reserved and distant.

Aries Woman

Aries woman is a communicative, direct and open personality. There are no mysteries and secrets with an Aries girl; she would tell you exactly what she thinks, no matter how it sounds. Aries woman is bold, courageous and determined to achieve her goals. She is neither dreamer nor a romantic.

Aries lady is strong willed and executive. Once she sets her mind onto something, she would not retreat until it is accomplished.

Aries woman loves to compete and readily accepts challenges. However, she is not exactly a risky type of person. She would never enter a challenge just for fun. If she sees it could lead somewhere, she is already all set to go for it. Aries woman is energetic and intelligent. There is not much hesitation and doubting in her world.

She usually has well determined goals and those are of having stability and comfort in life.

She is honest and just; for an Aries, lies and trickery are something way below their level.

Aries woman is stubborn and most definitely inflexible when it comes to changing her opinion over something. She is a natural born leader and she hates not being in charge and control of things. Many people are often impressed at how strong this woman is, usually both physically and mentally.

Sometimes, Aries woman is aggressive or at least gentler signs of zodiac perceive her so. She tends to dominate over everything, so it happens a lot that even her closest ones think of her as a cruel and selfish person. That is not exactly true. Aries woman cares much about everything she holds dear, especially her family and her loved ones.

She would do everything for them, to protect them and make them feel safe.

Unfortunately, she commonly fails in showing affection in the way most people expect. She could be too raw and aggressive. Aries woman is tactful and organized when it comes to her personal goals and doing things, but she could be reckless about saying things and thus hurt people unintentionally. She is however, honest, loyal, supportive and protective.

Aries woman is also hardworking and fearless; she does not avoid tasks that require a lot of effort and strength to be done. Aries woman does not fall in love that easily and she is very rational when choosing a partner. She needs a person who shares her main goals; the one who wants stable, comfortable and conventional family life.

It is her vision and she is ready to wait for the right one to come into her life. She does not lose head over summertime affairs or so. She needs her man to support her, to be by her side, in good and the bad. She does not flirt much and does not like endless games of seduction.

She is open in romantic relationships, as well as she is in all other areas of life. Her ideal partner is one that has no second thoughts about the relationship, the one who is bold enough to approach such a strong feminine figure and capable of taking initiative.

She is a lady with high self-opinion and likes men who share this trait.

Love Compatibility

This is definitely a dramatic combination! These two are extremes in their element’s groups, a Water and a Fire. More like a tsunami and a wildfire, we daresay. It requires a tone of favorable aspects for these two to stay together.

They are likely to be very attracted to one another in their younger years and early adulthood.

Scorpio man is intriguing and a good catch for a determined and energetic Aries woman. A woman with the fire of an Aries is a real diamond for ambitious and adventurous Scorpio.

There is a lot of energy here and this combination is explosive, in both good and the bad way. They usually have extremely good sexual connection and enjoy endless sex games.

It is like a competition for both of them and they enjoy playing it. However, just as this flame burns strong it burns out fast. They soon get exhausted and all their differences take place.

They have similar energy, but it is greatly opposing. Each one wants to be in charge and control things. Both are stubborn and dominant personalities.

Both are very proud and hate being told what and how and why to do. This soon make them argue all the time, waste loads of energy and prevents them from any effort into direction of actually improving their relationship.

Marriage Compatibility

This dramatic relationship rarely ends up with a marriage.

However, if, by chances, their planetary aspects in personal horoscopes are favorable, this connection could be maintained.

The truth is, both are loyal, both would see a breakup as a failure and both are willing to sacrifice.

However, no way this marriage or a relationship is likely ever to by harmonious and peaceful in total.


The same is with friendship; it is fiery and dramatic relation.

It is very likely that there would be some sexual attraction between the two and it is unlikely the friendship will continue after they split up.

There is too much opposing energy between these two. Both are too strong, dominant and proud to spend much time together.

From best friends, they could become the worst enemies.

Cool Facts

There are interesting examples of celebrity Scorpio man/Aries woman couples.

Here are some of these ‘dramatic’ lovers: Ethel and Robert Kennedy, Danny de Vito and Rhea Perlman, Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson.


From all we have seen, Scorpio man and Aries woman could be amazing lovers, but not as good spouses or friends.

There is too much tension between them, in terms of their stubbornness and need for dominance.

Actually, better match is that of a Scorpio woman and an Aries man; it is smoother and a bit better balanced.

However, not all is lost! There are chances these two could harmonize their energies to work in favor of their relationship, but it requires really strong motivation and dedication.