Jupiter Sextile Ascendant – Synastry, Transit, Composite

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Jupiter is the biggest flatter and its keynote is good wealth.

Where Jupiter effects his influence is where the person has the chance to develop successfully.

Jupiter makes us happy, serene, or neutral, as well as being careful and balanced.

Jupiter – Meaning and Info

He produces honors, joy, and satisfaction. Our astrologer says that the Jupiterian is upright, deserving, and honorable and has very valuable friends, he is a fighter, charismatic and at times energetic.

It is also known that the people affected by the planet are prudent, intelligent, as well as ideologues, leaders and also financiers and rulers, all of them with a great capacity to develop their skills very well.

The opposite Jupiter is anxious, ambitious, impertinent, triumphalist, ironic and exaggerated, which will make it not measure the consequences of his actions.

The tarot reader and astrologer says that Jupiter is the greatest solidarity and the arguments that are related to this planet are taken into account by most people as a benefit.

Jupiter generates prosperity, which in the material sphere is abundance and wealth. In the sphere of knowledge or conscience, however, it is generosity and common sense.

It is a planet that is directly associated with youth, animation and optimism, since what that planet produces causes happiness to the human being.

It also influences when giving good advice to maintain respect for social norms, in a very partial and balanced way, although it may perhaps decline into the ostentatious, the hollow and the emphatic.

It tends to make anything splendid if it is actually in good condition, but if it is in an unfavorable position, it leads the human being towards exaggeration, waste and mockery.

Zeus grants a great energy, which can be used for extreme activities in sports, or to waste in superficial recreations, in search of merits towards the opposite gender.

We have two kinds of Jupiterians: those who are always in very excessive social environments and those who move socially with prudence and balance, thanks to which they earn the respect of the circle where they are, always maintaining their personality.

In the second class of Jupiterian it is normal to see that they have a humanitarian ideal and that they take risks with the thought of seeking a true philosophy.

Jupiter can develop a personality of good presence, which should not be trusted 100%, as it can be a mask to impress others. It is also possible that the person is really what he appears to be: a caring, outgoing and powerful spirit.

As is easy to see, the sociability of Jupiter is governed more by social norms than in the case of the Sun, which is a little more liberal and does not subject to many rules and compliances.

It can also be said that Jupiter is the star of commercial and social relations.

It can be related to the economy, since this planet handles large amounts of money, and it can also have to do with the large financial directorates of banks and companies.

On the other hand, he may be an idealist of political activity.

Ascendant – Meaning and Info

Do you know how to calculate the ascendant in the horoscope? We bring a detailed explanation of its significance and most importantly – a way to determine it!

You have probably heard that he is a very important part of your natal chart and your horoscope and that he talks a lot about you.

Just because it’s a ascendant doesn’t mean it’s less important and you don’t need to know anything about it.

On the contrary, can only the date of birth give you the answer to the question: “What am I in the ascendant?”

Most of us know which date belongs to which sign and associates certain characteristics of people with it.

But did you know that the impression we leave on other people and the one that others leave on us does not depend on our sign?

That a good part of that depends on our appearance, Ksenija confirmed to us. Her self-confidence was damaged because she had a big problem with pimples and acne on her face, so the impression she left on people was not the same. She solved both problems by completely destroying the pimples with one completely natural treatment.

The second, astrological way that greatly affects what impression we leave on others largely depends on what sub-sign you are in the horoscope?

Today it is no longer so difficult. There are software and applications that make things easier for everyone.

However, it is not only important to calculate, but you should know how to interpret certain signs and their symbolism, that is, you should know a lot about astrology itself.

Astrology is quite complicated. That’s the whole science. To know how to calculate your ascendant in the horoscope, you need to know how to calculate the arrangement of stars and planets at the time of your birth.

Astrology is a set of rules that determine a person’s destiny based on the date of his birth and the arrangement of planets and stars on that day. The sign of your horoscope gives some general characteristics of your personality.

