Mars in 11th House

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Astrological houses are an amazing part of each natal chart, for they tell about unique experiences of specific areas of life, depending on the planets inside them and aspects that those planets form.

Some houses could be a bit crowded and very dynamic, others could be empty, but they would not lie dormant, of course.

Each house represents an area of life and is of special nature and astrological planets affect them in a specific way. Together, they make a wonderful pattern of your natal chart.

The Eleventh House in Astrology

The Eleventh House is associated with friendships, with acquaintances, with all kinds of relationships that are not of romantic natures.

It is the house about bonds and collaborations, communication with people, establishing connections. It is about goals and gains, since it follows the Tenth House, which is primarily associated with career, job, professional goals, achievements and status.

This is the house of receiving praise for your work and, very importantly, about earning money.

The Eleventh House tells about circumstances you find yourself into, but those you do not have much control over. This is the house of your perception of others and the house of social circles.

Everything related to social life and career intertwined is associated with this astrological field. Your humanitarian interests could also be observed and understood through this field.

The Eleventh House is about your fields of interest, your plans, desires and attitudes. This is the field that tells about all the acknowledgment and profits that you gain from your work. Pension, awards, all the incomes are related to this field.

It is also about unity, social gatherings, social activities, humanitarian work and everything related. It is the field of gain, but also in terms of abstract matters such as love.

This house is about money you receive, but also about love you receive. It is about your connections with people around you, with your coworkers, neighborhood and especially with your siblings, brothers and sisters.

This house also has to do with rest, with the place of relaxation, with bed, vacation and else.

It helps you recognize good opportunities in life. Well, since the previous one was the tenth field, which is mostly about activity related to career, the Eleventh House naturally follows.

Through this house, we could observe all the sources of wealth, all incomes, gains and riches in one’s life. This house is associated with success in the widest sense, meaning it tells about s success of any sort and in any segment of your life.

The Eleventh House is considered a very pleasant and fortunate field overall. It represents friends, deals, associations, societies, social circles, and long-term life goals.

After one has worked hard to achieve something, which is reflected in the previous field, he or she probably starts thinking about some long terms plans.

The eleventh field tells about one’s attitude towards what was earned before and it opens a window towards new achievements. It is a good field. This is a field of hope, of further opportunities and of further growth and development.

The position of planets in this house will tell about our attitude towards all of this and about the manifestation of all these concepts and ideas in a native’s life.

The position of the house’s ruler will reveal the area of life in which the native would experience the greatest freedom to express his or hers talents, skills and the potential for innovation. We shall see how the fiery Mars fits into these plans.

Mars in Mythology

Mars was an antique deity worshipped all around the old, ancient Italy, not exclusively by Romans, although we usually associate this god with Rome.

One of the most notable shrines dedicated to Mars was built on Mars’ field, outside Rome. Mars was believed to be the master of war, the deity of warfare, but also the god of agriculture and cattle breeding.

Romans would commonly attribute dual purposes and meanings to their gods, just as in this example.

The official cult has Mars as the god of war, though common folk adored him as a protector of their agricultural and other related works. Festivities held in the name of Mars corresponded to both start and the end of agricultural work season and season of war campaigns.

The greatest ceremonies took place in March and October. Mars was even more than a war god or agriculture deity; he was worshipped as a god of progress, well-being, victory, fortune and prosperity.

Mars was widely worshipped throughout Roman provinces, especially in Gaul and Germania, and many local deities were associated with this god and named after him. Roman emperors were much in favor the war god; Augustus has built two temples dedicated to Mars, in Rome.

The first one was build on the Capitol Hill in Rome and the other, larger one, in the center of the new Forum. The latter was a temple of such monumental beauty that it outshined all the other shrine sin the city.

Unlike Mars in Rome, his counterpart, the Greek god of war, Ares, was not that appreciated by the people of Greece. Ares was considered a cruel, bloodthirsty god, a combatant, merciless one.

Mars and Ares represent the masculine power, the strength and courage and male beauty in all its power and splendor. However, Mars was subtler, more thoughtful and more reasonable god, so to say.

Ares, however, was a personification of war and battle. He was a one to seek for conflict, a combatant, wild, violent and cruel spirit of battle.

Fear and Terror (also understood as panic and dread) would accompany his wild ride into battle; Phobos and Deimos their original names.

Both Mars and Ares were portrayed as handsome, beautiful males, usually young and in the prime of their strength. Rarely, the artworks depict an older, but equally well-built and handsome man.

Mars in Astrology – Planets in Houses

We have talked about these gods, because there were many similarities between the deities here and the astrological planet Mars.

Although comparisons are not always appropriate, since meanings of the planets are older than those of the gods, there are many interesting parallels in the case of Mars.

Mars is a malefic planet, also named the ‘bloody planet’, the star of war it is. Mars is our animalistic power, our masculine principle, the combatant spirit.

Mars represents conflict, injury, courage, bravery, one’s desire and passion, especially in physical sense, one’s ambition to be victorious and winning.

