Libra Sun Cancer Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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Ancient practices, such as astrology, deal with the most mysterious and everlasting questions people ask themselves.

What is the purpose of our existence? What is my own purpose in this life?

Most people commonly ask themselves the latter. We would like to know what awaits us in future.

Moreover, we are interested in understanding our presence and why we are the way we are.

Many times, we act certain way, not exactly knowing what lead us to make such a step or a decision.

Perhaps star really guide our way; perhaps our destinies are written upon the heavenly vault, waiting for us to find them out and interpret them.

One alternative path deals specifically with individual people’s lives and destinies. It is natal astrology.

Sun Sign

Natal astrology focuses on individual destinies. It is based upon the analysis of birth charts, which are highly individual images of the sky, related to the moment of one’s birth.

Such chart show exact planetary distribution over the starry sky, at one particular moment in time.

All that an astrologer needs to draw such a scheme are your date, time and place of birth.

Analyzing birth chart is not easy and it requires good general understanding of astrological knowledge and principles.

Speaking in terms of Western astrology, the first element to take into consideration, while interpreting one’s birth chart and creating a horoscope, is the Sun.

The brightest of stars, the first of the ‘personal planets’, the Sun is the essence of your being.

The Sun is a principle of life and creation. In ancient mythologies, the Sun has always been one of the most passionately worshiped deities, glorious and noble, but awed, as well.

The Sun represents all life and, indeed, it provides life energy to all living things on Earth.

In a natal horoscope, it is your own life energy, your will for life, your Ego and conscious mind.

The Sun stands for glory, ambition, success, positivity, warmth and generosity.

If in good aspects, your Sun sign will show all its qualities in the most positive and beneficial manner. If not, the Sun energy leads to development of ill ambitions, envy, insecurity and dissatisfaction within one’s personality. If Sun energy is corrupted, one find hard to love him or herself.

Sun in Libra

The Sun determines the ‘basic’ sign in your natal chart. It is your native sign; actually, that one people would commonly identify with your whole horoscope and personality.

That is so, because native signs are the first constitutive elements of one’s personality to consider.

The Sun in Libra, thus, makes you a Libra person. Libras are Air element, characterized by balance between reason and motions.

Libras are usually sociable, openhearted and easygoing people.

They know what they want in life in general, but are very flexible along the way. They are calm, patient and calculated when needed.

Contrary to popular belief, Libras are actually much less indecisive. The thing is they are thoughtful and relaxed about making decisions.

Libras commonly have a well-determined goal or an idea about it.

They listen both their intuition and reason in various situations. They are ready to listen to others opinion and advice, but are not susceptible to being manipulated.

Libras are diplomatic and would always try to find the easier and more peaceful way to resolve problems.

They are excellent mediators and they are firmly against any aggression.

Libras are the voice of reason when things get hard. They are overall optimistic and not easily shaken by negativities in life.

They are supportive and caring friends. You can always approach to them and ask them anything. Libras are very creative and great aesthetes.

Moon Sign

While the Sun represents everything about your personality you are aware of and that the others can see about you, the Moon represents the other, less obvious side of your personality. It is the planet of emotions, dreams and intuition.

The Moon is a wandered; it quickly changes its positions and its energy brings us flexibility and capability of adaptation, but also uneasiness, uncertainty and insecurity at times.

The Moon makes us wander about the deepest desires of our heart. The Moon is an emotional principle.

It is everything beyond our conscious mind. It reflects us as emotional beings and helps us develop in that direction. Your Moon sign is exactly how you are as an emotional being.

It represents impressions and reactions to various situations, people and circumstances in life.

The Moon sign marks the field of life that brings the greatest emotional challenge to an individual; it represents the source of your emotional strength, but also of vulnerability.

The Moon is associated with water and it has strong influence over all Water element sign.

Moon in Cancer

The Moon affects all Water element signs even more than the native Sun, according to some astrologers.

It governs the sign of Cancer, meaning that the Moon in Cancer feels very at home.

