Libra Sun Scorpio Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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For as long as human civilization exists, people have been looking into sky and stars, trying to find answers about our origins, our existence and purpose in this life.

Astrologers of the past were considered people of great knowledge and wisdom beyond common. In old times, astrology and magic were intermingled, in a way.

Great leaders, kings and emperors relied on their astrologers’ opinions on various subjects considering future.

In our day, people are mostly interested in personal, natal astrology. It works the same, but it is closely focused on an individual’s destiny.

While, in fact, astrology does not give precise answers regarding one’s future, it offers preciously detailed insights into one’s own personality, as seen in the stars.

Knowing more about your given traits, skills, talents, emotions and else, you are one-step ahead in front of others.

Your natal chart is a kind of an identification card; One’s astrological chart is unique, just as your fingerprints are.

Natal charts are complex and consisted of many elements. Your native sign is the center of it, but it is still one of the elements and all of them should be taken into consideration.

Let us start with your native, Sun sign, then.

Sun Sign

The Sun, as we have mentioned, determines your native sign and it is the center of a birth chart.

The Sun is a major principle in Western astrology, which is based upon the Solar system. The Sun is also the first constitutive element to consider when analyzing peoples’ birth chart.

The Sun is the essence of a personality, being the first of ‘personal planets’. These also include the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars.

With its bright and warm rays, the Sun shines upon an individual’s personality, revealing who he or she is, to themselves and to the world. The Sun represents life as a whole and life of a person.

It is your moving force and your personal strength. The Sun shapes up your Ego, makes you self-aware and affects all of your stances and general attitude.

It determines a person’s ruling sign, which is the one people commonly identify with a horoscope as an idea.

Your Sun sign definitely defines your personality, giving you basic personal traits and affecting your temperament.

The Sun sign determines your approach to life, its challenges, your failures, successes and all else.

The house the Sun matches in one’s natal chart represents the area of life that offers an individual the greatest opportunity to prove him or herself and become the person meant to become, as seen in the stars.

That said, your Sun sign is your life in a nutshell. Other planets and signs have a role to play, though.

Sun in Libra

The Sun in Libra defines one as a Libra person. Libra people are honest, calm, mostly laidback, naturally charming, intelligent and patient.

There is no rush in Libras’ life; they strongly believe in karma.

They believe people are good and that every person or a situation has their place and time. It makes others wrongly accuse them of being indecisive.

The truth is, Libras are balanced and trust both their mind and their heart. They differentiate one from another, but still see both as parts of their own complete being.

Libras are calculated when needed, relaxed and flexible if situation does not require making decisions at a time. Libras are very open and approachable people.

They are of helpful, supportive and protective nature, but diplomatic and peacemaking. This means they would always consider all sides of the situation before they act.

They stand for justice above everything else and they would boldly defend it.

However, they never use any aggressive method and see to resolve everything in a peaceful manner, with an outcome that would possibly please all sides, if deserved so.

Moon Sign

The Moon represents our emotional side, our imagination and intuitive voice. Its nature is not as obvious as that of the Sun sign, but it is equally important.

Our Moon guides us subtly and beyond our conscious mind.

The Moon is our inner voice that should never be ignored. The Moon tells about our deepest desires and dreams.

This planet is of changeable quality; it travels fast throughout the Zodiac, frequently changing signs and places. This is why the Moon affects out mood and behavior, for a part.

The Moon in your natal chart is also responsible for your moodiness and all kinds of emotional responses.

It makes you an emotional being. Emotional self is a background to your manifesting, Sun self.

In one’s natal chart, it determines the area of life that offers the greatest source of emotional stimulants, to say so.

The Moon makes you feel the things around you and it happens on an unconscious level.

That is the reason why many times we cannot explain why certain situation has made us ‘feel’ this or that way.

Moon in Scorpio

The Moon sign is an extremely important factor that shapes up one’s personality.

The Moon is a Water element planet and it has great influence over all Water element signs.