For details and what sets you apart from others, you need to find the answer to the question “What am I in the ascendant?”

During the year, the Sun makes a circle around the Earth and that circle is divided into 12 parts. Each of these parts belongs to a certain zodiac sign. Your zodiac sign indicates the place where the Sun was at the time of your birth.

The ascendant in the horoscope or ascendant is something else. It is that zodiac sign that appeared on the eastern horizon at the time of your birth. To put it simply: Imagine standing at your birthplace, facing south. Point to the West, and there is your Zodiac sign. Point to the East, and there you will find your ascendant.

The natal horoscope is actually a picture of the sky at the time of your birth, the arrangement of stars and planets within the circle in which the sun moves.

If you think carefully about the movement of the Sun, Earth and other planets, it is clear to you that these changes are quite common during the day.

Which sign will appear on the eastern horizon depends on what time you were born. And not only that, but it also depends on where you look at the sky, i.e. from where you were born.

We usually attribute some characteristics to people based on the sign in which they were born, and this is especially true for the Chinese horoscope.

Still, it can be completely wrong. It is the ascendant that determines our appearance among people.

It gives those qualities that we show in interaction with other people, it describes our personality, it also affects our appearance, and it leaves that first impression.

The zodiac sign comes to the surface later. His role is reflected in the manners, style, image, the way we do some things, and those who know you well can know that.

Do you sometimes get surprised when a person you just met answers your question “What are you in the horoscope”?

Sometimes you just can’t connect its appearance with the characteristics of that sign. It’s not strange, because you only get to know them later.

The first thing you see is a ascendant, and no one asks about it!

Jupiter Sextile Ascendant – Synastry, Transit, Composite

Ascendant is an ascending sign that determines behavior in society and the speed of gaining a place in the sun. Jupiter is the planet of great happiness, the patron saint and protector of the owner of the horoscope.

United by the most favorable aspect – sextile, they promise the native quick popularity, love of the public, and especially loyal friends, through whom come happy opportunities for career advancement, enrichment and fulfillment of destiny.

If it is possible to avoid bragging and idle talk, then the owner of the horoscope is the soul of the company, a generator of ideas, forming a team from scratch, and later a company, conquering a decent segment of the market. He will never be left without money, but he earns it artistically, with an adventurous touch.

It is important to refrain from breaking the law, which can happen in a childlike way if the native plays into a great businessman. Influence of the sextile Jupiter – Ascendant on fate if the owner of the sextile Jupiter – Ascendant needs help in some matter, sometimes it is enough for him to think about it for the right person to call.

It is difficult for him to ask, but having mentioned a problem in passing, he sometimes gets an answer to a question not only directly from the interlocutor, but also from unexpected sources, for example, from a casual fellow traveler or an unfamiliar colleague who overheard the conversation.

But since there are none, he wanders from one point to another, changing rented apartments and luxury hotels, fearing to miss the best place in the sun. Love and marriage with sextile Jupiter – Ascendant Men and women with this aspect rarely get attached to someone for real.

They are afraid that strong feelings will interfere with their grandiose plans to advance to the top of the social Olympus.

A marriage of convenience on an equal footing, with mutual sympathy, of course, is clearer and more familiar.

If Jupiter is in the 7th or 8th house, and the Ascendant is in the signs of the earth, then wealthy and promising people will be considered as a partner, and attraction to the poor or problematic will be the reason for a fleeting romance and nothing more.

The wards of the sextile Jupiter – Ascendant will not deny themselves exciting passionate adventures, but they will only marry with the owner of a strong social status or state, because they think too highly of themselves to live in a hut even with a very dear chosen one.


The native has a pronounced interest in foreign cultures, and since he spends most of his time traveling, romance or marriage with a representative of another country is likely, especially if Venus is in Sagittarius.

But when the planet of luck is in Cancer, it is not recommended to leave your homeland.

At the very least, you can move with your chosen one to your city and start a joint business and family there.