Libra Sun Leo Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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Many people ask themselves if their horoscope means anything for real.

Horoscopes and natal charts are a great source of information on what kind of personalities we are and of what possibly awaits us on our life path.

Astrology claims planets play a major role in determining who we are and what lies ahead.

Individual horoscopes serve us as astrological guidelines.

An insight into your birth chart, along with a detailed analysis, could help you realize what kind of person you are.

Natal charts are complex diagrams featuring many intermingles elements. All of them are very important.

Your ‘horoscope sign’ is simply one of these elements, but the first to consider.

Each planet of the Solar system, as seen from the perspective of Western astrology, has a role to play.

Sun Sign

Of all planets of the Solar system, the Sun should be the first to analyze, if you want to know about one’s horoscope.

Horoscope is based upon one’s birth chart, a graphic image of planetary position at the time the person in question came to life.

The Sun is one of the five ‘personal planets’, which also include the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars. In astrology, all of them are considered planets.

The Sun represents the center of your birth chart, your Ego. Position of the Sun in one’s natal chart tells about the type of life energy the person would have.

It also determines the sphere of life that offers the best chances for one to shine and prove him or herself.

The Sun in one’s natal chart represents all authorities in one’s life, primarily males (the father, the husband, the boss and so on).

It defines one’s creative potential, vitality and health. The field the Sun occupies in one’s natal chart tells a story about life priorities of the native.

The place the Sun is the room with all lights on; it means this area of life will play a special role in one’s life.

Of course, aspects the Sun creates with other planets will greatly affect both the area itself and all of your potentials.

The Sun sign represents your temperament, character and basic personal traits. It defines your attitude and general enthusiasm about life.

It promotes your qualities and makes you pursue your dreams.

In fact, it defines your goals, directing you towards them. Each person is greatly affected by characteristics of their native sign, combined with all other elements of their horoscope.

Sun in Libra

There is no an ideal representative of one zodiac sign, such as, for example an ideal Libra.

If you have the Sun in Libra, you are a Libra, but other planets and signs affect your Libra and additionally shape it up.

Being a Libra means you share certain Libra qualities with other representatives of the sign. Libra is the sign of justice, peace and harmony.

People born under the sign of Libra believe in karma. They are kind, polite and diplomatic.

Libras are peacemakers and the voice of reason. They firmly believe one reaps what he or she saws, no more and no less. They do not take it as a cold rule, but as ultimate example of universal harmony the world is inclined to.

They believe harmony is a distant goal and that every person should try to find a piece of it within their own soul.

Libras are open and friendly personalities, usually likeable and very popular. Well, it is easy to fall in love with their charismatic nature and optimistic personality.

Libras are calm and relaxed people; they are not prone to drama or excesses.

They think before they act and listen to their inner voice. They are creative by nature; they could be measured improvisers and are spontaneous overall.

Since the planet Venus rules Libra, the very idea of love plays an important role in Libras’ life.

They are guided by an ideal of love and beauty. It is more than physical; it is abstract and above this world. It is an idea.

Libras are inspired and motivated by it. They believe all people deserve love and that the world deserves it. This makes their point of view romantic and optimistic.

Moon Sign

The Moon represents our emotional self. The Moon affects everything we are unaware of, such as our sub-conscious thoughts, our dreams and more.

The Moon helps us grow emotionally and it promotes our emotional intelligence. It is a gentle, flexible, feminine principle in one’s life.

The Moon shines subtly, it is the light of the night, soft, but intriguing. The Moon is the voice of inner guidance.

It is responsible for all the thoughts or feelings we wander where they come from. The Moon drives us to explore depths of our world and find out about our true needs and desires.

It is inseparable from the Sun principle; the two greatly depend on one another.

The Moon boosts the manifesting creative potential in the Sun, giving one inspiration and intuitive guidance.

One’s Moon sign is responsible for the person in question as an emotional being. The house that the Moon matches represents the area of life that is likely to be particularly emotional for an individual.

