Libra Sun Sagittarius Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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Astrological charts can reveal many things about one’s destiny, if you interpret them well.

You should always bear in mind that those do not decide upon your life and future, but offer you precious insights into your astrological personality and opportunities that lie ahead.

Most people tend to identify horoscopes with predicting future, but it is not quite right.

Horoscopes reveal (or hide, as you like) everything related to a person’s lifeline, meaning the past, the present and the future.

We speak about personalized horoscopes that are products of natal astrology.

Carefully drawn and analyzed birth charts are a base for a proper horoscope interpretation.

The only required data to have them done are the time and place of your birth.

Your chart would show up as a complex diagram featuring astrological field, planets, signs, aspects and few other elements. Each one is precious and each should be taken seriously.

Some elements should be considered and analyzed first. Personal planets are of great importance for understanding one’s horoscope. The Sun and the Moon are the first of these.

Sun Sign

The center of the Solar system, they brightest of the stars, the Sun shines upon our planet and creates life.

It is one of the oldest symbols of life and vitality. The Sun is the ‘king of the day’, the planet that brightens up our day. In technical terms, well, the Sun is not a planet, but astrology considers all heavenly bodies as planets. The Sun is the essential one, the bright one.

The Sun is astrology is the principle of life energy; in a natal astrology, it is one’s personal strength and life force. It motivates and stimulates our creative potentials.

The Sun represents our core personality, our Ego and general attitude and approach to life. The Sun represents one’s will to live, to create and to grow.

It is the central place in your horoscope, symbolizing your Ego. The Sun also stands for authority and leadership.

Being a masculine principle, it stands for male figures of authority in a person’s life, primarily, the figure of a father.

The Sun rules the sign of Leo and is associated with gold, yellow and orange color. The Sun stands for nobility, glory, generosity and warmth.

The Sun sign could be in bad aspects and so the Sun’s motivating energy goes wrong, making one vain, greedy, too-proud of themselves on the outside, while deeply insecure on the inside.

The Sun signs defines your attitude towards life, but it depends on aspects and other elements in your chart how would manifest in reality.

Sun in Libra

The Sun in Libra indicates a person of balanced, harmonious character, not particularly impulsive, but calm, patient and tactful.

Libras are open hearted and approachable people who enjoy being in company of others.

Others enjoy their company very much. Libras are friendly and sociable and they do not like being alone for extended periods of time. It could make them feel dull or a bit sad.

However, it does not mean they are dependent on others; quite the contrary. Libras enjoy sharing, they are hospitable and supportive, but they are people of great personal integrity.

You cannot easily deceive and manipulate them, taking an advantage out of their benevolent, humanitarian nature.

There is a little chance for it. If it happens, then it is something a Libra is very aware of, but has their reason to let it happen.

Libras are warm and loving people, since the planet Venus rules their sign.

They search for the beauty in this world and fall in love with it. They are romantic and yet down to earth. Libras balance between their emotions and reason perfectly.

If in bad aspects, the Sun in Libra could make them too idealistic, too easygoing and possibly indecisive about important subjects.

Moon Sign

The Moon represents the emotional side of a personality, as seen in a natal chart. The Moon is who you are behind the layers of your Ego.

While your shiny Sun sign defines your attitude and obvious qualities, the Moon is beyond your consciousness. It is about inner needs, desires and thoughts you are unaware of.

The Moon rules your emotional response. Being changeable and wandering, it makes your emotional world dynamic.

It affects your impressions and helps you channel your emotions. The Moon sign is your emotional channel, in a way. It defines your emotional nature.

For example, Moon Virgos rationalize their emotions, Moon Cancers are hypersensitive, Moon Leos are warm and passionate and so on.

The field the Moon matches represents the area of life that makes you particularly sensitive.

Being a planet associated with the element of Water, the Moon makes you adaptable and flexible, transformative and changing.

There is no progress and growth without the ability to adapt and to transform.

Your Sun sign always need this Moon quality to back it up and support it in its development. The Moon feeds one’s imagination and nurtures intuition.

Moon in Sagittarius

Moon Sagittarius are idealistic and philosophical ones. They are open minded and speculative, ready to learn and experience life.