It normally rules the sign of Cancer, but greatly affects both Pisces and Scorpio. Some astrologers believe it has a greater impact on those, even if these are native Sun signs.

The Moon energy is strong and specific in mysterious Scorpio. Known as one of the most emotional signs of the Zodiac, Scorpio is also a mystical, ‘dark’ one.

Moon Scorpios do not show their emotions openly, they hide them well behind their elegant, magnetic and enigmatic façade. Moon Scorpios have an incredibly attractive aura.

People often cannot explain what intrigues and attracts them in Moon Scorpios, but that is a common place with these.

Moon Scorpios are deeply emotional individuals, passionate about what they hold dear.

They are highly intuitive and they see through everyone’s intentions. They would even let you feel in control, if it suits them.

Moon Scorpios are deeply self-oriented, of introverted nature, very introspective. That does not make them shy at all. They catch the attention without saying a single world.

Secretly, they enjoy it. They are needy, possessive and devoted to the bone.

Moon Scorpios would sacrifice for love or their ideals. They are just, honorable and extremely sensing.

Libra Sun Scorpio Moon Personality

Libra Sun Scorpio Moon personality is one of a kind. This person possesses all the diplomacy and lightness of balanced Libra and all of the emotional depth of mysterious Scorpio.

These people are passionate, dedicated to their causes, noble, honorable and courageous when needed. They are more edgy and temperamental than typical Sun Libras.

This person is very intuitive, imaginative and talented. Libra Sun Scorpio Moon are creative and intelligent. They are calculated, but not as patient as Libras in general.

It is good, because sometimes impulsive decisions could help them take opportunities they would possibly miss out. Their intuition is impeccable and it rarely happens their impulses are wrong.

They see through people and do not let get manipulated, ever. They are obsessed with justice, but not as peaceful as Sun Libras.

Scorpio adds them a ‘dark’ tone and makes them less tolerant.

They fight for their ideals and they are more self-oriented than humanitarian. They need a cause to defend; they have a strong need to attach to something.

Good Traits

These people are truth and justice lovers. They might not speak about all of their feelings, thoughts and intentions openly, but they are no tricksters, deceivers or liars.

They usually keep common sense in dramatic situations, but are never indifferent. They are passionate about things they love.

Their overall attitude is positive; they believe in karma and not in a fatalistic, Scorpio manner. Libra prevails in their general attitude.

Bad Traits

Libra Sun Scorpio Moon are possessive individuals. Fatalistic thoughts occur if their planetary aspects are out of balance.

They could become too emotional and to take all sorts of things to their heart. They become defensive and build up their steel walls high.

Bad aspects could lead them to manipulative behavior. Their natural diplomatic skills could be used for bad causes, if so.

Libra Sun Scorpio Moon in Love and Marriage

These people are some of the most devoted ones, when it comes to love.

Venus, the planet of love and beauty, rules Libra; Scorpio is passionate, devoted and deeply emotional. They are romantic, idealistic and seductive.

They enjoy love games and flirtation, avoiding starting a relationship for long. They want to make sure the person is right and their inner voice would tell them if so.

In matters of love, they trust their intuition the most. They are idealistic and they want the perfect one.

Scorpio Moon does not allow for too many compromises here.

They want someone who could answer the passion they have. They want to make that person feel special, but the first condition is that they feel very special about that person.

Best Match for Libra Sun Scorpio Moon

Libra Sun Scorpio Moon needs a person who is emotionally deep as they are.

They need chemistry and a connection on a higher, inexplicable level. They will know when they find it. His or her perfect lover is someone self-confident and intelligent.

It is a person to astound them by their looks, but also by their charisma and intellect.

There have to be shared ideals. They need one hard-to-get.


Libra Sun Scorpio Moon people are people of intense emotions, but not too hasty or rushing.

They trust their intuition the most and it rarely wrongs them.

They are passionate about anything they hold dear and they have a strong need to form close, deeply emotional connection with very few chosen people.

In most of the cases, it is only their partner.

They believe in destiny and karma, but do not only sit still waiting for a miracle to happen.