Virgo Sun Pisces Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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Do stars really can tell about your life and your future? According to astrology, stars hold answers to all of our destinies.

It is an ancient belief, but it is also more than a belief. Astrology is a pseudo science, as it is labeled in modern day.

Although not officially acknowledged, astrology is based upon serious scientific methods and principles. We have to remind ourselves how old it is.

Originating from ancient times, astrology lives on. Today, it is widely practiced.

People commonly mistake astrology only for short general horoscopes, but it is definitely more than that.

If you are interested in astrology, you know at least some basics considering natal charts.

Today we talk about two important elements found there, the Sun, the Moon, and the signs they match, as seen in a personalized horoscope.

Sun Sign

Being the brightest of the stars, the one that shines upon our own planet and give us light and life, the Sun is the first and the core element to have in mind when analyzing a birth chart.

The Sun is one of the Luminaries and the first of personal planets.

One might be confused by this ‘planet’ etiquette, but astrology simply enlists all the bodies of the Solar system as planets, including the Sun and the Moon.

Western astrology is based upon the Solar system, so the Sun here plays a major role. We would also remind you that there are astrological systems based upon different principle, the lunar calendar.

One of the most widely known is Chinese astrology. The Sun is the center of our system and the center of one’s birth chart. It determines one’s ruling zodiac sign.

This, if you have the Sun in Virgo, you are a Virgo person. However, other signs and planets would affect your native Virgo.

The Sun represents the very core of your personality and it gives you your life energy.

The Sun stands for life and light; it shines upon your personality. The Sun sign determines your basic personality traits, temperament and character.

That is the reason why people tend to identify individuals with their native, Sun sign.

The Sun in your birth chart makes you the person you are. It symbolizes one’s will for life and more than that; it shapes it up.

The Sun sign stands for your attitude, motivation, ambition, activity and energy. It is your fixed quality. The sign determines your basic traits.

Sun in Virgo

Therefore, the Sun in Virgo makes you a Virgo. It means, your basic qualities are Virgo qualities, but there are other parts of the natal chart to consider, of course.

There are no ideal representatives of the zodiac in reality, because natal charts are complex and feature many elements. What are Virgos like?

Virgo people are widely known as perfectionists, great aesthetes, people who care about themselves in the first place.

Virgo people like order, tidiness and organization. They are mostly reserved and cool-headed.

Virgos are sensitive about their health, body and overall physical appearance.

They take good care about themselves, in terms of an overall healthy lifestyle.

They are simply stylish; Virgos never overdo their style. They are fashionable, classy and neat. Many think of them as self-centered.

Virgos are very organized people who stick to their plans.

They seek for perfection in everything and they are detail obsessed. They are brilliant in whatever they choose to do, regardless of their professional orientation or a position.

A Virgo would put much effort in anything he or she does, but chances are poor that they would be satisfied with the result.

The nature of Virgo is servile, although these people do not serve others, but the form, the principles, the ideals. They are practical and materialistic.

Virgos are not particularly sensitive and empathic people.

They are self-critical and judging. Virgos are responsible and serious. They are cautious, patient and precise. Virgos are honest, respectful and discrete.

Moon Sign

The Moon is something different. While the Sun is about your Ego and all the things you are actually aware of, the Moon is kind of the other side of your personality.

It represents your hidden traits, your dreams, imagination, intuition and everything you are unaware of.

The Moon has always been associated with magic and mystery. The Moon sign defines you as an emotional being.

Unlike the glorious, brightly shining Sun, the Moon shines with a subtle, mysterious light. It guides you by subtle suggestions that are beyond your conscious mind. It is your intuition and an inner voice.

The Moon makes you a being made out of emotions.

Therefore, it decides the way you react to impressions from the world around you, not the way you express your personality.

Your Moon sign is as equally important as the Sun sign, because there is no reason without emotions, no consciousness without sub-consciousness and dreams, and no actual decisions without any intuition.

Having the two in balance is the best scenario and one hard to make. It greatly depends on all aspects in your natal chart.

The sign of the Moon in your natal chart is the first determining factor of the Moon energy flowing free or not.