Moon Sagittarius nurtures their soul with knowledge.

They are lively, benevolent and positive personalities. Moon Sagittarius feel the best if he or she passes knowledge to others. They are free spirited and open to hear others’ opinions.

These individuals are convinced about the existence of objective categories of value.

They believe in goodness and justice as major principles that affect everything that exists, which makes their point of view romantic and idealistic. It also motivates them and makes them hopeful.

Moon Sagittarius would never give up this idea; no disappointment or a failure could be strong enough to break their spirit.

Moon Sagittarius are dedicated to search for the real purpose of everything.

They do not only speculate about it, but travel, exchange their experiences, search for it in a physical world.

They are adventurous and explorative. Moon Sagittarius nurture their mind and heart by travelling, meeting new people and learning about the world.

They feel at home in any place around the globe.

Libra Sun Sagittarius Moon Personality

Libra Sun Sagittarius Moon are highly expressive individuals; many would say they talk too much! They talk even more than Gemini.

They enjoy meeting new people and sharing their opinions with others. Libra Sun Sagittarius Moon are youthful, spirited individuals interested in people’s lives.

They possess humanitarian nature of Libra and eagerness to understand the people of Sagittarius.

These people are free-minded and tolerant. They are very easygoing and have no taboos. You can talk with them about literally anything.

Libra Sun Sagittarius Moon ones already know much themselves; there are only chances to get them intrigued and excited over something. They enjoy intellectual and philosophical challenges.

Libra Sun Sagittarius Moon are talkative and willing to listen to others, as well. They usually have strong opinions over certain subjects, but they are open to reconsider it.

Calculating nature of Libra combined with philosophical nature of Sagittarius makes them question everything.

They do it out of curiosity, not insecurity. They enjoy analyzing things, with the purpose of finding the essence.

These people are emotionally resistant, but not insensitive or cold. They are very warm and kind, actually; they are in love with the whole world, the whole humanity. Their idea of love is above physical.

These people find inspiration in life as it is. They never complain, but try to figure out why this or that has come upon their way.

Good Traits

These are some of the most positive representatives of the Zodiac. Their spirit and optimism are ceaseless.

They are never discouraged by failure, believing it just another lesson to be learned, another experience with the purpose to teach them something about the world and make them closer to the essential meaning.

They are lively, friendly and eager to share. They are kind and tolerant, likeable and charming.

Bad Traits

Libra Sun Sagittarius Moon are not as calm and measured as Sun Libras are in general.

They could be blunt and impulsive, especially in a verbal argument. They are of confrontational nature, which could be quite tricky.

They say things without thinking if it could harm anyone, simply believing that the truth is the ultimate good.

Well, there are situation they should keep quiet, but they probably will not do so. Not all truths should be public.

Libra Sun Sagittarius Moon in Love and Marriage

Libra Sun Sagittarius Moon need constant interaction with people.

They will remain very sociable, regardless of being in a relationship or married. Their need to explore the world does not cease.

They need their freedom above everything else. Their partner has fully to understand this; otherwise, the connection probably will not last long.

However, it is wrong to believe they do not want a relationship.

Yes, they do; they are romantic idealists and they need a person by their side to share all the wonders of the world with them.

They bring excitement into a relationship, but also they are protective and very gentle towards their lover. They love to please their partner and make them feel special.

Regardless of their restlessness, they are loyal and committed.

Best Match for Libra Sun Moon

The best match for this lively, intelligent, philosophical and caring personality is someone who is ready to explore the world with them. It should be someone with similar interests.

They enjoy doing various activities with their partner. Libra Sun dreams of a romantic, noble lover, while Sagittarius needs an intellectual and outgoing one.

The combination of the two would be the perfect match.


Lively and outgoing, Libra Sun Sagittarius Moon is a personality more temperamental than a typical Libra. They are tolerant and understanding, in love with knowledge.

Both Libra and Sagittarius are guided by ideals of goodness and justice. Their sense of these categories is very strong.

They believe the world is essential a positive place and that people are made to be good.

They are hopeful and kind people, who make for an enjoyable although sometimes mentally exhausting company.