Venus Conjunct North Node – Synastry, Transit, Composite

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In astrology, Venus is considered the planet that governs the aesthetic taste of people. She is responsible for the feeling of beauty in a person, love for beautiful things.

Venus is the planet closest to Earth. The period of its revolution around the Sun is 227 days. Of the obvious aspects with the Sun, it forms only a conjunction.

There are simply no other aspects with the luminary, since Venus astronomically does not move far from the Sun.

Venus determines the taste of a person, shows what the individual will like.

This planet gives love to a particular color and shape. She is responsible for musical ability, hearing, and love of music.

Venus – Meaning and Info

Venus gives abilities in the field of art, in the modern world it often manifests itself in people who are able to create beautiful advertisements.

The spheres directly related to the influence of Venus are style and fashion. This planet is directly related to perfumery and cosmetics.

Venus is a female planet and in its qualities is close to the manifestations of the Moon, however, unlike the latter, it forms longer, stable feelings and attachments.

People with a strong influence of Venus in the horoscope love comfort, romance, adore delicious food, and strive to enjoy life.

This planet has the greatest impact on women. Its location in the horoscope indicates the tastes, sensitivity and external data of a woman. In a man’s horoscope, Venus often indicates the type of women he likes, with whom he likes to spend time.

There is another very important area that Venus is responsible for. These are the energy reserves of the human body, as well as the property that he owns. Money plays a special role in this. Venus is the planet ruler of money, she is responsible for the ability to manage finances, for the love of money.

Hence the answer to the question of why men earn money more often, but, despite this, it is usually women who manage it. Venus has a stronger influence on women and gives them power over money.

Although there are also men who are under the strong influence of Venus, especially in the modern world.

Another important sphere of influence of this planet is the ability to diplomacy, the ability to come to an agreement, find a compromise, and mutual benefit.

Again, this ability is more pronounced in women. Venusians do not like rudeness, they seek to softly and calmly solve emerging problems. They love to create harmony and balance around them.

North Node – Meaning and Info

If Venus is a rational sign, aspects with mental planets like mercury with Saturn, then the native chooses with his head, not his heart, and this is his case absolutely normal, he will feel great in a marriage of convenience.

How programmers position themselves, we breathe the soul of computer iron, and Microsoft has spread this computer soul to all corners of the planet. North node in Libra South node in Aries Astrologer Dmitry.

North Node opposition with Neptune South Node conjunction with Neptune Opposition contradictoriness and mysticism.

Defeat is characterized by some unnatural misunderstanding or ignorance of the main problems of social communication, constantly changing hopeless or unsuccessful short novels, not to tell stories or stories, the ardent creation of fantastic romantic images and their quick destruction at the slightest contact with life. How to write the programs of his consciousness of the attested anti-Semitism?

In other films with his participation, such as Cool Hand Luke, Hombre, the Mackintosh Man. In this life, important events and life circumstances are possible that will give great opportunities for self-expression and expanding power and popularity. He must literally transform his fourth house into a new birth of emotional attitudes, learning the lesson that standing on tiptoe is unstable.

For example, a bias towards the Descending Node will manifest itself in a person’s behavior in that he has not changed his style of clothing, hairstyle, and demeanor for decades. Often such people are attacked, especially if they are intoxicated.

The notorious trinity of planets again forms ^ Boomerang Chiron and the authors and works about the civil war of Mercury sextile to each other and the Quicons on Neptune. Such people are characterized by prudence of work and self-control of love.

Passionate, attractive, devoted, may feel abandoned or violent if sexually rejected. The recognition that you objectively deserve does not come to you, and this can lead to resentment.

As a result, he is accustomed to adopting a position of authority whenever the weakness of others arouses his powerful need to take responsibility. Relationships according to Venus-Mars most often arise as quickly as they quickly fade.

The position of the South Node of the Moon Sagittarius indicates that during past lives, his struggle for personal authority as a neutral country in the Second World War was successful, he could be a teacher, teacher, minister of religion.

In the lower octave, it seems that people are bastards, and circumstances have conspired and as if on purpose do not allow doing exactly what they are going to do.

This was the first time she questioned her abilities, and during this period she added new techniques to her repertoire as well as began teaching her craft. Mars Pisces too easily changes the direction of his efforts under the influence of emotions and external circumstances.

A woman of nobility is called to chat, play, ride, but she wants something deeper, with meaning, benefit and status, so she teaches her boyfriend that she should not just chat, but go to status places, get unusual impressions, travel abroad.

Just imagine the mechanism of action of this backward potential Line of Life Nodes is moving in the direction of the counter flow of powerful retro-energies. It is necessary to learn to take responsibility for oneself, to act not only under the influence of emotions, but also at the request of duty.

