Libra Man and Libra Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Astrology can be very useful when we are trying to determine whether we are compatible with someone we like, as well as to give us information about that person’s personality and general traits.

It could also point out the negativities in their character, the potential issues which can arise in the relationship between that person and us, as well as to give advice on resolving these issues.

The best scenario is when you have this person’s accurate birth data (their place of birth, date and exact time of birth).

When you possess this information, you can make a precise compatibility astrology analysis between your natal chart and this person’s natal chart and determine the potential for a stable and lasting relationship between you two, based on the reciprocal planetary aspects between your charts.

Also, the natal chart of a person can give you a lot of insight into their personal traits, their living conditions and life in general, as well as their general aspirations.

If we don’t have the person’s birth data, their horoscope sign can also be of use. By comparing the general traits of the horoscope signs of two individuals, we can discover whether their relationship will mostly be a compatible one or not.

We can also discover a lot about the personality of the individual we are interested in.

In this text, we will compare the traits of a Libra man and a Libra woman, to discover how well they get along in various relationships. These two are both born under the same sign, and they have a lot of similarities.  

Libra Man

A Libra man is an epitome of kindness and generosity. A typical Libra is very helpful and tries to please anyone, and both women and men Libra share these traits. This man usually looks very good and is physically beautiful. He is very charming as well, and people are naturally drawn to him.

He is often in situations where he is being helped by people who are complete strangers.

The reason is his openness and sociability. He finds it easy to establish new contacts and meets people with ease. Women are also attracted to this man and he often has a lot of options for dating.

They are not very passionate and prefer kissing and hugging to passionate lovemaking (unless they have some prominent influence of an overly passionate sign in their natal chart).

These men are usually not macho men and players, but they are often in a position of having plenty of options to choose from, and they often end up in multiple relationships because they often have a problem with choosing properly as well as problem to say “no” to people; these are traits they should seriously work on resolving because they often put them into situations and relationships they don’t really want.

Libra men (and Libra people in general) have problems with making decisions.

They are usually indecisive and fear the consequences of making the wrong decision. They tend to think a long time before making a choice, and the most difficult situation is when they need to make a choice between two or more things. They tend to think about all the details and circumstances, and weigh the pros and the cons, and when they finally make the decision, they are often questioning it.

These men often ask others for an opinion on different matters. The reason is their need to look at a situation from a different perspective and then decide on the best possible version. This approach often makes them more confused than they were before asking for an opinion.

They often have similar issues in their relationships with women. Having a lot of opportunities to date they often talk to many women and they court many of them. When a girl begins responding to his courting, he often doesn’t know what to do next because he was never sure about wanting something more in the beginning.

Their inability to reject and hurt people, often puts them in a situation to begin a relationship with someone they don’t really like simply because they don’t know how to say that and they don’t want to be rude or hurt the person’s feelings.

Sounds impossible, but these situations often happen to these people in different areas of their lives.

By not being able to say what they really want in the first place, they often come to a point when they cannot take a situation anymore and they simply leave without explanation because they can’t face a person with the truth.

These men also have a problem with their decisiveness and confidence about their abilities.

They are usually very gifted and creative but much of these qualities are wasted because of their inactivity and lack of ambition. They often need a boost from a person from their surroundings they love and trust, who can encourage them and support them in achieving their goals.

That person can be their friend, parent, a sibling, or their partner.

One of Libra men main tasks is to learn how to be more confident and stick to their decisions. Many of them give up before they have even started because they are afraid of the outcome.

These men are gentle and tender beings and they are full of love. They are also very active and social and they have a large circle of friends and acquaintances. When they begin a committed relationship most of them stop being as active, but they nurture their most important friendships. Libra men are usually good husbands and are devoted and loyal to their partners.

They are also good as parents, but often mild-hearted and tolerant to their children’s mischiefs.

Because of their tolerance and their mild character, these people often need partners with stronger personalities than theirs. They have a natural tendency towards harmony and balance and they seek to establish it in every relationship they are in, so they can be a calming influence on any partner they are with. 

Libra Woman

Libra women are one of the most beautiful women of all the signs of the Zodiac. These women have a charming nature and even if they are not perfectly beautiful they look cute and attractive. They often have beautiful faces and beautifully built bodies.