If the Moon is in favorable aspects, it helps you awaken your emotional self in a good way.

It makes one empathic, compassionate, capable of handling their feelings and recognizing signs of guidance from within.

In bad aspects, the Moon makes you nervous, moody, insecure, and constantly wandering.

The Moon is turbulent and instable by its nature, which adds flexibility to your personality, but it could also be a disadvantage.

Moon in Pisces

Pisces sign is a Water element sign, which makes it familiar with the Moon. Thus, the Moon in Pisces feels good, but the qualities of the Water element could be too accentuated.

Moon Pisces individuals are typically hypersensitive, empathic, receptive and deeply spiritual.

It seems they are in touch with their inner self, which is a rare gift. These people dive deep into the world of emotions.

Pisces Moon people are incredibly imaginative and creative. They usually express their emotions through art or so.

They are often interested in spiritual matters, esoteric lore, and metaphysics.

They have so good intuition that one might think of them as psychic. Moon Pisces are idealists and romantic souls. They are prone to fantasizing and daydreaming.

These romantic, sensitive souls often escape reality, wandering through realms of their rich imagination. They idealize things in life and find it hard to deal with the reality at times.

Critical, unwanted situations disturb them greatly. They cannot recover as quickly as some others, if emotionally stricken.

The thing is, they have to learn to take things less to their hearts.

Virgo Sun Pisces Moon Personality

The Sun in Virgo combined with the Moon in Pisces is rather a mixture of opposite energies.

However, it could actually be an advantage, if aspects are favorable, letting these two intermingle and use the best from one another. Reserved and strict Virgo quality is softened by gentle, empathic nature of Pisces.

Hypersensitive and dreamy Pisces get back down to earth, thanks to serious and materialistic Virgo.

Virgo Sun Pisces Moon is a person of precision, tact, but also of a romantic perspective. It makes him or her even more idealistic and more susceptible to disappointment in life, once they realize perfection is impossible to achieve.

They cannot accept it easily and they fall into desperation. However, with good aspects, it turns out to be an advantage.

If it is so, they never stop believing things could get better and they work on it with full dedication.

Both their passion and reason could give them motivation and energy.

These people could be amazing in professions dedicated to helping people and requiring a great deal of passion, dedication and responsibility.

Good Traits

Virgo Sun Pisces Moon people are responsible and organized, but also possess certain dose of flexibility.

They are empathic, but are capable of controlling their emotional response, in terms that they do not take everything to their heart, which is typical for Pisces.

They could be very tolerant and understanding people, ready to listen to others opinion.

They are efficient and serious in their work, patient and calm. They are some of the most trustworthy horoscope representatives.

Bad Traits

The worst trait is their best trait, their idealism. It is good to have ideals and use them as your driving fuel, but Virgo Sun Pisces Moon tend to be too idealistic.

They easily lose the connection with the reality, sometimes intentionally and aware of it.

They deny anything that they do not find appealing, which make them distant and estranged from the world and people in their lives.

They could also be pessimistic and criticizing,

Virgo Sun Pisces Moon in Love and Marriage

They are always loyal and fully devoted to their relationship, their lover or a married partner.

Virgo Sun Pisces Moon are cautious and careful about relationships. It takes time until one wins their trust, not to mention to fulfill their standards.

They are perfectionists in love, just as they are in other areas of life.

However, Pisces Moon makes them more flexible and more ready to accept people as they are, with all their flaws and qualities.

Best Match for Virgo Sun Pisces Moon

The best match for these romantic idealists has to be someone who shares their ideals, who understands their need for self-development in the first place.

It should be someone gentle and trustworthy.

People who do not stand out, but emit positive energy and love themselves attract Virgo Sun Pisces Moon individuals.

It should be someone open about their emotions towards them; Virgo sun Pisces Moon do not like games.


Virgo Sun Pisces Moon combine seriousness of Virgo, with empathy of Pisces. If such energies cooperate, it makes them personalities of amazing qualities.

As for their general attitude, they are polite, kind, well mannered and good with everyone.

However, there is no typical Pisces sensitivity in them.

They are supportive, reliable and trustworthy. They are friends whom you can trust with your life.