Libra Sun Gemini Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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Speaking about astrology and horoscope people usually refer to natal astrology and birth charts, while it is a much larger field.

However, we are all mostly interested in what it has to do with our lives and destinies.

That said, we focus exactly on natal astrology. Natal astrology analyzes planetary influence in lives of individual personalities. Personal horoscope is based upon a personalized natal chart.

The chart represents planets of the Solar system at the time a person was born, as a complex graphic.

Western astrology uses the Solar system, while there are astrological paths based upon the lunar calendar, as well.

Chinese astrology is one of them, for instance. Each planet found in a natal chart plays a role in your life and affects your personality, according to astrological interpretations.

There are personal, social and transpersonal planets.

Sun Sign

Personal planets are responsible for basic personality traits, temperament and a character of a person.

The most important are the Luminaries, of which the Sun is the first to be considered.

The other one is the Moon, equally important. The Sun, however, determines your native sign. Most people usually identify the horoscope with the ruling sign.

There are no typical and ideal representatives of Zodiac signs, though.

However, with the Sun in one of the signs, you definitely share basic traits of the sign with other people of the same one.

Other elements in your birth chart will affect it and make certain aspects.

Together, they all create a complex image that is your astrological personality. The Sun is the center and the essence of it, to say so.

The Sun is the ‘king of the day’. It is a masculine principle, associated with the element of Fire, the light and power. It is a creative and life-giving principle, as well.

The Sun in a natal chart represents your basic personality traits and attitude towards life. It boosts your creative potential and energizes you.

The Sun represents one’s Ego. It is associated with self-confidence, will, determination, bravery, generosity and ambition.

The Sun symbolically represents personalities of kings, leaders, generals, knights and all authorities.

With good aspects, it stands for nobility, knighthood, warm heartedness, glory, honor and honesty.

It is the best part of you, as seen in good aspects. It is intended to help you achieve your maximum.

With bad aspects, its quality could go wrong and make one greedy, self-centered, unscrupulous, arrogant and vane.

Sun in Libra

The quality of one’s Sun sign depends greatly on aspects affecting it. However, each Sun sign is characterized by some basic traits, although there is no ideal representative in reality.

Let us learn something about Sun Libras. Libra is the sign of balance, diplomacy and peace.

Libra people are some of the most relaxed and approachable people of the Zodiac. They are benevolent and kind, but not susceptible to being manipulated and controlled.

Libras know the difference between emotions and reason and they are managing the two perfectly and harmoniously, for the greatest part.

People are commonly mistaken to think of Libras as indecisive.

When big things are in question, Libras know what they want and they would stand their ground. They always use politeness and diplomacy in their approach.

They could become indecisive about minor issues (yes, such as what shirt to wear today).

However, they have well set goals and they would patiently work on it. Moreover, Libras are relaxed and flexible.

They approach things with easiness and reason. They trust both their intuition and their rational self. They are rare individuals capable of listening to both and making decisions based upon both.

Moreover, they usually make a good decision. Libras are kind and elegant people, very friendly and sociable.

They care about their looks and find beauty in the world around. Libras love to love and enjoy sharing. They are good improvisers and are not very susceptible to stress.

Libras are calculated when needed and spontaneous in any other situation. They are very likeable personalities overall.

Moon Sign

The Moon represents our subconscious mind and our inner spirit. It is our guiding voice and out intuition. We should never try to shut it down.

The Moon is important just as the Sun is; the two are major principles of our personal natal chart.

The Moon is our soul; it is about what is deeply inside our personality. The Moon is beyond our reason; it is all about emotions.

Thanks to Moon, we grow as emotional beings. Without it, our Ego represented by the Sun remains empty.

Without our Ego, we would be beings built up only of emotions and it is a fatal scenario.

Finding the balance between Ego and emotional self is the greatest achievement of a personality and it is not an easy task.

The Moon is needed to soften our pure ratio, while our reason is needed to control our emotional response.

Our Moon sign represents our manner of emotionally dealing with various situations and people in life.

It affects our impressions and makes us more or less sensitive, compassionate, empathic and all else. Good aspects make our Moon a guiding inner voice.