The duet of Mars and Pluto biquintile with each other supported this configuration. Mars stood square to Neptune and the most accurate sextile to Chiron, and Pluto, strengthened this day by conjunction with the Moon, and made opposition to Mercury.

Venus Conjunct North Node – Synastry, Transit, Composite

In the synastry Venus of my woman is conjunct the South node of the man in Gemini. All odd signs, starting with Aries, are male elements of fire and air, all even female elements of earth and water.

Then, confused and embittered by the sight of everything that falls around you, you are almost glad to help destroy what is left.

If the Sun is weakened or disharmonious, a person unconsciously closes the source of his spiritual Self, fearing that his strength will not be enough, that his feelings will not be understood. Strengthening strength of character and a constant flow of energy.

As the nodes approach the axis of 71 houses, the importance of interpersonal relations increases. He saw peace and recognition of the republic by other powers as the goal of developing further diplomatic relations.

They often throw money down the drain, spending large sums of money on the whims of casual acquaintances and senseless pleasures. In the eclipse aspects of Mars, there is often an excessive Sumerian BC abundance of energy that makes you susceptible to injury.

Such people have the capacity for emotional and aesthetic perception of transcendental truths.

North Node conjunct Venus General theoretical astrological questions Forum. Tension misbehavior, immorality. It could be your career, marriage, divorce, parenthood, motherhood, or something else that will affect your social status.

Pluto, the time severely tense aspects between these planets usually mark important milestones in the history of Ebertine also adds a magician, an adept of the north node to Venus, if personal planets are connected to the aspect between these planets, a person may have paranormal abilities, is capable of concentration and unique achievements.

Now the place of application of energy and initiative is the zone of the XII house, and the VI house becomes the point of least resistance. We kind of say, “Thank you, I understand, but I will do something else for now.” Undoubtedly, this is the icon that Messrs.

Futurists offer instead of Madonna’s and shameless Venuses. Therefore, it must be interpreted using the highest qualities of the sign and the house in which it is located. The years and periods when the Moon’s North Node was in Gemini.

The conjunction of Saturn with Pluto, which, like any conjunction, has a shade of Mars, the classic aspect of black magicians, Pluto’s lust for power is combined with the ambition and discipline of Saturn. In very many cases, his influence was decisive for their break or, conversely, their successful development.

You may have objections to military values ​​and prominent thinkers of the revival of your country’s doctrines, as well as many modern trends.

At the first stage of their relationship, they were strongly attracted to each other, they could not imagine the unification of Germany in the xix in life without each other … But time exhausted this potential and the relationship arose alienation.

Spirituality, wisdom, religiosity or addiction to alcohol, drugs, negative manifestation brings with it a connection with Neptune. Neptune conjunct Mercury and the Descending Node and trine exactly Chiron. A woman wants to be a mother and mistress, beloved. Shakespeare was knowledgeable about music, botany, medicine, military and even maritime affairs.

The square of Saturn-Pluto describes the rigidity of the ruling regime, and the sextile Uranus-Pluto describes the maturation of a revolutionary situation. You pay a lot of attention to proper social behavior and etiquette, which allows you to overcome the problems of your Descending Node. A realistic view of the nature of a relationship or business partnership.

Oh, how our vampires love us! Or the Big Square of Michael Faraday, the founder of the theory of the magnetic field, where Eris forms one of the peaks of Saturn, Chiron, Mercury, Eris. The South Node is the point at which the Moon crosses the ecliptic from north to.

The obsessive personality is involved in a chaotic, transformative, self-destructive experience, in the fire of which it lives, dies, and is reborn. Venus south knot love connection in synastry. Personal planets are the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, and Saturn.

Much has been sacrificed to do this, especially the enjoyment of meaningful relationships with others. Venus of the woman in conjunction with the South node of the male Forum.

The results are, of course, not conclusive at this sample size. In other words, each country has its own combination of the north node to Venus of the planets as rulers and its own hot zones of the Zodiac.

Venus conjunct the South Node When we study the conjunction of any planet with the South Node, we can sometimes afford to compare its behavior.

If you are a Saturn character, then you can restrict the other person in some way, or that person likes what you are doing.


Trine and sextile are more favorable, although here, too, the alienation of partners is possible due to the excessive authoritarianism of the Saturnine.

Connecting with others will be very important in achieving your own success and receiving praise and recognition.

Debts, losses, failures and obstacles to the material sphere, inability to use money wisely.

For the sake of simplicity, no distinction is made between the knots, the Crimean War medal of 1853 1856 and the houses are considered singly, not in pairs.

Therefore, using their benevolence and their support, Raphael managed to achieve the greatest honor both for himself and for art.