Libra women are very attractive to men, and they often have a lot of suitors. This situation can be more of a problem to them than an advantage because it puts them in a situation to choose. These women, as well as Libra men have a lot of difficulty with choosing properly and the fear of making the wrong decision.

They put in a lot of their time in deciding what should they do in a situation and that often happens in their lives. They tend to dramatize about everyday decisions as well as major life choices with almost the same intensity.

These women are usually afraid to take responsibility for deciding wrong, and that is why they often turn to other people for opinions about matters that concern only them. They often listen to these opinions, although they are aware that they are not in alignment with their desires, just to have an excuse when things don’t turn out well.

Then they might accuse the other person of telling them what to do, instead of being mad at themselves for making the wrong decision.

These women need to work on their confidence and decisiveness, and learn how to rely on their own power. They usually refuse to deal with matters in a proper manner. Because of their traits they seek men who have the power and the ability to protect them and support them in their actions.

They often don’t mind being guided by them, as long as they don’t have to decide anything.

Not all Libra women are like this, but the typical ones often are. They are usually not very passionate and enjoy to be pampered by their men.

Libra women often make mistakes in choosing the right mate because they are guided by their dominant needs for security and protection. That way they often end up being a trophy woman of a man who doesn’t care much about their feelings and love to have a beautiful woman as another asset to his immense property.

They are surrounded by luxury and gifts and can buy everything they want, but they lack emotional fulfillment.

A Libra woman loves beauty and enjoys buying things, especially clothes. She often buys more than she needs because she desires to have different items for various occasions. She usually has an impeccable personal style, and many women look up to her and copy her style.

Most Libra women are talented to create beautiful combinations using cheap clothing items.

They have the gift of making anything look expensive. They also love spending money and in love luxury in general. Their ideal man would be someone who can provide them with all the goods they desire. They are usually not gold-diggers, and they feel that they deserve to have such a man by their side.

She also loves decorating spaces. Her living space is usually arranged with taste and she often has a personal style many women admire and envy. These women are often in artistic professions or they do something creative as a hobby.

The Libra woman is a caring mother and a nurturing wife. She takes good care of her family and she is often overly worrying for the wellbeing of her loved ones. 

Love Compatibility

A Libra man and a Libra woman are a compatible couple. They have similar traits and they understand each other very well. The problems in this relationship are their lack of decisiveness and insecurity. They both need a stronger partner to help them overcome these negativities in their characters.

If neither of them has some planetary influences in their natal charts which gives them the confidence and determination they initially lack as a Libra sign, they can make it work.

These two share the same interests, especially their love for beauty. They are also very creative and can often find themselves doing some business together in the creative field.

They are both gentle and caring and understand each other best especially when it comes to paying attention to other people’s feelings and not hurting anyone.

The best scenario is when both of them or at least one of them has the influence of some stronger sign in their natal charts to undertake the leadership in this relationship and the responsibilities for the major decisions, and that way this relationship can truly be a lasting one. 

Marriage Compatibility

When it comes to marriage between a Libra man and a Libra woman, this can indeed be a good union.

The problems might arise if they both have indecisive characters which will cause issues in taking over the lead in the relationship because no one of them will want to take responsibility for the potential wrong decisions.

If they manage to balance that, they could have a very rewarding and lasting relationship where they both will enjoy.

These two naturally strive towards harmony and balance and avoid conflicts at all costs, and this union will be a safe haven for both.

They are tender and caring parents, but one of them will need to take on a more authoritative role so they don’t spoil their children completely.


Libra man and a Libra woman make wonderful friends. Their friendships can last a lifetime, unless one of them or both have traits of superficiality, which Libra people sometimes have.

In this case, Libras are in pursuit of quantity and not quality and that makes it hard to nurture friendships and make them lasting. 

Cool Facts

If these two meet each other during their young age when they both have a lot of opportunities for dating, they might easily miss each other’s qualities because they have so many other people in their lives.


A Libra man and a Libra woman make good partners, whether in a romantic relationship, a marriage union, or as friends.

The main issue in their relationship is their indecisiveness and lack of initiative, which they need to overcome if they want their union to last.