Mars is associated with young, fit men, with sports and people who do sports, with competitions, with carnality and with vitality, health, physical strength. Mars would bring you into troubles, but it also has an incredible potential for healing and regeneration.

The part of the body associated with Mars’ position in a natal chart would be one’s strongest point.

This is the planet of action and of boldness, a daring spirit and willingness to take up the initiative, to take the charge. Mars represents anger, wrath, hatred and all the passions, for good or for bad. Its energy is immense and powerful.

It could be used for noble purposes, but, at the same time, it could be dangerous, destructive and self-destructive. Let us just remind you that this planet rules powerful signs of Aries and Scorpio.

We would also like to add that Mars is associated with the angel Samael, who is the angel of death and destruction.

However, it is good to have him on your side; although a ‘dark’ angel, so to say, he also gives one courage, strength, the ability to endure the most difficult and terrifying situations and to overcome them.

Mars’ position in a natal chart would affect the manifestation of its energy in one’s individual life. Mars is a personal planet and, as such, very important to understand in personalized readings.

Mars in the Eleventh House – Mars in 11th House

Mars in the Eleventh House indicates a very capable and lively personality. People with such position of the fiery planet are typically very sociable, friendly, with many connections and a wide circle of acquaintances.

They are capable of achieving amazing things on their own, being meticulous, dedicated and pragmatic. They know how to maintain their reputation and how to make their achievements solid and prosperous for the future.

The Eleventh House is about long-term plans and Mars is about ambition, goals and success.

These people do amazingly well in a role of a leader, as they find it easy to organize and influence a large audience. They are not posers, but great achievers with a tremendous charisma that could affect others in appositive way, though they tend to be domineering and demanding leaders.

Since they were highly sociable, there is always a risk of others taking advantage of them. It happens because these people tend to think so highly of themselves that they could not even imagine anyone could trick them or use them.

If it happens, they would be genuinely shocked and surprised, but they would learn a lesson.

Things could go the other way around, though. If aspects were such, they could become the ones to take advantage of other people.

It depends on a particular natal chart and a unique native’s case. In any case, these natives enjoy being a head of a group and participating in-group activities.

However, they would rarely see themselves ‘just a member’; they would like to be leading ones and they would do it efficiently. Their ambitions could be diverse.

For example, one of the noble ways this specific Martian energy could be used is to employ it in humanitarian activities.

Everything that requires a large-scale activity, organizing people, planning and making strategies with a cause that would affect large target groups is their thing. This is not something anyone could do, so we could say that such a position of Mars is a true and special gift.

What is more, they people enjoy such things, they find it an amazing challenge that feeds their soul and ambition, while at the same time, they feel like doing a noble and righteous thing.

Mars in the Eleventh House people are ambitious, whatever path they choose. They look into the future and plan long term. They, however, could over-estimate their own capacities and tend to take up more work than they could handle.

It is typically for impulsive Mars to care not about the limits. However, how this thing is going to work out depends on the rest of your natal chart.

Mars in 11th House – Ambitious Contributors

Mars in the Eleventh House makes one an intellectual achievers and excellent team workers. We know that Mars is typically physical, impulsive and quick tempered. It seems that the eleventh field makes these characteristics subtler and better handled.

Mars in the Eleventh House natives are tactful, strategic and thinking individuals. They do not simply engage a risk, without looking at it from more than one angle.

They are not foolish and they are not exclusive to others. They, in fact, enjoy working with others, as it also sets their competitive spirit into motion. Their competitive spirit, in this case, contributes to a team.

For example, they enjoy playing spirits with their friends. Yes, they are all set to win, but it is always a fair game and it is fun; it is something that would lift the spirits of all engaged. The same is at work.

While they are driven to achieve higher positions and become leaders, they would suggest bold ideas and brilliant solutions that would contribute the progress of the whole team, company or whatsoever. They do not compete only to win themselves a prize, but also to contribute to a much bigger plan.

This is the difference, so to say, between Tenth House Mars and the Eleventh House Mars.

When it comes to their most intimate and personal goals, they are idealists and they would rather surrender to the tides of destiny.

They would work hard on those, but without much planning of the sort we could see in their teamwork activity. They have a well-developed sense of responsibility towards people around them, which makes them amazing colleagues and great bosses or leaders.

Mars in the Eleventh House – Pragmatic Builders

Mars in the Eleventh House makes one a practical person, just as the case is with the Tenth House Mars.

These people would work on a big project, with other people, looking at it through an intellectual and a pragmatic prism.

In other words, they would take up an efficient, logical and practical approach, managing things that are tangible, visible and ready to use. They would not spend ages fantasizing about this or that imaginary solution, but they would see to take out the best of what is available.

Their ambitions do not stop at that point, of course. They would see to build a higher tower on their castle, cooperating and, more importantly, coordinating.

The risk that comes with this attitude is that they would sometimes finish the well-organized and planned project, but then they would start adding more and more towers, until the castle collapses. They should find reasonable limits and balance in their ambitions.