Bad aspects accentuate Moons changeable nature and make us too vulnerable and fragile, irritable, insecure, but also moody, dramatic and pessimistic. Our Moon sign defines our emotional self.

The house the Moon matches in a natal chart is a sphere of life that brings us the greatest emotional turbulence, but at the same time, the greatest comfort.

Moon in Gemini

Gemini is a lively, wandering sign. This sign is ruled by mercury and it is associated with youth and communication.

Moon in Gemini indicates a personality that finds emotional fulfillment in verbal exchange.

These people need to share their experiences with others and they have a whole load of those. They are youthful, enthusiastic and adventurous.

Their emotional world needs constant activity, constant change and adventure.

They are curious about the world and the people. They are versatile and extremely flexible and always on the run.

Their emotions towards other people are rarely deep, because not many people or phenomena could keep their attention for long.

This makes Gemini make lot of connections, but shallow ones.

It is not necessarily a bad thing, because it saves Gemini from disappointment and makes them less vulnerable.

They do not think badly about anyone, they are curious about new people and experiences. They are very open and direct in communication. They enjoy the state of amorousness the most, rather than love.

Excitement is what makes them feel great, in all areas of life, including romantic love life.

Moon Gemini individuals find great pleasure and fulfillment in travelling.

They feel uneasy if staying in one place for too long. They are extremely outgoing and extroverted.

Moon Gemini people do not take many things too seriously.

They are peter Pans of the Zodiac. They could either energize or drain other people with their unceasing enthusiasm.

Libra Sun Gemini Moon Personality

Libra Sun Gemini Moon personality is the spirit of the party.

They make others laugh and easily relax the tension in any situation. They enjoy talking to different people, love to travel, to share their experiences and to make friends.

They are not as shallow as Gemini could be, but they have empathy and genuine understanding for people they meet.

However, they do not let it make them vulnerable and drain their energy.

These individuals are very youthful and playful. They are incredibly flirtatious and it is usually naïve. They are very creative, versatile, restless and curious.

Libra Sun Gemini Moon are witty and intelligent people who sometimes use their incredible diplomatic skills to their advantage by tricking others.

However, their ‘tricks’ are never meant to make anyone hurt; it is more of a game of wits. They simply cannot resist it.

They love talking. They talk about all sorts of themes and know no taboos. They are honest and straightforward, but they still measure their words.

Their calculated, calm Libra controls impulsive Gemini.

They do not take things to their heart and are capable of empathizing with others without wasting their own energy. That said, they are humanitarian and eager to help.

Good Traits

Their youthfulness and positivity is probably the best part of their personality.

Libra Sun Gemini Moon nurture the child inside them the whole life, a gift rarely present in people.

They are benevolent and friendly towards everyone, ready to give the chance to each single individual. They have no prejudices or whatsoever. They are mostly tolerant, humanitarian and pacifistic.

Bad Traits

So much enthusiasm can get them out of track.

These people could become easily distracted, because all sorts of things attract their attention.

They become unable to focus on one thing, which makes them anxious and leads into insecurity.

Then they become indecisive, moody and inconsistent.

Libra Sun Gemini Moon in Love and Marriage

These people are free spirited and very sociable. They would never sit at home and miss out what is happening.

They remain very sociable regardless of if they get married or are in a serious relationship. Their lover or a married partner has to understand that.

They are naturally charismatic and charming, so they usually have no problem in winning the heart of a person they are interested in.

Best Match for Libra Sun Gemini Moon

The best match for these sociable people has to be someone free-spirited as they are; someone to exchange all of their experiences with them and through a verbal channel.

They need someone to talk to all the time.

It should be someone curious about various themes in life, only more focused and calmer in general.

They need a partner who will be their true friend and a lover.


Libra Sun Gemini Moon are intelligent and curious people, with an incredibly positive attitude and aura.

They are capable of learning through their own mistakes; they are not discouraged by failure and are not offensive. They could always make you laugh and forget about what torments you, if anything.

It happens that their youthful spirit sometimes turns into reckless childish behavior.