Just as other planets, the Moon could be in bad or good aspects. The good side is that the Moon makes one empathic, understanding, kind and gentle.

Bad aspects bring great turbulence in one’s emotional life, making the person unstable, moody, anxious, fearful, insecure and very vulnerable.

If you manage to find balance between your Sun and your Moon energy, you will feel at your best.

It is the hardest thing to do, but one we should all strive for. It is a natural thing for Libras, for instance, although affected by various aspects.

Moon in Leo

Moon Leos are emotionally expressive personalities. They need attention in any form, so they would often react dramatically, even to minor inconveniences.

They would appear overly excited over positive things, as well.

They are self-confident and they have the need to make others know about how much they care for something. Or someone.

People with the Moon in Leo are extremely creative and expressive personalities and they need the world to know it. They nurture their emotional self through acknowledgment.

Moreover, they believe they truly deserve all the attention and the spotlight, in any situation. They might get unpleasantly surprised if they did not get it.

Moon Leos are fearless when they love someone or are interested in something. They are brave and protective.

Their warm and big heart has fills with great satisfaction if they make their loved ones feel special. They are knightly and honorable, although very pompous at times.

People like Moon Leos, because these are people of abiding charisma and creativity.

Libra Sun Leo Moon Personality

Libra Sun Leo Moon are extremely charismatic people, honest, warmhearted, passionate and driven. They are noble and knightly, with an inborn need to help others.

They are protective, especially of those who are weak and who cannot defend themselves. They are especially inclined towards helping children.

Libra Sun Leo Moon are guardian personalities. They are strong-willed and brave.

These people are trustworthy, honest and honorable.

They would never even thing of taking an advantage out of others’ weakness; they would rather help that person to get stronger. They enjoy being praised for their good deeds.

Although they never openly ask for admiration and worship, they kind of expect it.

It usually happens they get it, because they really deserve it.

Libra Sun Leo Moon enjoy socializing and learning about people’s needs. It seems nothing is too hard for Libra sun Leo Moon to do.

They have well set goals and enough flexibility to feel relaxed and comfortable while trying to reach it. They are sociable, generous and passionate.

Good Traits

Libra Sun Leo Moon are great companions whom you can rely on.

If you were sad, they would see to cheer you up; if you face a serious problem, they would sit down with you and help you resolve it.

They would even do it in your place. They do it all out of their own will; you cannot manipulate or exploit a Libra Sun Leo Moon.

Bad Traits

They could become stubborn about their diplomatic and peacemaking ‘mission’ so that they become hard to deal with.

Once they set up their mind on it, no way you can change their mind. Generally flexible, they would make all kinds of excesses, while persuaded theirs is the only right way.

They are at risk of becoming vain and obsessed with fame.

Libra Sun Leo Moon in Love and Marriage

Libra Sun Leo Moon are passionate, warmhearted lovers of an irresistible charm.

A bright smile and a bouquet of red roses you can expect from a Libra Sun Leo Moon gentlemen; a classy lady with a sense of humor is a typical Libra sun Leo Moon woman.

These people are born to seduce, to love and to be loved. Love is their ultimate ideal.

They are passionately dedicated to their partner, self confident and proud of their relationship or marriage.

They are loyal and honest and expect the same from their lover.

Best Match for Libra Sun Leo Moon

The best match for them is someone bold, proud of themselves, respectful and passionate about life.

It is a person who will admire and adore them, but who truly believes he or she deserves the same.

Libra Sun Leo Moon wants a fatal, once in a lifetime partner so they can burn again in the flame of love.

More importantly, they do not see it as an affair, but a relationship for good. They are family oriented and protective.


Passionate, protective, openhearted and honest, a bit pompous and attention seeking, Libra sun Leo Moon are people easy to fall in love with.

They see themselves as noble leaders, guardians and protectors.

They believe it is their mission to save the world. They would like to be talked about as noble and brave.

There is no tension in them; they do such things spontaneously and in a relaxed manner.