Cancer is possibly the most emotionally vulnerable sign of the Zodiac. The Moon in Cancer amplifies the emotional response, which has its good and the bad sides.

Moon Cancers are dreamy, sensitive, empathic and compassionate people. They feel the world around them to the fullest, much more than they think about it.

Their emotional reactions could be dramatic and all sorts of events could trigger their emotional response. They are gentle, caring and nurturing people.

The Moon in Cancer makes one servile, a person that feels better pleasing others than being pleased. In fact, moon Cancers often feel uncomfortable the other way.

They are aware of their hypersensitivity and sometimes even let others use it, helpless to defend themselves. It makes them irritable and anxious at times.

Overall, they are protective, home bound, emotionally attached to everything important in their life.

Libra Sun Cancer Moon Personality

Libra Sun Cancer Moon personality is someone who is emotionally deep, but still reasonable enough not to let others make use of them.

Libra Sun Cancer Moon is a great philanthropist and a humanitarian; someone who wants to help all these ones helpless to stand up for their own causes for any reason.

Libra Sun Cancer Moon are noble and modest; they find value in things others would easily miss out.

These people are guided by their stronger inner need to make things right; not technically perfect, such as the case with Virgo Sun personality (or Vigo Moon, as well), but right and just.

They want people to feel comfortable and self-confident. Libra Sun Cancer Moon are truly happy about others’ success, which is quite an amazing trait.

Libra Sun Cancer Moon are romantic and emotional. They empathize with people and offer great support.

They could be your comforting shoulder, but they would not drown in one’s problem and sorrow; they would offer a reasonable, practical solution.

They are diplomatic and pacifistic to the bone, to say so. They could be amazing ambassadors or representatives of human rights movements or so.

Good Traits

Their kind, understanding, empathic and tolerant nature is perhaps the best quality of all Libra Sun Cancer Moon individuals.

They are people of friendly and benevolent attitude, easy to talk to and share whatever you want. They respect people they talk to, never looking at others from above.

They are reasonable, but also very imaginative and intuitive. Overall, these are balanced personalities, good friends and great philanthropists.

Bad Traits

It could happen that they become too emotionally attached to a cause and so emotions cloud their reason. It is usually related to the idea of justice they so boldly defend.

They could get to emotionally involved it, which drains their energy away and makes them irritable.

If anything happens to make them doubt their cause, they feel completely lost and it takes time for them to gather themselves back together.

Libra Sun Cancer Moon in Love and Marriage

Libra Sun Cancer Moon are romantic lovers and kind and nurturing partners.

They are so lovely in their attempts to seduce, naturally charming and relaxed. They could make anyone feel as they know them for ages and still surprise them by incredibly romantic gestures.

Libra Sun Cancer Moon enjoy romantic fantasies, but they would make them come true.

If you want a fairytale prince or a beautiful princess, Libra Sun Cancer Moon is a person for you.

They are natural, warm, caring and loving people. They are the same in a relationship or marriage. They always see to please their loved ones, in a very relaxed manner.

They are tolerant and capable of accepting people in their life the way they are. They are devoted and passionate.

Best Match for Libra Sun Cancer Moon

The best partner for a Libra Sun Cancer Moon is someone they can rely on, someone mentally and emotionally strong, but not stiff and strict.

They need a ‘light’ personality, someone optimistic and self-confident.

They need a person who would like to spend the life with them and be by their side in good and the bad. Their ideal partner is relaxed, practical and gentle.


Libra Sun Cancer Moon people are relaxed and balanced personalities. With good aspects, all their qualities are harmonious and these people usually feel good about themselves.

More importantly, they are not arrogant and do not put themselves above others.

They are tolerant and diplomatic, but also emotional and empathic. They feel good if helping other people resolve their insecurities or actual problems.

They do not ask anything in return; the very fact that they have helped someone fills them with joy.

These people are kind and elegant, creative and imaginative. They know the difference between dreams and reality.

They are modest, very hospitable and friendly people you can always turn to. Libra Sun Cancer Moon are supportive friends, caring parents, adorable lovers.

They fill hearts of other people with joy and optimism.